GSCNC Troop #4467

Calling All First Grade Daisy Scouts and families!
April 2014
Tudor House and Gardens Tour: The troop visited this historic Georgetown home and tumbled their way across the gardens.
Tudor House from their website.
Color was just beginning to pop up around the landscape. 
Troop 4467 at the gardens of Tudor House.
Our delightful guide Seamus answered all of the girls questions and showed great patience with them.  
Troop 4467 at Tudor House inside.
What a great afternoon with the well-behaved scouts learning about local history.

March 2014 - part 3
1700s Here We Come: We had a great meeting and the girls enjoyed circle time where they talked about their snow days activities.  Many of the scouts are excited that spring sport season is starting up again soon.  The scouts learned about the timeline of flags our nation has flown from a group of rebels in 1775 (white with a tree) until 1960 (fifty stars) when our current flag was adopted.
U.S. flags from 1775-1960
Each scout made a flag from a different year. While we were making our flag timeline, we listened to chamber music and choir music from the late 1700s.

1771-style corn cob toss game
A Corny Idea: The girls made a corn cob toss toy with a feather tail and took turns trying to get it through a hoop -- just like kids in the late 18th century would have.
fierce arm corn cob toss
(To learn more, we suggest you visit the living history farm, the Claude Moore Colonial Farm, in McLean from whome we got the idea.)
corn cob toss strategy

School Spirit Overtime: On an entirely separate school spirit note, several of the troop participate in the school's spirit/cheer squad. This is a snapshot of them cheering at the recent Glebe-Tuckahoe charity basketball game.  
scouts also cheer
Way to go Glebe Eagles!  We won for the second year.

March 2014 - part 2
Family Fire Safety Project: The scouts are reminded to complete their Family Fire Safety plan with an adult and to fillout the emergency call sheet for posting in their homes.  (See below.)
fire safety emergency call sheet
This task reinforces the troop's GO-SEE field trip to Fire Station 3 last month.  Please have the plan to share at the next meeting.  It is posted here if your scout has misplaced it.

March 2014 - part 1
Gamemakers at-Work to Serve Their Community: The typsetting of the artwork is done for the Glebeopoly board that the scouts put together to donate to the school's PTA auction. The girls should be proud.  The board is below but some of their wittiest work is in the Chance and Communty Chest cards.  (Their principal thought that is was funny that the tradition Monopoly jail was her office in Glebopoly.)
Glebopoly by Troop 4467

Fire Safety Project: Scouts should be working on their home fire safety plan with their families that we assigned in February. Let us know if you need another copy. We only have a few tasks left to finish earning all of our Daisy petals and we want all of the scounts to stay on track.

February 2014 - part 3
MONTHLY MEETING: On Monday, February 24th, the girls had a meeting where they shared the highlights of their interviews -- a first for most of them.  They also talked about fire safety after our trip to Fire Station No. 3.  We reviewed what they should do in case of a fire and gave them homework to do with their families: make a fire safety plan for home.  We broke up into three groups to make up names for a GS Troop #4467 version of Monopoly -- "Glebeopoly" -- that our troop will donate to the school's annual auction. We appreciate their support and are happy to help our community of learners!

February 2014 - part 2
THINKING DAY: On SUNDAY, February 23rd, our troop joined with local Arlington troops from across Service Unit 60-4, to participate in 2014's Thinking Day.  The event was hosted by Troop 6903 at Bishop O'Connell High School.  Similar to Multiculture Night (held annually at Glebe), this nationwide Girl Scout event introduces scouts to different countries and reminds them that they aren't just Daisy Scouts -- they are a member of something much bigger: WAGGS (The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts).  
Thinking Day 2014
During the sing-a-long, we led the singing of George Cohen's classic "Your're a Grand Old Flag" and enjoyed meeting scouts from across our hometown.

February 2014 - part 1
Fire House GO SEE: On Saturday, February 1st, our troop had a tour of Arlington County Fire Station 3. 
troop 4467 at fire station 3
A huge thank you to the Chief for approving the visit and a round of applause to the fire fighters who patiently gave us a great tour and answered the troop's many questions. Below are a few quick pictures from the trip.  (Click photos to enlarge.) We will sign and send a note of appreciation from our troop to the fire station at the Feb. 24th meeting.
fire station 3 collage

January 2014
Welcoming in the New Year: Troop 4467 started the year off with a raucous, high-energy meeting. The scouts shared in Circle Time what they did over the winter holiday from school.  Those that missed the GO-SEE movie "Laura Star" at the National Gallery of Art in December had the chance to give a movie theatre review to earn their theatre fun patch.

Deck the Halls with Pop Art 
4467 food pantry poster
The scouts made pop art style posters for around Glebe to encourage donations to the Glebe food pantry.  A thanks to Principal Borg for letting us put them up around the school.
4467 food poster in place in lobby

Art Show
Each girl also had the opportunity to share her favorite illustrations from her book of stories and fables with the whole troop.  A few examples are shown below.
4467 fable illustrations jumble
We also played Career Charades with the scouts acting out different jobs.  This is to encourage them to think widely (especially in STEM areas) for things that they might want to be when they grow up.  About half of the troop had a chance to perform (and the rest will get a chance to play in February).  They were also reminded that their "interviews" are due next month and that they could get help writing the answers, so long as they asked the questions themselves.

The petal ceremony was a little rushed at the end of the meeting because they were all having so much fun, but the scouts all completed the requirements for their rose petal and their violet petal.  In addition, they each earned a "fun petal" for participation at a theatre event, the flag ceremony, and a special be a sister to every girl scout heart in 2013-14.  Three more petals (and a few more fun petals) to go in 2014! 

December 2013
We "CAN" do it for the food pantry, what folk stories and fables can teach us about honesty, Daisy in the Middle, and learning how to interview someone you respect: The scouts are getting better about using the Kaper chart to pick their jobs for each meeting and the girls are excited about singing a patriotic song as part of the flag ceremony.

"CAN" Do Attitudes 
As a way to celebrate all that we have, the scouts brought in donated items from their families for the Glebe food pantry and also brought a family favorite snack to share at a low-key holiday party. They also brought wrapped books from home for a green book swap.

Telling Takes 
We read some folk tales and fables, espeically those from Aesop. to talk about the value of honesty, charity, and truth-telling -- all Girl Scout values.  The girls were given books with Grimm Brother's Fairy tales and Aesop's fables in them to read (by themselves or with their families) and to illustrate.  We also played a few games and they learned about their next big magenta petal assignment: interviewing someone you respect to learn a little more about them.

November 2013
Love Quilt completed, "A-SPAN" paper bags, and sandwich making: The "Love Quilt" that this troop did art squares for in December 2011 was completed by the volunteeers who did the stitching and they let us borrow the quilt to see the final product.  The scouts all had a chance to take a look at their squares in place.
4467 with finished "love quilt"
Last month we had Sarah Morse, Manager of Volunteer Programs and Special Events for A-SPAN (Arlington Street People's Assistance Network), come to our meeting to talk to the girls about homelessness in Arlington.  
4467 bags for A-SPAN
As a homework project to reinforce the message and to brighten someone's day, the scouts decorated paper bags that A-SPAN will use to feed men, women, and children in our community.  The girls covered the bags with positive messages and artwork that will hopefully let the A-SPAN clients know that people in their community care.  
4467 filling the cooler
We also filled a huge 110 quart cooler to the brim with sandwiches that the girls made at the meeting that were delivered to A-SPAN the next day.

We hope by using their hand and their hearts, the scouts have learned a little about their community that that they feel empowered to help in a real, tangible way (as they work toward completion of their rose petal award).

And Now We are 15!: Welcome to Cassidy! We're excited to have you as part of our troop. 

October 2013
"A-SPAN" and "Time to Choose" and birthdays: We had a very special guest at the October meeting.  Sarah Morse, Manager of Volunteer Programs and Special Events for A-SPAN (Arlington Street People's Assistance Network) was kind enough to come to speak to the Girl Scouts about homelessness in our community in an age-appropriate manner.
The introduction of the topic will contribute to earning their rose petal. As homework, each scout was asked to decorate 5 brown paper bags that will be used by A-SPAN to hand out meals.
We also put our "Time to Choose" behavior choices from September into practice (violet petal) by having the leaders act out three different skits (like being excluded from a birthday party and having someone not want to sit on a bus seat during a fieldtrip in favor of someone else).  We taught them that that they have choices in how they react to hurtful or uncomfortable situations with their peers -- even at this age.  They can (1) ignore, (2) ask questions, (3) speak up, (4) change the subject, (5) play with someone else, and (6) ask an adult for help.

Our troop appreciates Glebe Counselor Mary McInerney for her suggestions and advice with this material on bullying and positive behavior choices.  For more information, you can reach her by email at

We also shared cupcakes in honor of Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low.  (We get our name from her nickname "Daisy" for the first two years of scouting.)
JGL portrait

September 2013
"Learning to Make Smart and Confident Choices: Time to Choose" theme of the meeting this month: We We held our first meeting and the girls were very excited to be together again.  In fact, we did not get through all of the material planned by the leaders, including the new Kaper chart (which we will address in the October meeting).  The chart is a visual organizer used by Girl Scouts of all ages.  It helps with the running of meetings by assigning jobs for each scout to complete, as well as functions as the tool used by Girl Scouts to assign and hold accountable scouts and jobs for camp outs.
Petal Chart Update: Several parents have asked for a reminder of petals earned to-date and petals remaining for the 2013-2014 school year. The girls have already earned the Daisy Blue center, Yellow (friendly and helpful), Spring Green (considerate and caring), Red (courageous and strong), Orange (responsible for what I say and do), and Green (use resources wisely). We will earn the remaining 5 petals this school year.

Next Petal to be Violet: We started earning the violet petal on Monday (Be a sister to every girl scout). 

This was a good opportunity to talk to the girls about how to be a good friend to each other and making "smart and confident choices" when someone isn't being very nice to them or their friends. To that end, we read the book "One" ( which generated a lot of positive conversation amongst the girls. The McCluskie family has generously donated a copy of the book to our Troop -- please let Leader Anne know if you'd like to borrow it to read at home.

To help frame the discussion, we also drew upon some helpful resources from the Glebe school counselors, including the "Time to Choose" clock which gives the girls 6 ideas of how to handle "unfriendly" or "exclusionary" behavior (whether they're the target or simply a bystander). The girls used those 6 choices to begin a wall hanging so they have it as a handy reminder of these choices at home.

Homework: Please have your Daisies color/decorate these wall hangings and bring them to the next meeting - we'll be doing some role playing and they'll be a useful reference. I've also attached a short description of the 6 "Time to Choose" ideas.  it would be great if you could discuss the "Time to Choose" ideas briefly with your daughter before the next meeting to help reinforce Monday's discussion.

Volunteers: We still need a volunteer at the next meeting. Please visit our volunteer link ( to sign up for this and future volunteer opportunities. (As always, parents are welcome to stay at our meetings, even if a volunteer spot is already filled.)  See First Lady Michelle Obama's video on this homepage about volunteering with Girl Scouts!

And Last But Not Least, New Daisy: Welcome to Juliana! We're excited to have you as part of our troop. 

Pre-Meeting - September 2013
A report from the first meeting and details of the year to come will be posted soon.  But here is a preview of our Girl Scout Kaper Chart for 2013-2014.
Troop 4467 Kaper Chart

Don't know what a Kaper chart is?  Read about them here.  We'll be making one at the first meeting.

Welcome back for 2013-2014
Troop 4467's three leaders (Colleen, Anne, and Laura) are looking forward to seeing all of the girls together again soon.  We had a great first year and are looking forward to beginning our second year of Daisy Scouts.  We have a few more petals to earn, a number of ideas for troop GO-SEES, several fun ideas for meetings, and tons of fun patches in the works!

Upcoming Events
  • Rechartering the Troop #4467 for the upcoming 2014-2015 School Year begins on April 1. Information will be sent to you soon so that we get the paperwork done before school is out and can hit the ground running next fall!
  • Other GO-SEE events in May and June still in the works.
Next Monthly Meetings
  • April 28 at 7:00 pm

  • May 12 at 7:00 pm

  • Generally once a month on Monday night
    - 7:00-8:15 pm
    - same location/room as last year 
      (contact a Leader to find out)
    2013-2014 Calendar now available
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