These calendars are public.

See our Event Details page for more details on many of the events in our calendar below.

At the bottom of this page we describe the purpose of Troop 4's various calendars to help you distinguish Troop 4's main events from other related events.

You can:

Troop 4 calendar

Troop 4's multiple Google calendars

View, subscribe, and print only the Troop 4-related events which matter most to you. Troop 4 maintains the following calendars to make this task easier for our members:

Troop 4 calendar: Contains Troop 4's main events.
Our plans must account for many factors, including events occurring at the District and Council level, school events and breaks, holidays, hunting seasons, and the like. Hence the value of the following calendars Troop 4 also maintains.

Tr4: District and Council events: Contains a select number of BSA's local District and Council events.
  • Calendar ID:
Note that Troop 4 naturally attends some of the Troop-specific events hosted by the Council and District. In those cases, Troop 4's versions of those events should appear within the "Troop 4 calendar". If our Troop hasn't committed to attending one of these events, this calendar can help ensure that those opportunities do not drop off our radar.
See the District's calendar web page and Council's calendar web page for all their events, as well as presumably the most current and accurate information. :-)
Most Council events listed are not relevant to Troop 4 members, but the Council does host their own Google calendar (Calendar ID: Although the Council also maintains a Google calendar of the District's events, as of 1/2012, the District events were incomplete or simply incorrect.

Tr4: ICSD: Contains Ithaca City School District events, as understood by us.
  • Calendar ID:
This calendar is maintained by us to the degree it serves our purposes, but this calendar is certainly NOT ICSD's calendar of record. See the ICSD's calendar pages for all their events, as well as presumably the most current and accurate information. :-)
Tr4: Non-BSA events and holidays: Contains events of concern to Troop 4 which don't fit into the other calendars. In addition to holiday events important to our members, may also contain pertinent hunting season information, for example.
  • Calendar ID:
This calendar's data is most likely to be error-prone since coming from disparate source. Therefore, always confirm with a trusted source if an entry's accuracy is really important for your planning.