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New Troop Members

Important information shared at tonight's parent's meeting.  Please let me know what questions you have.  I will post this on the NEW MEMBERS section of www.troop61856.com web site.  Please note new rules about drop-off only at meetings; and LATE PICK-UPS from meetings (a $10 donation may be kindly requested for all late pick ups)!


Forms and Payment: Kathy Reeves collected from all. If anyone still needs to fill out forms, owes parent registration, or $35 dues, we will be in-touch shortly.

NO PARENTS AT MEETINGS; Drop off meetings/events only: As girls get older, we are finding it necessary to abide by the Girl Scout policies, especially when it comes to having parents at meetings and events. Therefore, parents and guardians will be DROPPING OFF ONLY (no parents in meeting room). For parents of brand new scouts; or for those who have scouts with anxiety or health problems, you may sit out in the hallway. The door will be left open for her to see you; and you to see her.

LATE PICK UP FROM MEETINGS AND EVENTS: A Volunteer $10 donation to the troop account will be kindly requested when parents are more than 10 minutes late WITHOUT calling a leader with an emergency. One very challenging, consistent, and ongoing problem Volunteer leaders encountered last year was late parents picking up scouts from meetings and events. Girl Scout Policy states that after 10 minutes we are to begin calling all emergency numbers on file, and if the parents are not located, contact the police. We are then to send an incident report to the Service Unit Manager and Council. After so many occasions, scout may be asked to leave Girl Scouts.

Instead of following this route leaders and parents voted on an alternative: Any Parent who is more than 10 minutes late will be kindly, lovingly asked (on a volunteer basis) to donate $10 to our troop account. We’ll see if this alternative solution solves this consistent problem before moving to the harsher GS Policy. Parents present at the meeting overwhelming agreed (except Tami, who preferred we call the police…but that’s Tami for you).

Girl Code of Conduct: Truth is, we have the BEST behaved girls in Girl Scouts. However, a code of conduct is necessary, especially as girls get older. Last year we began informing parents of corrective measures when a scout didn’t follow the Girl Scout Law outlined in the code of conduct. Most parents were loving and understanding. We will go over the Code of Conduct with each girl and make sure they know what it means to them and their Girl Scout Membership if code of conduct is not consistently followed.

We ask all parents choose to look at Girl Scout Leaders as a loving second pair of eyes for mom and dad when they are not in their child’s space. If a Scout must be corrected, it will be done in a private and loving manner so she is not embarrassed. The parent will be informed of the incident. Actions will be taken as outlined in the Girl Scout Code of Conduct.

INCIDENT REPORTS: We are asking all parents to PLEASE report any and all incidents that may happen during Girl Scout time that may have gone unseen. Especially if a child is harassed, bullied, or mistreated by another scout, adult, leader, ANYBODY in anyway. Even if you wish to handle the manner privately, it is URGENT that the incident is documented. You never know later if that incident snowballs into something that bleeds into school or outside of Girl Scouts. If we have something documented in Girl Scouts, we may have some muscle to help that child in some way. We can only document incidents that happen between Girl Scouts during Girl Scout time. 

NEW UNIFORM: Here's what she'll need:

A.  Junior Girl Scout Vest ($18.50) OR X-LONG Sash ($7.50)

B.  Junior Girl Scout Starter Patches ($22.50)

  • Troop #
  • Council ID
  • Flag
  • Insignia Tab
  • Membership Pin
  • Bridge to Junior

Fundraising (nuts and mags)/Goals/How Money is Used. Girl Scout Fundraising is OPTIONAL, how it ever it allows us to spend ($200/scout last year) on patches, meeting supplies, professional teachers, trip excursions, etc without asking you for any more money. This year our goal is to sell 20 candy items and 3 magazine items per scout (some will do more; some less. This is not a quota, merely a goal). When we reach our goal, her patches, awards, and gifts will be achieved for 2014-15 without asking for supplemental funds from you.

Community Service Projects: Like the leadership opportunity at the Girl Scout Recruitment event, you will see her growing like never before. Expect more of that moving forward. Girls will vote on projects they will like to achieve.

Girl Leadership at Meetings: Expect that girls will be assigned the following leadership rolls at every meeting.

  • Kaper Keeper
  • Leader Helper/Laws: How they were used that week
  • Attendance
  • Flag Bearer
  • Pledge Leader
  • Girl Scout Promise
  • Girl Scout Law
  • Snack Set Up
  • Snack Clean Up
  • Wipe Down Tables/Sweep floor
  • Craft Set Up
  • Craft Leader
  • Craft Clean Up
  • Friendship Circle
  • Recycle/Trash