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October 2015 CoH

The 2015 October Court of Honor was held to present rank advancement and earned merit badges to the troop's members.
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The Troop 61 Court of Honor for October was opened with the Pledge to the Flag
The opening was the traditional Pledge to the Flag, Scout Oath & Law

Lots of awards for our Scouts

Summer camp provided lots of opportunities for earning merit badges

Mr. Purcell is the Troop's Advancement Chairman and is an old hand at this task.

Lots of Badges

The boys learned a lot at camp

Most got multiple merit badges

Mr. Purcell reads each badge and sometimes provides comments

And always gets a handshake

Great job boys!

Our SPL got a handful of badges

All badges were well deserved

More awards and handshaking

And more comments about the badges

Even our younger scouts were awarded many badges

There were also lots of rank advancement awards... too many to post them all here.  Our SPL did receive the highest rank of the evening, Life Scout.  Congratulations!

A special award was presented in memory of Jim "Mr. C" Christensen.  Mr. C was instrumental in reviving Troop 61 many years ago and in the building of our great Scout Lodge.  Thanks Mr. Christensen.