December 16

Post date: Dec 17, 2008 4:03:32 PM

Guests, Skits, Speeches, Whitewater, and Cookies - What a night!

Thanks to all who made our guests feel welcome - We hope the Webelos who visited will consider joining the troop!

Great speech Kurt! (Kurt also wants to thank all those who helped out at his Eagle Project!)

Here's what the future holds!

No School no Scout Meetings! Our next meeting will be Tuesday January 6th. The committee will meet as well. Have a safe Holiday Season!

The Hike this Saturday is canceled due to lack of commitments. We may reschedule. (Hey Folks - this is twice now. Let the leaders know what you want to do, and we'll do it - but we need commitments!)

Speaking of commitments - We're asking for commitments on January 6th for the Whitewater trip this summer. We need to start planning this and we need to know who's going - cause they will do most of the planning!

OA Carillon service project on 12/22-23. B. Ward has more details if you need them. You can e-mail him at<> He also has information on Jamboree, NOAC and other council and OA related events.

On January 13 we will have a guest speaker on Internet Safety. Families are encouraged to attend too!

The Klondike Derby is January 31. This should be a fun day - Please plan to attend (and let the leaders know!)

February 8th is the District Bowl-a-Thon. 4-6 PM. More details to come at meetings, but commitments are needed in mid-January.

Let's get everyone to First Class Advancement day February 21st. Let the leaders know what you need for advancement, and we're going to schedule activities that day to get as much done as we can!

Special Note regarding the Weekly Update - The address for the update is changing - in the future please expect the update to come from<> and please use that address to send materials for the update.

Advice from the Scoutmaster: (Courtesy of Charles G.) Remember that just because you don't always like everything someone does doesn't mean that you can't love and respect them. A scout is Courteous, Kind, and Helpful to everyone.