Rules & Consequences for Fundraising

Date of review: August 29, 2016

Fund-Raising is the only way for Troop 68 to raise money and support our troop. Fund-Raising monies are used to purchase new equipment, fund special meetings and subsidize trips, to mention a few.   All members are required to meet all minimum requirements and deadlines for all fund-raisers agreed to by the Parents Committee.

The rules & consequences for failing to meet the minimum requirements or not participating in a fund-raiser is as follows.

  1. The member must pay out of pocket the equal value of the gross minimum amount, for any fund-raiser, to Troop 68 by the end of that scout season (June 30).
  2. The member can sell Trails End Popcorn online and the profits from those sales will be deducted from the amount due Troop 68. Any amount left can be used by the scout for any Troop 68 function.
  3. All of the financial obligations to Troop 68 must be paid in full by the end of the current scout season (June 30).
  4. Any scout family with more than one scout will be responsible for only 150%.
    1. Example for 4 above: The 1st scout must meet 100% of the minimum; the rest of the scouts in that family must only meet 50% of the minimum. If an uneven number plays a part in the fund-raiser such as “5 wreaths”, the additional scouts must sell 1 more than half or 3 wreaths. If a donation of time is required by the scouts, all scouts must meet the same minimum amount of time as all other scouts in the troop. 

The member must know that this is not the answer to not fund-raising. The membership of any scout that repeatedly refuses to meet the minimum requirements or does not pay their financial obligation in full within the required time frame may be, by a vote of the parents committee, terminated and the scout family will be asked to leave Troop 68.

The debt for any scout not meeting the minimum required hours for any Fund-Raiser requiring a scout to attend said Fund-Raiser will be calculated as follows:
The total gross sale for that Fund-Raiser, excluding donations, will be divided by the total hours required , by all scouts registered by Troop 68 for that scouting season. That amount will be multiplied by the hours not worked by any scout not meeting the minimum.  An example follows.


Troop 68 is holding its yearly Popcorn sale.  The minimum amount of hours each scout must work is 10. 

There are 20 scouts registered in the troop.  Our gross show & sell sale is $5000.00.  The minimum take order is $50.00.

   20 scouts registered

x 10 hours per scout

200 total hours should have been worked.


$5000.00 total gross sale divided by 200 hours = $25.00 per hour.

 $25.00 per hour

x 10 hours(not worked by the scout)

$250.00 due for the show & sell portion of this fund-raiser.

+$50.00 minimum from the take order portion of this fund-raiser.

$300.00. Due by the end of the current scouting season (June 30)

In the above example the scout family would owe Troop 68 $300.00 for missing both portions of this fund-raiser.

This number can drastically change depending on the factors used for each fund-raiser and is only meant to be an example.

It is not fair for any scout family to allow the others to do all of the work.  We are a “Troop” and all must do their share.

Extenuating circumstances may arise and must be brought to the attention of the Fund-raiser Chair immediately.  The chair will discuss the circumstances with the Committee Chair and that decision will be final.