Rank requirement changes for 2013:

*   Second Class—See requirements 3e, 3f, and 3g.

*   First Class—See requirement 4a.

*   Star—See requirement 5.

*   Life—See requirement 5.

*   Eagle—See requirements 4 and 7.

*   Eagle Scout rank alternative requirements

Minor merit badge requirement updates for:

*  Astronomy (3b, 9)

*  Automotive Maintenance (1, 8d)

*  Bird Study (7b)

*  Chess (3)

*  Citizenship in the Community (3a)

*  Communication (1a, 1b)

*  Composite Materials (1)

*  Dog Care (10)

*  Emergency Preparedness (2b)

*  Fire Safety (7c)

*  Fishing (1)

*  Gardening (1, 3, 6)

*  Hiking (5, 6)

*  Home Repairs (1, 6b)

*  Law (11)

*  Oceanography (8b)

*  Orienteering (6c)

*  Photography (3)

*  Safety (6, 7)

*  Wilderness Survival (1)

*  Wood Carving (1)

New Merit Badges for 2013: Kayaking and Search and Rescue

New Sustainability Merit Badge to Be an Eagle-Required Option:

*  Starting in summer 2013, when the Sustainability merit badge becomes available, those working toward the Eagle Scout rank may choose to earn either the Sustainability merit badge OR the Environmental Science merit badge. Earning one or the other merit badge will be required. Scouts who have already earned Environmental Science may also earn Sustainability, but only one of the two merit badges will count as “Eagle-required.” The other may count as an elective merit badge necessary to reach the total of 21 required merit badges.



Starting Jan. 1, 2014, Cooking Merit Badge to Be Required for Eagle:

Effective Jan. 1, 2014, the Cooking merit badge will be required to obtain the Eagle Scout rank. Regardless of when a Scout earned the Life rank or began working toward Eagle, unless he fulfills all the rank requirements—with the exception of his board of review—before Jan. 1, 2014, he must earn the Cooking merit badge to become an Eagle Scout.