Eagle Scouts

Troop 49 Eagle Scouts
Scout's Name  Year  Eagle Service Project
Row 1 Mickey A. Fink 1978 Troop Sign at Back Creek
Henry E. Mork 1979 Picnic area at Advent Lutheran
Mark A. Menhinick 1979 Nature Trail at Newell Elementary
Mark B. Chapman 1981 Meditation area at Newell Presbyterian
Peter Mork 1982 Book Recording for Blind
Phillip Mork 1982 Memorial area at Advent Lutheran
Christopher J. Chapman 1983 Flag Memorial at Back Creek
Row 2 Eric S. Menhinick 1985 Outdoor Grill at Univ. Baptist
Craig B. Davis 1986 Columbarian at Church on 7th
John T. Murphy 1986 Meditation area at Assumption Church
Todd Martin 1986 Entrance sign at College Downs
Kevin P. Martin 1986 Various Painting at Advent Lutheran
Navin K. Puri 1987 Flower Boxes at Hindu Center
Merritt Robbins 1987 Observation area at Reedy Creek Park
Row 3 John G. Freeman 1987 Beautification at All Saints Espicopal
Adam Cooper 1989 Built a volley ball court at UMC
Thomas J. Holmes 1989 Enclosure Fence at Back Creek
Scott Edward Martin 1989 BBQ Grill at Fellowship hall at BC
Raymond Coulter Jr. 1989 Memorial Area at Cornelius Elementary
Jason Craig Sorrow 1990 Playground improvements at BCCA
Rajen Naran Lakhani 1990 Playground at Indep Baptist
Row 4 Damian Lee Owens 1991 Rebuilt Bicyles for poor
Vernon A. Brewer III 1991 New Fence at Glenwood ARP
Shane Bustle 1992 Flag Pole beautification at Newell Elementary
Dana Nathan Hull 1992 Installed Drainage at Idlewild Church
Robert Bryant Harris 1992 Playground improvements at BCCA
Ryan J. Ginder 1992 6 benches at Univ. Meadows Elementary School
Scott Breece 1994 Cleaned and Repaired Soffits & Drains At St. Thomas Aquinas
Row 5 Cye Fisher 1994 Build Out building at St. Thomas Aquinas
Chad McGowen 1994 Developed campsite at Univ. Baptist
James Parson 1995 Built Flower Boxes at Univ. Hill Methodist
Mike Kay 1995 Repaired& organized West Charlotte High School’s Greenhouse
Shelby Hepler 1995 Installed Culvert at UNCC property
Jonathan Brown 1995 Made improvements at Indep Baptist
Darrell Brown 1995 Made improvements at Indep Baptist
Row 6 Matthew Vogelien 1995 Built trail at St Thomas Aquinas
Michael Eckert 1996 Landscaped/Beautification sign proj at school
Nathan Vogelien 1996 Various Projects at St Thomas Aquinas
Jeff Hall 1996 Variuos Improvements at St Thomas Aquinas
Lee Robertson 1997 Nature trail at Reedy Creek Elementary
Chirag Lakhani 1998 Rebuilt baptismal area at Indep Baptist
Michael Grant 1998 Landscape area and bench at Back Creek
Row 7 Jared Madsen 1998 Walking Path at David Cox Elementary
James White 1998 Major Dugout at HG Rec Park
Chris Hammill 1998 Converation Proj at Thompson Orfant
David Arnold 1999 Perimeter trail at HG Rec Park
Darrell Hall 1999 Big Bridge at UNCC Property
Chris Lloyd 2000 Put in RR ties at Preschool at BCCA
Billy Askey 2000 Perimeter Trail at HG Rec Pk
Row 8 Scott Branstetter 2001 Trail at St Thomas Aquinas
Acey Boyce 2003 13 Benches along Mallard Ck walk
Steven Yamada 2003 Wild Flower rescue and replant
Dane Meredith 2003 Repaired dugouts at HG Rec Pk
Paul Merz 2003 Picnic area at HG Rec Pk
Amit Lakhani 2003 Volley Ball Court at Hindu Center
Ryan Rindone 2003 Rebuilt scorers box a HG Rec Pk
Row 9 Marcus Douthitt 2003 Columbarian sidewalk at BC
Brandon McKoy 2003 Built Planter at HG Methodist Church
Colby Torrence 2004 Silo security and Fence around it
Jordon Worboys 2004 Handicap ramp at Back Creek
Michael Murray 2004 Playground improvements at St Thomas Aquinas
Matt Robertson 2004 Benches at Vance HS
Nirav Lakhani 2007 New Flagpole in Cementery at BC
Row 10 Andrew Cash 2006 Beauticiaftion of Garden at Church
Adam Brown 2007 2 Picnic Shelters at Back Creek Preschool
Jeremy Dulin 2007 Walk / Fitness Trail at Univ Hospital
Kevin Rindone 2007 Laid out grid in new cemetery at Back Creek
Austin Djali 2007 Dugouts at Back Creek Fields
Richie Bingler 2007 Painted and repaired the barn at Back Creek
Will Abernathy 2008 Fire Hydrant location and clearing
Row 11 Nathaniel O'Rear 2008 Refurbishment of needy closet at church
Steven Hickson 2009 1st Flooring project at barn at Back Creek
Zachary McRae 2009 Painting of inside of OS at Back Creek
Clay Dillon 2009 Flooring in Barn at Back Creek
Brandon Cook 2009 Built new parking lot at free clinic
Alex Stone 2010 Built Veteran Memorial Wall at Back Creek
Josh McRae 2012 Built a musical trail at a day care at
Row 12 David McIntyre III 2012 Redid and beautification of community entrance
Wesley Cottrill 2012 Built trail/flagpole base/beautified area at BCCA
Trevor Heffner 2012 Built a Veteran walk and flag poles at Back Creek
Ben Bingler 2012 Sign foundation/lighting and flag pole beautification
Josh Crump 2012 Landscape/beautification of community island
Cortez Pearson 2012 Built BBQ outdoor grill at barn at Back Creek
Jason Kline 2013 Built a shelter and beautification at HGBC
Row 13 Michael Djali 2013 Built a Shelter for the BCCA at Back Creek
Jackson Guilfoyle 2014 Built a Shelter for Reedy Creek Elementary School
William Rowland 2014 Built Rock / wooden fence for Carolina Trail
Alexander McIntyre  2015 Replaced Front door plus siding repairs at Back Creek Church Barn
McKenzie Milam  2015 Built an Animal Shelter for Cabarrus Co. Humane Society
Anthony Messina  2015 Built Storage Unit for Back Creek Church Barn
Austin Retalic  2015 Restored Back Creek Church Cemetery Grid markers & footstones
Row 14 Craig Messina  2015 Built a retaining wall & French drain for BC Church Military Memorial
Kenneth Erwin  2015 Built a storage unit for Charlotte Men’s Shelter
Jake Allison 2016 Built a Shelter for the Day Care at Grace Church PCA
Drew Cottrill 2016 Built a Shelter for the Day Care at Back Creek Church ARP
Alex Singleton 2016 Created a mural on entire classroom at Allenbrook Elementary
Zack Bingler 2017 Built an Outdoor classroom at Patriot Elementary School
Aaron Durham 2017 Cleaned-up/Washed/Landscaped at his church
Row 15 Kevin Omar 2017 Built a retaining wall and sign for Rescue Dogs
Jared Selk 2017 Built/Landscaped an area with letter at his school

100 Service Projects
        23 Served Their Community
        63 Served Churches              27 Were for the Sponsoring Church - Back Creek Church ARP
        14 Served Schools