Scoutmaster Challenge Scorecard

Patrol Name: ______________________________

From January 01, 2014 to May 01, 2014, the patrol must accomplish the following goals in both scouting and in everyday life.  5 points will be given for each item completed and write the date of completion by each item.  All points will be added to the Scoutmaster’s Challenge in May.

(“Patrol” means over half of the patrol attends)

___ Each member advance at least 1 rank or earn 1 Eagle palm

___ Each member earn at least one merit badge

___ Each member must attend at least 3 troop campouts and at least 1 in tent

___ Each member attend Scout Sunday wearing your scout uniform

___ Each member participate at the Klondike Derby

___ Each member must repeat the Pledge of Allegiance

___ Each member must repeat from memory the Scout Law

___ Each member must repeat from memory the Scout Promise

___ Each member must repeat from memory the Scout Slogan

___ Each member must repeat from memory the Scout Motto

___ Each member must tie four knots selected by the Scoutmaster

___ Each member earn the Boy Scout World Conservation Award

___ Patrol participate in at least two of the monthly CFC food pantry

___ Complete a patrol Good Turn (not a Troop service project)

___ Patrol go on a pre-approved patrol campout

___ Patrol recruit 1 new member into the Troop

___ Patrol earn the Paul Bunyan Award

___ Patrol earn the National Honor Patrol Award

___ Patrol have a patrol yell

___ Patrol have a patrol flag

___ Patrol cooking equipment box, pass inspection

___ Patrol signed up for 2013 summer camp

___ Patrol fulfill duties in a Troop leadership position for 4 months

___ Patrol pass the Troop swim test at swim night

___ The entire patrol must pass the official BSA uniform inspection by May 01, 2014



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Scoutmaster: _____________________________________ Score _______