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2016 Pinhoti Backpacking Trip

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We are a small group but determined to conquer the wilderness 

First lunch break... break out the PB&J!

Happy Hikers... Happy brothers, Mitchell & Richard.

Did the Native Americans really break over small saplings to mark their trails?

The Pinhoti Train is in the Dugger Wilderness of the Talladega National Forest.  The trail is well marked all along the way.

First night at the North Dugger Mountain shelter.  Mr. R. didn't bring long pants even though the temperature dipped below freezing.

The Terrapin Creek water shed reservoir

Hiking across the dam at the Terrapin Creek reservoir

Mr. H. at another bent over tree.

Second night at the Oakey Mountain Shelter and Jacob feeding the fire

Mr. F. enjoying the supper meal.

Mr. T. joined us on the last night of the hike.

Warming up by the fire.

Mr. T. hiking out Monday morning