To subscribe to our Troop 4 Google Group, you need a Google account. Once you have a Google account, you will need to log into that account by entering an email address and a password.

IMPORTANT: You can create a Google account using ANY email address you currently use. So deciding where you want to receive Troop 4-related emails is an important first step. You do not need to use a Gmail (Google email) account.  That's a good thing because for most people, the fewer email accounts to check, the better! If you don't have an account yet, create one first.

Once you have created a Google account, sign up to our Group here:

You're done! You only need to do this once. :-)

So many options! So many places to get confused! Please contact Oliver if you have any questions or difficulties navigating these choices, and together we'll figure it out! :-)

Subscription benefits:
[A] Membership to the Troop 4 email list. You can  read and post messages to our low-volume list. Stay informed!
[B] Access to members-only content. Easily get the documents you need.
Pages and resources restricted to Group members include:
2) Troop 4's Google Docs, including our family roster with contact information. See our documents web page for details and link.