1. Your Location:  Before heading out for a hike, inform someone where you are headed - Tracking a person or a group will be much easier if they know the location.

2. Stay together: DO NOT separate.  You need to stay warm with body heat.

3. Do not wander off:  People can't find you if you move around.  Your rescuers are moving slowing in search for clues.

4. Warm Place:  You need to stay warm and away from the wind & rain.  Also try to stay visible for people looking for you.

5. Carry a Whistle:  Noise will travel for miles in the woods, so people will be able to hear you.  Even on short hikes it's smart to always carry one.

6. Wear something bright:  Wear bright clothing or carry something bright in your backpack.  Hang on a stick to attract people.

7. Cold ground:  Don't lie on the cold ground.  You can lose precious body heat.  Build a mattress with branches, moss and leaves.

8. Eating anything wild:  Be careful what you eat.  Along with being hungry you don't want to get sick from anything you ate.

(Note: If you own a cell phone, it may be a great way to call for a rescue.  A rescue could take a few hours, so you may need to start a campfire to stay warm.  Basics are to stay warm and calm.)