1. Each Patrol will spend 10 dollars to purchase the food they need for the Patrol Cook Off on April 10th.

2. Each patrol cannot spend more than 10 dollars!

3. Each patrol must supply a store receipt in order to be reimbursed for those food items that were purchased for the Patrol Cook Off.

4. Patrols can only use those food items that the patrol purchased with the 10 dollars.

5. Patrols cannot use any items for the cook off other than those that were purchased for the Patrol Cook Off.  The Troop will supply bowls, flatware, napkins, paper towels, propane and stoves, seasoning, tables and three judges! Patrols will be expected to use their patrol boxes for this event.

6. Patrols can shop at any store of their choice to get the best bargain!

7. Patrols must present three sample dishes for each of the three judges and one sample dish for each other patrol to sample.

8. Patrols cannot use any type of canned soups for the cook off. However, soup stock, soup broth, or bouillon cubes can be use as a base for the soup.  Canned vegetables or any package or can goods can be use except, starter soup packages and canned soup.

Theme for the cook off is any type of soup from scratch!

For the cook off on April 10, the judges will score the patrols on difficulty, taste, and presentation.  There is a time limit of 45 minutes!  Each patrol must cook their own dish on site with the dish that was approved on 03/6/13 and present it to each of the 3 judges. Scouts can bring props from home to add to their theme.

Judge’s decision will be final!




All standard Scouting rules will apply at all times.  Any Scout or Scouts caught breaking the rules will be disqualified from the cook-off!