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Board of Review



What is a Board of Review?

The Board of Review occurs after a Scout has had his Scoutmaster conference. It is the last step towards earning a rank advancement. A Board of Review consists of at least three and no more than six Troop 61 Committee members.

What is the value of a Board of Review?

The Board of Review is an opportunity for the Scout to receive praise and encouragement from adults other than his parents, Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters. Ultimately, should the Scout aspire to achieve his Eagle rank, the Boards of Review that he had along the way will strengthen his performance and preparation for the ultimate Board of Review, the district review that finalizes his earning of the Eagle rank.

How does a Scout arrange a Board of Review?

When a Scout is ready for his Board of Review, the Scout will notify the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair. A Board of Review will most likely take place at the next Troop Meeting.

What does a Scout need to know for his Board of Review?

The scout should be prepared to discuss his recent scouting experiences and how he sees himself living up to the Scout Oath and Scout Law in daily life.

How can a Scout prepare for his Board of Review
Memorize the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. (Some leeway can be given to scouts at the
Tenderfoot and Second Class ranks. But for First Class rank and higher, the Scout Oath and
the Scout Law must be memorized).

Make sure your uniform is complete. See below for details.

Bring your Boy Scout Handbook so the Committee members can check that your requirements have been fulfilled and also so they can sign your book upon completion of the Board of Review.

How does a Scout dress for his board of review?

Scouts are required to be in full Class “A” uniform for a Board of Review. Full Class “A” uniform for Troop 61 consists of official Scout class “A” shirt, official Scout pants/shorts and belt, and official Scout socks. The Scout’s rank and position patches must be correct, and his shirt must be tucked in.