Advancement Chair Notes

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Board of Reviews

  • Board of Reviews are held on the 2nd Monday of the Month. If your son can not attend that Monday, then his Board of review will be scheduled for the following month.
  • Board of reviews are to be scheduled a minimum of one week in advance of the date requested.  Requests received at a later date will be scheduled for the following month.
  • Board of Review requests are to be made with me either in person (at a meeting) or by phone. My number is 724-272-4385.  Email requests will not be considered.
  • We need Parent Volunteers!!  I have the same group of approximately 8 parents who help with Boards. Their scouts are getting older and many will be moving on. I can not do Boards without your help.  Please consider contributing to the troop through volunteering to assist with the Boards. If you have any questions or concerns, I will be happy to discuss them with you.
Blue Cards

  • Blue cards are to be given to Mr. Roadarmel.  Mr. Roadarmel only needs 1 portion of the card. This is the portion that states "Application for Merit Badge".  Your son should keep the copy that says "Applicant Copy" and the other copy stays with the merit badge counselor.
Terri Stull
Nerium International
724-272-4385 cell


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Registration money and forms will be due to Mr. Booker at the October 1 troop meeting.  Dues will remain as they have been for several years at $100.  When you register, remember to indicate whether or not you would like a subscription to Boy's Life magazine.  Look for registration forms and information in your email.  Questions, contact Mr. Booker

Webelos Open House

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Troop 81 welcomes all second year Webelos from surrounding Packs to come visit us any time.  We especially invite you to come to our Open House on Monday, October 22th, 7 pm.  We meet at the Perry Highway Lutheran Church on route 19 in Wexford.  You will have a chance to meet our Scouts and hear about the various activities of our troop.  You will also hear about our annual Turkey Trot which is open to second year Webelos.   You are invited to attend mid-day Saturday, November 5th for a day of games, and stay for a delicious turkey dinner and all of the fixins, prepared by our own Scouts.  You will then get a chance to camp out with our Scouts.  We will break camp Sunday morning. The event is held at the Knob Hill Park in Marshall Township.  Contact our Scoutmaster for details.  His email is on the homepage of our website.

Board of Review

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The Board of Review meets the second Monday of each month.  To get on the schedule, contact Mrs. Stull one week in advance.  Her number is 724-935-7822. A Board of Review will not be scheduled unless Scouts provide a one week notice.

Merit Badge Mondays

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The first Monday of every month is set aside to allow Scouts to work on merit badges and Trail to First Class requirements.  Older Scouts have an opportunity to pick from a list of three to four merit badges.  Counselors are available to work with Scouts and sign off on requirements.  Scouts that have not yet earned First Class can meet with our Troop Guides that night and complete rank requirements.  At the start of the year, Mr. Roadarmel, our merit badge coordinator, will survey the Scouts to determine what merit badges should be offered.

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