Our entire patrol is made up of uniformed adult leaders of the Troop.  While our patrol was formed many years ago, the concept of an adult patrol is not new.  Adult patrols can set a good example for the Scouts and their patrols.  Just the fact that we are in a patrol and working as a team, speaks volume.  In addition, the camaraderie is great for them to see.  We have a patrol flag, yell and a patrol box.  

    When it comes to training, our patrol has shown commitment and dedication, all in the name of Scouting.  Last year the adult leadership did more than 30 hours of training.  So far this year, three adults have logged in 42 hours of training and with more training scheduled in the next few months.


Patrol Leader 
Mr.  Bob O'Flaherty
Assistant Patrol Leader 
Mr. Ed Novak
 Patrol QuartermasterMr. Bill Garry
Logistics Officer    
Mr. Novak
Field Officer  

Safety Officer Mr. Drew Baumann
Training Officer