1. Q.- What’s the difference between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts?

A.- The difference between the Cub Scout Program and the Boy Scouts is that there are no Den meetings.  Instead, there are weekly Troop meetings.  At our Troop meetings, the boys are put into patrols.  Each patrol has a patrol leader and an assistant patrol leader.  Scouts hold both jobs.  Each patrol has an adult advisor who is an Assistant Scoutmaster.

2. Q.- Are there fundraisers?

A.- Yes.  We have the popcorn sale in September, Christmas Wreath sale in November, and optional Easter candy sale.  The funds are used to pay for supplies, registration, camping fees, badges, awards and camping equipment.

3. Q.- Is there dues?

A.- There are no weekly or monthly dues!  We raise all our own funds for all equipment and campouts.

4. Q.- How much is the registration for the Troop?

A.- Registration is in September of every year.  This coming September it is $65.00 per Scout for the year.  To transfer from Webelos to our troop is $45.00 per cub and each Scout also receives Boy’s Life magazine, a Troop Tee shirt and neckerchief.  As long as he is in the Webelos and is currently registered in his pack for this year.

5. Q.- Where does the troop meet?

A.- Our weekly meetings are held at Connecticut Farms Presbyterian Church gym on Wednesday from 7:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.  It’s not necessary that parents attend the weekly meetings, but you are always welcome.

6. Q.- Do I have to have a job in the troop?

A.- Yes.  In order to run a successful Scouting program, we need commitment and involvement from parents.  There are many jobs, which need to be performed throughout the year.  It is our policy for one parent from each family to sign up for a job.  We will do our best to accommodate your choices.

7. Q.- Do I have to buy a Scout uniform?

A.- Boy Scouts of America is a uniformed organization.  This means that Scouts must be in full B.S.A. uniform.  Uniforms can be purchased at Patriots’ Path Council at 1130 Route 22 West, Mountainside, NJ.

8. Q.- Do the Scouts have an equivalent to a pack meeting?

A.- There are no pack meetings in the Boy Scouts.  Two or three times a year the Troop holds a Court of Honor.  At the Court of Honor, the Scouts are recognized for their achievements.  Parents are asked to attend.

9. Q.- How many times do the Scouts go camping?

A.- Once a month the Troop participates in outside activities such as a campout or hikes.  On these outside activities, it’s not necessary that parents attend, but you are always welcome.  The campouts are weekend events.  Most Troop events are held on the weekends, from Friday night and returning around noon on Sunday.

10. Q.- What camping equipment will I need to buy?

A.- The troop supplies tents, cooking gear, propane stoves, dining fly, saws, axes and lanterns.  The Scout is responsible for a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, mess kit, eating utensils and personal cleaning kit.

11. Q.- What type of sleeping bag should I buy?

A.- There are two types of sleeping bags, a mummy and a rectangular bag.  Most Scouts prefer the rectangular bag to the mummy bag, because there’s more room in the bag.  The mummy bags are warmer, because less body heat escapes from the bag.  Buy a sleeping bag that is rated zero or lower and a sleeping bag that has Hollofil II or Quallofil filled.  Gooses down filled sleeping bags are great except when they get wet.

12. Q.- What kind of clothes should Scouts wear on a campout?

A.- When it comes to clothes, always bring old and worn ones, those that you don’t care about.  It is your responsibility as a parent to make sure that your son has warm clothing and proper equipment for all events.

13. Q.- Does your troop go to summer camp?

A.- Yes.  The Troop attends summer camp usually the last week in July.  Each year the troop attends a different Summer Camp from Maryland to New Hampshire.

14. Q.- Who buys the Boy Scout handbook?

A.- You do, and it can be purchased at the Patriots’ Path Council at 1130 Route 22 West, Mountainside, NJ.

15. Q.- What is a Merit Badge?

A.- Merit badges are awarded to Scouts for fulfilling special requirements in specific areas of training.

16. Q.- Who buys the Merit Badges books?

A.- You do, and they can be purchased from council.  But the troop does have a merit badge book library.  The merit badge books are available on a 30-day loan program to all active troop members.  Scouts can only borrow one merit badge book at a time.

17. Q.- How does a Scout advance in our troop?

A.- Scouts must complete all requirements as set forth by National Council in the Scout Handbook.  One of the requirements is that a Scout show proper Scout spirit.  Our Troop has established a policy that part of this requirement is to attend 50% of all Troop campouts and 80% of all Troop meetings.

18. Q.- Can my son join the troop even though we are Catholic?

A.- Yes!  While our sponsored organization is Presbyterian, the troop is open to all religions.  Most of the Scouts are Catholic and we do promote the Ad Altare Dei as well as other religious awards.  Our sponsored church respects other religions and does not push or promote theirs.

19. Q.- When can my son join the troop?

A.- He must be at least 10 1/2 years old or have completed the 5th grade, and he may not have yet reached his 18th birthday.  You must complete a Scout application.  No previous Scouting experience needed.  A boy can join the troop any time during the year even after he has graduated from Webelos in February.

20. Q.- Are the troop leaders trained?

A.- Yes.  The Scoutmaster and five Assistant Scoutmasters are trained in Youth Protection, standard first aid and Scoutmaster fundamentals.  The Scoutmaster and two Assistant Scoutmasters each have over ten years Scouting experience.