1. REMEMBER: The sleeping bag does not heat you, you heat it.  So use this rule, "Thickness is warmth", to keep the heat.  If you are cold, add some more insulation (blankets, clothes,).


2. DO NOT SLEEP IN BOTTOM OF BAG: Your breath contains water.  If you close your bag with your head inside, then this water sticks to the bag. Wear a hat to keep your head warm.


3. CHANGE CLOTHES: NEVER sleep in wet or damp clothes.  Even perspiration will chill you at night.


4. EAT A CANDY BAR: This increases your metabolism (moves your blood faster) and it helps keep you warm.


5. GO TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE BED: This saves you a middle of the night trip in the cold.


6. DO NOT DRY "WET" CLOTHES IN BAG: Moisture will travel from wet clothes to sleeping bag.


7. PUT TOMORROW'S CLOTHES UNDER THE BAG: This heats up clothes for tomorrow's cold morning and provides more insulation.


8. FLUFF UP YOUR BAG: Always fluff up bag before using to create the thickness important in keeping warm.


9. USE A AIR MATTRESS: A self-inflating air mattress type, or one closed cell foam type.  Do not use a standard air mattress.

10. PANTS: Stuff your pants legs into your socks.  This will trap the warm air from escaping from your pants.


11. MOST IMPORTANTLY, KEEP IT DRY: Keep all your sleeping gear dry and follow these rules, and winter camp should prove to be a rewarding experience.





1. Clothing does not make you warm; it is your body’s processes that keep you warm.Clothing merely provides the insulation to preserve your warmth.

2. Layered thickness is warmth.

3. Keep your torso warm so that it can send heat to the extremities

.4. Avoid sweating by ventilation.

5. Keep rain and wind out of your insulation.

6. Use your head. Keep it covered when you're cold; remove cap as you warm up to avoid sweating.

7. Strain one muscle against another to maintain metabolism


8. Wool clothing is best but needs wind protection, synthetics are the next best. Down is OK as long as it stays dry, Cotton is a poor choice.


9. If your feet are cold, put a hat on.

10. Remember the word "COLD" -