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Junior banner A - for the Fall 2016

Looking Ahead to Badges, Journey | December 2016

At the November monthly meeting, the scouts were given the opportunity to discuss and vote (by secret ballot) their top two choices for badges we would work on in meetings this winter and spring. Although the top four vote getting badges were close, the winner are: "Living Like Laura" (here) and "Simple Meals" (here). The badge "Living Like Laura" badge is a special badge created by the Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. The "Simple Meals" is a standard Junior badge from GSUSA.

The "Get Moving" requirements focus on energy (ranging from how you use your body's energy to energy production and conservation)series that is part of the "It's Your Planet: Love It" series. Read an overview about it here. And, this is a breakdown of the entire Journey here. The leaders are working on our game plan to tackle all of the steps required to earn the Journey. Now that the scouts are at the Junior level, the Journey requirements are greater in number and more in-depth than at previous scouting levels.

As is always the case, scouts are always welcome to pursue additional badges via independent work so long as they work through each required step (most badges have five) and bring the leaders evidence/proof of the completion. A simple web search for Junior badges will yield many possibilities. A list of the GSUSA Junior badges that a scout might want to consider attempting follows. Winter break is a great time to work on Girl Scout badges. So are snow days!
  • Outdoors camper - (many have already earned; some still pursuing)
  • Do It Yourself Gardener  - (many have already earned; many still pursuing)
  • Practical Life Skills
  • Jeweler
  • Detective – Investigation
  • Performance – Music
  • Staying Fit
  • Digital Photographer
  • Junior Storytelling
  • Entertainment Technology – Science and Tech
  • Manners Social Butterfly
  • Geocacher - (some have already earned; some still pursuing)
  • Playing the Past
  • Product Designer
  • Flowers
  • Practice with Purpose - (some have already earned; some still pursuing)
  • Simple Meals - (working on Winter/Spring 2017)
  • Inside Government – Citizen
  • Girl Scout Way
  • Drawing - (some have already earned; some still pursuing)
  • First Aid
  • Junior Financial – Savvy Shopper
  • Business Owner
Merriment and Mirth: Holiday Caroling at Sunrise Living | December 2016

2016 Sunrise Living
This weekend the Troop made a trip to Sunrise Living retirement community to present a program of holiday songs to the residents.

At the last monthly meeting and over the last month, the scouts made festive holiday greeting cards and assembled bags of sweet treats for the residents that they hand-delivered them to the residents of the facility at the end of their singing program.

They sang two mini-concerts: one for residents on the memory floor (those men and women affected by dementia) and a second set to other residents on the main floor. Both groups were smiling and very appreciative of the  girls efforts to spread holiday goodwill and cheer in the air with their neighbors.

It delighted many of the residents that the girls were neighbors and that they attended nearby Glebe and McKinley Elementary Schools. Many of the residents are from the immediate neighborhood and they were pleased at the connection to the greater community.

They sang "Let It Snow," "Jingle Bells," "Dreidel," "Winter Wonderland," and other songs that decked the halls.

Exploring the National Museum of African American History and Culture GO SEE | November 2016

The troop could not have ordered a more beautiful day than we received on Nov. 6 for our trip downtown to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). 

It was worth it to have group tickets so that many of the lines were not as long as we feared when considering this option.
Although much of our time was spent in the twentieth century collections on the upper floors, we did all have the opportunity to explore the history on the three below ground levels. The museum takes you on a walking tour through history by starting three levels below the street grade and going back to the earliest days/ It does not shy away from the ugliness of slavery and works very hard to present context for every item on display. The items are visually quite powerful and there is a lot of narration in corridors and side rooms with short video segments. It is truly a multimedia experience. (And we hear the food is amazing, but we didn't even make it there...)

We urge all of the scouts that attended to go back again with their families and explore more. We only scratched the surface and there is much more to learn about this shared part of our American story. We can guarantee that it gave all of the scouts something new to think about.

If You Missed It: National Museum of African American History and Culture GO SEE | November 2016

If you missed the GO SEE on Nov. 6, here is a link (with an answer key) to a scavenger hunt we worked on at the museum. Scouts can hunt for these items in the collection and do a virtual hunt (or parents can save it for a snow day and scouts can work on their online research skills):

Monthly Meeting, Housekeeping, and Journey Kick-Off | October 2016

Our October monthly meeting found our troop having a download on (1) w
hat people liked best about Fall campout and what we could change next time; (2) we talked in Circle Time about our September geocaching, and (3) previewed the upcoming GO SEE to the National Museum of African-American History and Culture (NMAAHC) []

We read short biographies about powerful, trailblazing African American women as a tie in to our upcoming NMAAHC field trip by writing short Twitter-style tweets about why these women should be known and remembered. We used oatmeal cookies to make birthday smores and sang "Happy Birthday" to GS founder Juliette Gordon Low.

We kicked off the first Journey as Juniors, the "Get Moving! Journey" (read a little background about this Journey here) that emphasizes energy. We learned about and played a traditional Call-and-Response African American Clapping Game [] that helped with the Journey requirements and also tied in to the NMAAHC event.

The scouts were told about the energy audit that they would complete as part of the Journey requirements. Attached here as well. This is due a the November meeting.

We listened to a 19393 recording of a song "This Little Light of Mine" that came up through the African American experience and sang it as a troop -- another song for our ever-growing song book. [] This song was also used in the twentieth century Civil Rights movement.

We also awarded the badges that were completed as independent work over the summer (see below) in a short badge ceremony preceding the Friendship Circle and a flag retirement ceremony.

Tents All-Around Us | October 2016

Despite questionable weather (it was a downpour when we drove to our campsite Hylton Hollow at Girl Scout Camp Coles), 17 of the 20 girls in our troop (along with some much appreciated parent volunteers) spent the day and overnight enjoying nature and working on our camping skills. As for animals, we assured them that the bumps and skittering at night were only squirrels and racoons. And, we saw magical spider webs (at least one wolf spider), observed a walking stick (not on someone's head this year), and listened to bullfrogs sing after the sun went down.

  • We sang ALL 16 pages of songs at a campfire Girl School Own. 
  • We learned new games (like Look Up, Look Down).  
  • We rolled out the new troop t-shirts (cobalt blue Make New Friends and the neon yellow with troop graffiti). 
  • We painted our faces with red Virginia Clay mud on a hike (pure awesome).  
  • We set up seven tents (a first for most girls).  
  • We made our own foil dinners.  
  • We used recyclable materials to make tissue paper/stained glass lanterns (see nearby picture).  
  • We constructed box ovens for a dessert (another first).  
  • And, we slept (for a few hours anyway) outdoors (another first for many girls -- a little rough but we made it through) in actual tents... 

Whew. Tired and happy just thinking about that. The chorus of girls said they could not wait for spring to go again!

Geocaching at Potomac Overlook Park | September 2016

First find!lesson
Second find!
Mega MONA Diamond screenshot
A group of 15 Juniors (and 1 guest Cadette) set out on a geocaching adventure Saturday morning at Potomac Overlook Regional Park. We hunted for two caches -- Rusty Wings and MEGA Momma Diamond.

We learned a little about using a compass -- not just a smart phone -- and practiced by playing a game where we made and labeled a 100 foot compass with 16 scouts noting all of the Cardinal directions, followed directions using a compass, and then broke up into groups to search for the two caches.

We used the app called "Geocaching" made by Groundspeak, Inc. in case any scout families are interested in continuing the geocaching adventure.

hands find
The scouts that participated today completed partial requirements for earning the geocache badge.The remaining requirements are up to the scout and their family to complete if the badge is of interest to the scout. When completed, please bring the evidence or completed badge checklist to the leaders to note for the Junior badge tracker.

Here is a link to the entire badge and remaining requirements. Good luck and find those caches!

Warning: Tent Camping Ahead | Fall 2016

The troop is planning now for a weekend of tent camping, s'mores-making, fireside chatting, box-oven crafting, song-singing, knot-tying, and hike-taking Next month. This not-to-miss extravaganza will be held at Girl Scout Camp Coles in Stafford, VA.

Junior Troop Growing at Glebe | September 2016

We can't wait to see what this next year has in store for our troop. Although one girl has left us to grow her soccer passion on a travel team, the remaining girls are preparing to have new girls join the troop. We will be growing to twenty 4th graders and we are gaining two more adults to co-lead the troop. A huge thanks to the parents/family whi have decided to become adult members/volunteers to lend a hand with our troop. We appreciate the assist -- especially with this many girls to shepherd.

Another Year Ends, Another Adventure Begins | Summer 2016

Don't forget to work on your Summer Packet to earn badges for independent work with your family over summer break.

Brownies to Juniors Fly-Up Ceremony and All-Glebe Campfire | June 2016

A multi-troop picnic, exploration of Lacey Woods, games made up on the spot, a camp fire, s'mores, songs and skits, and Girl Scouts of all ages (Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors) from the different troops at Glebe made it happen. A truly magical evening!
camp fire collage 01 small
camp fire collage 02 sm