Men's Shelter

Troop 81 supports the Pleasant Valley Men’s Shelter on the Pittsburgh Northside.  Each month a different patrol plans, prepares and serves breakfast at the shelter.  The shelter is located at 1601 Brighton Road.  It is operated by Northside Common Ministries.  Contact the shelter at 412-321-4272.  The Administrative Office is at 412-323-1163. This guide will help patrols plan and prepare for their breakfast.

2014 Schedule

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 JunEasy Co. DecEasy Co.
The shelter has capacity for 25 men with five additional emergency beds.  During cold months the shelter is usually at capacity. Contact the shelter the night before to get a count. Patrols should divide responsibilities, with each Scout responsible for purchasing and preparing a food item.  Every Scout contributes.  Only 4 to 5 are needed for serving, however all patrol members are welcome.  A minimum of two adults are required. The patrol should pick a place to meet on Saturday morning, at 6:00 am.  T-Bones is a central and excellent meeting spot.  Plan to return around 8:00 am.  Wear class B t-shirts.

Below is a menu and quantities for 30 men.  Adjust it depending on the number of men at the shelter.  Do not worry that you might have too much food – nothing is wasted. Tip - break eggs and mix pancake batter at home before you go.

Scout 1 - 6 dozen eggs, scrambled, cooked on site 
Scout 2 - 60 pancakes, prepared on site
Scout 3 - 60 sausage links or patties, brown n serve, prepared in advance or cooked on site
Scout 4 - large bottle syrup, ½ gal milk, tub margarine
Scout 5 & 6 - 2 coffee cakes, 9 x 9, or other pastry for 30
Scout 7 - fresh fruit (apples, oranges or bananas) for 30
Scout 8 - 2 gallons orange juice
The Scout assignments can be modified depending on the number of Scouts in the patrol.  Prepared food can be transported in disposable aluminum pans or other containers.  All typical cooking utensils are available at the shelter. The shelter provides coffee, plates, cups, flatware and napkins.