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2019 Aviation Merit Badge

In March Troop 61 scouts attended Aviation Merit Badge clinic at the Aviation Museum of Cobb.
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The AC-130A Gunship and all it's armament impressed the boys

Some aircraft are large, some are small, very small, like the white kit 
plane under the wing of the AC-130A Gunship.

Learning about the C-141B which was built here in Cobb County

Let's go inside and see the cargo bay

Just a big long tube, but capable of carrying lots of cargo

The boys liked sitting in the flight deck and seeing all the instruments & knobs

Group photo in front of the sail plane.  

A highlight was the F-14 Tom Cat.  The only supersonic aircraft at the museum

The A-6B Intruder has a bomb load.  Thankfully they are practice bombs

The A-7 Corsair II has bombs, rockets & external fuel tanks

Sitting inside the Lockheed JetStar corporate jet which was once owned by 
country music singer Kenny Rogers

Small but nice seats

The OV-1 Mohawk is a US Army Observation aircraft

Learning about the Combat Rescue Experience at the Museum

Sitting in the F-4 Phantom II simulator rear seat