Meeting Minutes: 4/30/2018

posted May 1, 2018, 5:50 PM by Troop Webmaster

1.  Next Monday, May 7th is the Court of Honor.  Food assignments forthcoming.

2.  Name Tags are available; $3 for name tags with pins and $4 for magnetic name tags. Mrs. Manring will be sending out an email with information; please reply if you would like to purchase

3.  Challenge Outings:  We have the two backpacking treks coming up May 27-29 and June 6-10.  Starting next week please let Mr. Canary know if you will attend. For the Adult leaders; the new Youth Protection training and the Part C medical form must be completed prior to the June trek

4.  Shooting campout is schedule for June 1-3.  Start saving up targets like milk jugs or detergent bottles.

5.  Welcome back AJ.  He is joining the Shiny Squirrels patrol.