Q. What equipment is needed for the campout?
A. Remember, the first rule in camping “pack for the worst possible conditions.”  Use the list in your Scout Hand Book on page 224-225.

Q. Where should I buy the camping equipment?

A. Campmor on Rt. 17 North Saddle River, NJ, Eastern Mountain Sport at most shopping mall, and Sports Authority.

Q. Is a backpack needed?

A. No the troop does very little, to no back packing.  In most cases a duffel bag will do the job.

Q. Who supplies the tent and other equipment?

A. Our troop supplies all the tents for all Scouts and adults.  Most of the tents are new and are 2 man Eureka tents.  We also supply propane stoves, and patrol cook kits.  If you have a tent or camping equipment, please leave it home.

Q. What kind of sleeping bag is needed?

A. There are two different types of sleeping bags.
Mummy bags are the most popular for backpacking and cold weather camping.  Rectangular bags are best suited for warmer weather camping.  These bags are cut for comfort and not efficiency.  Rectangular bags usually do not have hoods, which make it less desirable in cold weather. Tremendous amounts of heat can be lost.  Whichever type of sleeping bag you choose remember there is no standard rating system, so purchase a bag that has a zero or lower rating.

Q. What is a lean-tos?

A. A lean-tos is a three-sided building with a roof and a floor and no heat.

Q. Will I need to buy a cot to sleep on?

A. No, cots are not permitted in tents!  Ground pads are necessary to determine a temperature rating of a sleeping bag.  We suggest that you purchase a ground pad.  Ground pads are not just for comfort.  Purchase a pad with foam, as core that is filed with air and not an air filled ONLY mattress.  The pad acts as an insulation layer between you, your sleeping bag, and the ground.

Q. Does a parent have to attend the Scout’s first campout?

A. Yes, we strongly encourage that a parent go on the first few campouts.  This way both the parent and the new Scout will feel comfortable with the other Scouts and troop policies.  On all campouts and events parents are always welcome to attend.

Q. Who supplies the food and snacks for the campouts?

A. All food and snacks are provided by the troop.  We strongly encourage that Scouts not bring soda and snacks on any campout unless otherwise instructed.

Q. Does my son need spending money for the campout?

A. That decision is up to the parent.  We suggest between $10.00 and $15.00.

Q. How does my son get to and from the campouts?

A. The Scouts meet in the church parking lot on Friday night at 6:00 pm.  Then the Scout and his gear are loaded up in designated cars and drivers.  After the campout is over the same driver drop off the Scouts and their gear at their home.

Q. Who supervises the Scouts on the campouts?

A. On all campouts there are BSA trained adult leaders.  We average about 1 adult for every 4 scouts.

Q. How long are the monthly campouts?

A. Typically, the troop camps from Friday night through Sunday around noon.  The troop camps from September through June outdoors, and from December to March the troop camps indoors.

Q. What camping gear does he absolutely need?

A. Compass, Mess Kit, Sleeping Bag, good footwear (hiking boots if possible), Scout Handbook, Personal 1st Aid Kit, and a sense of humor.  

All Scouts in Troop 68 are encouraged to attend as many campouts as possible.  While it is not always possible to go on every one, please make every effort to attend.  Most of the time, if you cannot make it until Saturday afternoon, that is usually o.k. However, check with the Scoutmaster that is going to make sure it is not a problem for that particular event.

DO NOT rush out and spend hundreds of dollars for camping equipment!!  Much of what you need can be borrowed, or you can rent them from Eastern Mountain Sports.  Furthermore, check with other Scouts and families to see if anyone has any used equipment to use or purchase.