The first step to finding a good Troop is to find Troops in your area.  Call Patriots’ Path Council at 973-765-9322, they will give you the locations of several Troops in your area. Remember, the closest Troop is not always the best Troop for you.  We suggest that you attend several meetings of each Troop in your area.

Here are some things to look for:

  • Make sure the Troop does the kind of activities you like.  Take a look at their calendar.  Do they go camping every month?  Do they go to summer camp?
  • Take a look at several Troops.  Attend their meetings.  Do they seem organized?
  • Do the adults, older Scouts, and younger Scouts all treat each other with respect?
  • Do they seem to be accomplishing something?  Are they having FUN?
  • Is the Troop run by boy leaders, or are adults doing everything?

Here are some questions to ask:

  • How much Scouting experience has the Scoutmaster had?
  • Are the adult leadership trained and what training is it?
  • Are there any Assistant Scoutmasters to help the Scoutmaster?
  • What night does the Troop hold their troop meetings and where?
  • How many times a month does the Troop attend campouts and where?
  • What equipment is provided by the troop and the scout?
  • How much will a year of scouting cost?
  • How many fundraisers are there and are they mandatory?
  • Are there mandatory jobs for the parent?
  • How many registered scouts?
  • How many of those registered scouts are active?
  • What uniforms are required?
  • How is transportation for Troop events handled?

If it is possible, talk to some of the parents of the Scouts present.  Are they happy with the Troop?  Do the boys seem happy?

Please remember, that this is a big decision for you.  I hope that the Troop you choose will be a big part of your life for the next several years.  It is worth a little effort up front to make sure that this Troop is right for you.  Some Troops do a great deal of canoeing, some go backpacking, and other Troops do other things.


Please note, whether you join Troop 68 or not, Scouting can be a great experience.