These are the steps you will need to take to lead you to the EAGLE SCOUT award

1. Contact a troop eagle advisor, Tim Goodspeed or Kevin Lancaster, to discuss the steps that you will need to take to   
     become an eagle scout.

2. Complete outstanding merit badges______(eagle required merit badge page link)

3. Research potential eagle projects ideas (links)

4. Download and print Eagle project workbook   READ IT!

5. Bring blank workbook and potential project ideas to an eagle advisor.

6. Meet with potential benefiting organization(s) to explore project ideas.

7. Agree on project idea with advisor and enter draft information on pages 6 through 10 and send to eagle advisor for

8. Meet with advisor to review draft plan and revise plan as necessary.

9. Obtain approval of benefitting organization for project plan, get signature from organization representative.

10. Schedule committee review with eagle advisor and troop committtee members.

11. Present project to committee and revise plan as suggested by members.

12. Obtain committee approval (signature) .

13. Obtain scoutmaster approval (signature).

14. Contact district eagle representative and send plan via email.

15. Revise plan per district representative's comments.

16. Resubmit plan to district representative for review by district committee. District committee reviews eagle projects
      only once a month.

17. Revise plan per district committee comments(if any) and resubmit to district representative.

18. Complete pages 11 through 18 in the eagle project workbook. Consult with eagle advisor before implementing 

19. Implement project in a TIMELY manner.

20. Write up project results (page 19 and 20) and obtain scoutmaster and benefiting organization representative

21. After all eagle scout requirements are signed off in scout book, schedule scoutmaster conference. Identify people
      who can write you a reference letter (you will need a minimum of 5 reference letters). See eagle application (LINK).

22. Required items to bring to your scoutmaster conference - scout handbook, copies of all 21 merit badge blue cards
      used for star, life, and eagle ranks (signature side of card), completed eagle scout application, reference letter
      package, copy of eagle service project workbook, life ambition form. Wear your Class A uniform including merit
      badge sash.

23. Immediately, the next business day, take eagle application, blue card copies, and handbook rank page copies, to the
      scout council office in Baltimore city (LINK map). Also, immediately, take reference letter package to troop
      advancement chair.

24. Wait for postcard notification from council (postcard in about 2 to 3 weeks) stating that you are certified ready for a
      Board of Review.

25. After receiving certification, discuss potential board of review dates with eagle advisor.

26. After receipt of all reference letters by the advancement chair, the board of review date will be confirmed.

27. Provide requested number of copies of completing eagle project workbook at least 2 days before eagle board of
      review date.

28. Attend Eagle board of review in Class A uniform including merit badge sash. Bring the following with you to the
      review - your boyscout handbook, personal copy of eagle scout service project workbook, paper and pen.

29. After your successful Eagle BOR, the following paperwork needs to be brought to council headquarters in Baltimore
      within one week's time - signed back of the eagle scout application, the Project Description Form, A Summary of My
      Eagle scout Leadership Service Project, and signed Advancement report.

30. The troop will be notified when your Eagle certificate arrives from council, approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

31. Plan, schedule, and conduct your Eagle Court of Honor.