Troop Leader Council - Fall 2013

 Senior Patrol Leader  Josh Monteverde
 Assistant Senior Patrol Leader  Evan Eastwood and Matt Stull
 QuarterMasters          Daniel Trombola and Kris Robinson
 Scribe  Joe Kunz
 Chaplains Aide  Noah Fenton
 Historian  Tommy Connor
 Librarian  Jack Geissler
 Patrol Leaders      
     Easy Co     Jonathan Kim
     Lightning  Nathan Nicklas
     Falcon  Allan Gaus
     Vikings      Daniel Corral
     Spartans  JT Robinson
 Troop Guide  Harry Suver and Andrew King
 Instructor  Adam Ward

Troop Committee
 Chairman  Soren Suver   chairman@troop81wexford.com
 Treasurer   Adrian Fenton   
 Advancements  Terri Stull  
 Fund Raising  Maggie Hayhurst  
 Membership  Dale Booker  
 Adult Training  Stevie Smith  
 Sponsor Liaison   Lisa Robinson  
 Scoutmaster  Pete Monteverde  scoutmaster@troop81wexford.com
 Chaplain's Aid Mentor  Mike Lauer  

Parent Volunteers
 Soergel Certificates  Linda Geissler
 Flower Sales  Holly Krivacs
 Popcorn Sales  Ann Spellman
 Eagle Commendation Letters  Dr. Stevie Smith
 Men's Shelter  Phil Penrod
 Web Site/Facebook  Bill Snider
 Class B T-shirts  Marilyn McManus
 Troopmaster  Alicia Eastwood

Scouters (click on a leader name to see their picture)
 Scoutmaster  Pete Monteverde  pepjmonte@comcast.net
 Assistant Scoutmasters    
     Quartermaster  Karl Schwartz   Karl.Schwartz@atimetals.com
     Trail to First Class  Damian Zottoli   nicklas3@consolidated.net
     Trail to Eagle  Bob Nicklas  osheka@ppg.com
     Youth Leadership (TLC)  Jeff McManus  jeffmar@zoominternet.net
     Merit Badges  Rick Roadarmel  rick.roadarmel@gencoatc.com
     Sept Outing - Coopers Rock  Pete Monteverde  pepjmonte@comcast.net
     Oct Outing - Niagara Falls  Hans Ward   hans@kop-coat.com
     Nov Outing - Turkey Trot  Jeff McManus   jeffmar@zoominternet.net
     Dec Outing - Cabin Weekend      Bob Kim   rkimpgh@zoominternet.net
     Feb Outing - Klondike      Dan Witt  thewitt@consolidated.net
     Feb Outing - Valley Forge  Phil Penrod  ppenrod@zoominternet.net
     Mar Outing - New Scout  John Robinson  robinsjm@westinghouse.com
     Apr Outing - Backpacking  Karl Schwartz  Karl.Schwartz@atimetals.com
     May Outing - Bike Trip    
     Summer Camp  Mike Bachinksy  Michael.bachinsky@sap.com
     Adhoc  Chuck Coltharp  m2c2@consolidated.net
   Paul Geissler  geissler@consolidated.net
   Bill Snider  bill@sniderb.com
   Frank Donelly  frank.donnelly@ametek.com
   Dave Chavara  dpchavara@yahoo.com
   Bob Nicklas  nicklas3@consolidated.net
   Kerry Gaus  kjgaus@zbzoom.net


Peter Monteverde,
Mar 6, 2013, 3:24 PM