Boy Scout Troop 68 Leadership

Positions for 2016 and 2017 Scouting Season.

The following positions of responsibility to our troop are offered to First Class Rank and above.  These positions are necessary if you want to advance in rank.  All Scouts will also be asked to fill out this sheet as well.  Please note the highest-ranking Scouts will receive the highest-ranking positions in this troop.

A.- *Junior Assistant Scoutmaster (2) He supervises and supports other boy leaders assigned. (age 16 or older)

B.- **Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) (1)-He leads the Patrol Leaders Council  meetings, consults with the Scoutmaster and is responsible for giving directions to the ASPL, Patrol leaders and APL.

C.- **Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) (1)-Fills in for senior patrol leader in his absence.  He also is responsible for giving directions to the quartermaster, scribe, troop historian, Librarian, and instructors.

D.- Web-Site Master-(1)-Does weekly updates and maintains the troop web-page.

E.- Scribe-(1)-the troop secretary, keeps minutes of meetings has them typed and ready for the next meeting and takes attendance at meetings.

F.- Librarian-(1)- Keeps troop books, pamphlets, magazines, audiovisuals, and merit badge books that are available for troop members

G.- Historian-(1)-Collects and maintains troop memorabilia and information on former troop members

H.- Instructor-(4)-Teaches one or more advancement skills to troop members.

I.- Quartermaster-(1)-Responsible for troop supplies, equipment.

J.- Troop Guide-(1)-Advise and guide new Scout patrols

K.- Den Chief-(5)-Works with a Cub Scout den as a guide.

L.- Newsletter Editor-(1)-Prepares and edits the troop newsletter

M.- *Patrol Leader-Offers leadership to members of his patrol and represents them at the Patrol Leaders Council meetings.

O.- *Assistant Patrol Leader (APL)-Fills in for the patrol leader in his absence.


** Must attend 80% of all Troop meetings and campouts!

* Must attend 80% of all Troop meetings and 50% of campouts!

You will be expected to fulfill the position you obtain for the full Scouting season or you will loose that position.  Furthermore, you will be expected to attend all Patrol Leaders Council meetings and campouts.  You should know what the job is about, before you sign this sheet, if you do not know, then check with the Scoutmaster.

Please note: Scout’s Leadership Training is offered on October 01, 2016 and is mandatory for all leadership positions. Make up date are possible, but not guaranteed .