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Troop Meeting Schedule Change

posted Sep 9, 2015, 4:15 PM by Jonathan Bowmer

Important Troop Meeting Changes!  

Read and cover with all Patrol Members

The Troop 87 PLC has decided to change the current weekly Troop meeting plan to include 1 Open Meeting per month.   This Open meeting is intended to give all Scouts more leadership experience as well as make better use of everyone’s time. 


The dates for these open meetings over the next 4 months are currently set to take place on 9/29, 10/27, 11/24 & 12/22.


These open meetings will be used by the Scouts for the following purposes:

1.       All Scout Master Conferences

2.       All Board of Reviews

3.       MB make up & completion

4.       Troop Leadership work sessions for Quartermasters, Scribe, Historian, Chaplin's Aide etc.

5.       Patrol Activities planning to include Troop meetings, Camp-outs & Patrol meetings.

6.       Outdoor activities Planning (Monthly Camp-outs, Summer Camps & High Adventure)

7.       Patrol meetings (As needed and Scouts are not involved in the above priorities)


This plan will only work if we have all registered Adults present on the dates listed to help participate in Board of Reviews, help supervise Patrol Activities, work with Scout teams etc.  Please mark these dates as key dates to attend Troop meetings going forward.  Your help is needed an appreciated.


Adults that are our Asst. Scout Masters, or that hold Adult Troop Positions such as Quarter Master, Chaplin, Secretary & Merit Badge Counselors will need to plan on attending these Open Meetings so that you can work with your Scout counter parts on their assigned duties and or merit badge completions, as needed.


Patrol Leaders will need to plan in advance with the PLC and their Patrol members to determine how this time can best be used by each Patrol. 


Please recognize that the next few months will be a learning process for all involved on how this will work best for Troop and we welcome all feedback.  If you see something that can be improved, along with what you are able to do to help improve that area, please present it privately to the Troop Committee Chairman, Jonathan Bowmer or to our Scout Master, Ray Bustos.