When can I work on merit badges?

You can work on merit badges any time.  There is no age or rank requirement.  However certain counselors for some more challenging merit badges may choose to work with only older Scouts, but that is the counselor's choice.  At Troop 81, we want Scouts to earn their First Class rank before they take advantage of the Monday merit badges.  In addition, Troop 81 limits merit badges for new Scouts because we want you to use that time to work on Trail to First Class requirements.

How do Scout Accounts work?

Each Scout has an account that they use to pay for activities.  After they meet their $40 fundraising requirement, the money that they earn from fund raising is deposited into the account for their use.  Periodically the treasurer will distribute account charges and balance.  When Scouts leave the Troop, any balance left in their accounts is transferred into the Troop's general fund.

What are Troop 81's dues?

Troop dues are currently $60 per year and are collected in the fall.  New Scouts pay prorated dues upon crossover.  In addition, there is a minimum fund raising requirement of $40.  Scout accounts are charged the fund raising requirement in January.  New Scouts are charged in the spring.  Boy's Life subscriptions are in addition to dues.

What is the Troop Meeting schedule?

Troop 81 meets every Monday at 7 pm at the Perry Highway Lutheran Church on Route 19 in Wexford. The first Monday of the month is reserved to work on merit badges and Trail to First Class requirements. The second and fourth Mondays are general troop meetings. On the third Monday of the month the Troop Leader's Council (TLC) meets. Only TLC members are required to attend on the third Monday of the month.

How do merit badge cards work?

You can get blank merit badge cards from Mr. Roadarmel. He can also help you identify merit badge counselors for many merit badges. You need to get a Scoutmaster to sign your merit badge card before you can begin work on the merit badge. When you have finished all of your requirements, have your counselor sign the card. Then turn the completed card back into Mr. Roadarmel. Remember to save your copies of the merit badge card. This is your official proof that you earned the merit badge.

How do I schedule a Scoutmaster Conference?

You can sign up for a Scoutmaster Conference at any Troop Meeting. Look for the sign up sheet. At each meeting we will conduct conferences based on first-come first-serve. Any Assistant Scoutmaster can conduct a Scoutmaster Conference, however, the Scoutmaster will conduct conferences for Star, Life and Eagle ranks.

How do I schedule a Board of Review?

When you have passed your Scoutmaster Conference, call Mrs Stull to get on the Board of Review schedule. The Board of Review meets the second Monday of each month. Call Mrs Stull one week in advance so that she has time to find volunteers to conduct the reviews.