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Summer 2017 Events

Troop meetings are not regular during the summer.
PLC's are the first Wednesday of every month, after summer.
All other events in Summer 2017 are as follows:

June 18-14th - Wente
June 26th - Book Requirement Signing
July 12th - Troop Movie Night
July 14-16th - Ranch Trip
July 22nd & 23rd - Anthony's Eagle Scout Project
August 2nd - PLC, Yearly Planning Meeting
August 5th- Del Valle BBQ
September 4th - Sword Lake

Congratulations on Winning 1st in Camporee!
For more Photos: Camporee Pictures
Congratulations to Mr. Allison, Our ASM!
Congratulations, Mr. Allison, on winning the Unit Commissioner of the Year Award (April 2016)!


Code of Conduct

We the People of Troop 900 agree to follow these codes, as shown by the Scout Law:

Trustworthy - A scout is expected to tell the truth, and act scout-like at all troop activities.
Loyal - “Be a friend, not a bystander.”  Stand by your friends when they need you the most.
Helpful - Scouts must be ready to help others when needed.
Friendly - Smile, say hi, need I say more?
Courteous - Be polite to people in the troop and who you know.
Kind - All scouts are expected to treat others with civility regardless of age or rank.
Obedient - All must follow the instructions of leaders.
Cheerful - Always keep a positive attitude.
Thrifty - Don’t buy//bring more gear than you need.
Brave - Never be afraid to speak up if something is unfair, unjust, or flat-out wrong.
Clean - Even on campouts, try your best to keep you and your gear (or other’s gear) as clean as possible.
Reverent - Stay true to your beliefs!

The above rules are to be followed as agreed upon by the Scouts of Troop 900.


Recent File Updates

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