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It's Outta This World| Just Announced - September 2015

NASA Goddard
Our Troop will join Girl Scouts of Nation’s Capital and the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland for the ultimate Girl Scout experience at Explore Goddard! on Saturday, September 26 from 10 AM-3 PM (program hours 11 AM-2 PM) at the NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterThis will be an amazing activity for the scouts and we hope everyone can make the time to attend.

Goddard, located in nearby Greenbelt, Md, will open its doors for this free fun-filled day of activities, hands-on demonstrations, exhibits, entertainment and food. Girl Scouts from GSCNC, GSCM, and their families will enjoy the Girl Scout Experience with a special area, activities, and a patch designed just for Girl Scouts! Explore NASA missions. Engage NASA scientists and engineers. Experience the extraordinary at NASA Goddard! There will be light refreshments, activities, and fun patch. 

We will leave from Glebe around 10 AM for a fun day exploring a NASA facility and hands-on learning about science. We will need a volunteer driver or two, depending on the attendance of the troop. RSVP and permission forms coming soon. 

Fall Camping - Coming Soon| September 2015

Although the service unit encampment was canceled, we are still going CAMPING this fall over the same weekend. Here's the scoop:

1. Day/time: Saturday, September 12 (7:30am) - Sunday, September 13 (noon-ish)

2. Location: meet at Mt. Olivet parking lot. Camping location is Camp Paddy Run.

3. Planned activities: We'll start with a stop off at Skyline Caverns, eat bagged lunches, then continue onto the camp. There are other fun activities near the campground that we may explore. Details forthcoming!

4. Cost: we believe all the activities above, camping cost, plus cost of additional food, can be covered by the fee you already paid for encampment.

5. Volunteers: since we're no longer capped on adult participants, we'd love any and all parents that are interested in joining to help out. With the gear we'll need to camp, we really need additional parent drivers and would love for parents to stay overnight as well if possible. If you've already paid the Encampment fee, all your costs should be covered.

6. Action needed - Brownie scout participants: to make this come together, we need the following as soon as possible: confirmation that your scout is able to participate (we can refund $ to anyone who's unable to come), attached permission slip. Please confirm participation by Friday, 8/21 if possible. Permission slips may be scanned and returned to us by email.

7. Action needed - Parent volunteers: if you'd like to join us (we'd love if you could!), we need the following: parent girl scout registration (cost is $15, but ensures you're covered by our council's insurance on the trip), completed parent health form (may be provided in a sealed envelope - used only in case of an emergency), driver form (also attached) if you plan to drive anyone other than your daughter (leaders can plan to drive the girls and other volunteers can just drive gear if that helps)

Thanks for your flexibility while we try pulling together this new plan. Please let the leaders know if you have questions!

Here are the three forms we need:

1) Scout Multiple Activity Permission Slip
2) Adult Membership Form
3) Adult Health Form

Painting Badge and Summer Social
 | August 2015

The troop worked on the painting badge in August at our Summer Social. We completed several of the badge requirements for the legacy badge. 

The information was included in our summer activity packet and is located on our website here

We had dinner and worked on requirements, along with a bubble machine and pop music. We also had a visitor in the form of a katydid grasshopper.

We worked on a mural to welcome students back to school that will hang at Glebe on the first day of school in September. Yeah!

Another Year Ends, Another Adventure Begins | Summer 2015

Don't forget to work on your Summer Packet to earn badges for independent work with your family over summer break.
Upcoming Events
    • Fall 2015 CAMPING and CAVERNS - Sept, 12-13, 2015!

    • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Sept. 26, 2015!

    • 2015-2016 Meeting Dates Added to Calendar 
      (listed the left and on the google calendar)
      - In 2015-2016, the meetings will will be held generally on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Please always check the Google Calendar.

Parent Volunteers @ Monthly Meetings, GO SEEs, and Cookie Parent Duties
We'd still love to have at least one parent volunteer at each meeting. Also, when we scehedule GO SEEs, this is where we will ask for volunteers.

Sign up here: 2015-2016 Coming Soon

A Note to Girl Scout Families: 
A hearty and heartfelt thank you to our scout parents and families for your support of our program.  Our efforts to run this Girl Scout Troop for our daughters and yours could not be done without your willing spirits and busy hands.

Click here for a PDF archive of 2014-2015 activities for Troop 4467 (third year).

Click here for a PDF archive of 2013-2014 activities for Troop 4467 (second year)