Fundraising Guidelines

  1. Troop fundraising activities shall be considered an essential part of the Troop program, irrespective of the financial condition of the troop.
  2. Proceeds of every Troop fundraising activity shall be distributed as determined by the Troop Parents’ Committee prior to the new scouting season.
  3. Net proceeds shall be added to the unrestricted Troop’s general fund unless earmarked for a specific activity or event.
  4. All troop fundraising must be approved by the Troop Committee prior to the new scouting season.
  5. Any emergency fundraising or specialized fundraising needed during the year must be approved by the Troop Committee first.
  6. Every fundraising activity of the Troop shall be administered in compliance with all rules or restrictions imposed by the Boy Scouts of America and/or the Patriots’ Path Council.
  7. The following are mandatory fundraising events: the Popcorn Sale in September and the Holiday Evergreens in November.  Wood splitting; minimum 1 day participation out of  “work dates” available. Non-participation in the above mentioned fundraising events can result in the Scout’s expulsion from the troop; until his fundraising responsibilities are met.
  8. The amount for each mandatory fundraiser must be determined and approved by the Parents’ Committee prior to the new scouting season and posted on the troop website.  Families with two or more Scouts in our troop will be expected to sell an additional 50% per Scout for each mandatory fundraiser.
  9. 100% of the minimum amounts of all mandatory fundraisers must be met.
  10. Any Scout family that may need assistance in meeting the fundraising minimums should speak to the committee chair.

 Proposed & Revised August 29, 2016