If you are looking for a day trip this fall then check this out:

Old Lafayette Village located in Lafayette, between Routs. 15 and 94, this is a Recreated Colonial village with a combination of factory outlets, specialty shops and eateries.  For more information call (973) 383-8323.



Space Farm Zoo & Museum located in Beemervlle.  Over 200 species of North American wildlife. Museum of antique cars, horse drawn vehicles, firearms and more.  For more information call (973) 875-5880. 



Lakota Wolf Preserve located in Columbia located on the grounds of Camp Taylor Campground.  Experience, watching and listening to packs of Tundra, Timber, and Arctic wolves, Bobcats and foxes also part of the preserve.  For more information call (908) 496-9244 or 1-877-SEEWOLF.