7:00 Pre-Meeting Training for Scouts who missed training (Jason)

7:30 Start Meeting (Set chairs in two straight lines facing each other) with patrol Flags

Opening Ceremony (Rebel Alliance Patrol)

Attendance Scribe

Ø No Scouts are allowed in the Building unless the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster and another adult are in the Building. Please stay in the gym area unless directed by an adult leader or using the Men’s room.                                                               

  Ø The merit badge books are available on a 30-day loan program to all active members of Boy Scout Troop 68.                         (Librarians: Rich Novak, Michael Eman)

Ø If for any reason the Wednesday Troop meeting is cancelled, either a text message will be sent or a phone call will be made, no later than 6:30 pm on Wednesday to the S. P. L. and to the P. L., than to their patrols

Ø If you need a Blue Card see Mrs. Oliveira before or after the meeting. Sith Lords patrol give Mrs. Oliveira your Scout handbooks for updating.

ØPoint out Emergency Exits (explain where we meet)

Ø Board of Review for Fabian Almeida and Sean O’Flaherty tonight E

ØReview of Fairview Lake Camping Trip-Jason (Saturday) Brandon (Sunday)

Uniform Inspection: Yes


7:45 Skills: First Aid-Sprains and strains-Head injuries-splinting lower /upper leg-upper/lower arm/collar bone.

8:15 Patrols work on Merit Badge

Sith Patrol – Requirements

Duct Tape –Movie Making

Rebel Alliance – Engineering

Jedi Council – Family Life

Patrol should complete work sheets, they will be checked.


8:35 Game if time allows


8:50 Final Announcements by                                 ASPL Jason Rivera

Next week we will continue make Troop Leadership Training.

Are there announcements from the Assistant Scoutmasters?

Wood splitting Sign-up sheets will be posted on Bulletin board.

Hand out Permission slips for Troop Night out.