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Brownies to Juniors Fly-Up Ceremony and All-Glebe Campfire | June 2016
A multi-troop picnic, exploration of Lacey Woods, games made up on the spot, a camp fire, s'mores, songs and skits, and Girl Scouts of all ages (Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors) from the different troops at Glebe made it happen. A truly magical evening!
camp fire collage 01 small
camp fire collage 02 sm

Fire Pit @ Lacey Woods with Fly-Up End-of-the-Year Ceremony | June 2016
Tuesday, June 14 from 7-9, our troop is hosting and loosely organizing a traditional campfire and picnic BBQ. All of the troop from Glebe (K-5) have been invited to join us there. Details by email.

"Better When I am Dancing" Brownie Badge | June 2016

Brownie Dancer badge
The Dancer Badge Team led by Annie, Cassidy, Fiona C., Samantha, and Sonia featured music and improv from the "Wizard of Oz", making silent "lobby letters" to stretch and communicate with our bodies, watching five different choreogrpahies (zumba, ballet, collaborative moden dance, a school recital kid-choreographed) to the same song, learning moves from a professional dance instructor, and working with a partner to collabrate on dance moves. They also demonstrated and taught a few parents and leaders a few new moves. Another great job by the girls to practice leading by planning, adapting, and executing a meeting. We listened to "Better When I am Dancing" from the Peanuts movie soundtrack performed by singer and songwriter Meghan Trainor.

An Opportunity to Lend a Hand in Guatemala with a Clothing Drive | May 2016

shirt drive
Scout Parrish brought an idea to the troop for a discussion and vote at the April meeting. She has an 11-year old old pen pal in Guatemala who lives in a group home with 11 other girls. The home is run by 
Girls Hope Boys Hope (an international non-profit) and is known locally as Esperanza Juvenil in Guatemala. Through this charity, children from impoverished circumstances are provided with housing, food, and a structured home life so that each will have the best chance of completing college and making a better life for themselves.

Parrish said that all of the children in her friend's home are of Mayan indian heritage and are chosen because their families are unable to provide even basic needs for them. Parrish inquired if the home was in need of clothing for the children and they answered that they were. She then wanted to take up a collection of clothes in girls sizes 8, 10, and 12 (the sizes the group home indicated that were needed) to send to the girls in Guatemala. The Hegg Family generously agreed to ship the items to Guatemala so there is no cost to the troop. The girls discussed the merits of collecting clothing items and voted to do it. So the clothes drive is underway!!!

The Hiking Badge Meeting led by the Girls  | A
pril 2016

brownie hiker badge
Fiona M., Maeve, Clara, and Margaret, again with parent guidance, led the meeting so that our troop can earn the hiking badge. They gave the scouts a month to complete the following outside research work: 
Do research through books or online to find a trail that is the right level of difficulty and distance for the participants. What trail did you choose? How long do you expect to be on the trail? How long will it take to get there?
Where do you look to check the weather? At the meeting, they discussed what items a hiker needs to have with them for preparedness, safety, and comfort.

The prepared a hike of discovery at the school grounds that required the girls to follow trail signs to stay on the right path and hazards to avoid (like a stuffed animal teddy bear as big as the girls). A discussion of what to do if lost was lively. They finished the meeting with each scout making their very own custom bag of GORP (Good Ol' Raisins and Peanuts) that had the a few treats included (such as goldfish and M-and-M's). it was a great efforts by all to have the scouts take more responsibility for meetings.

Up next is geocaching in late April!

The Making Games Badge led by the Girls | March 2016

making games badge workWhat a successful meeting and a new first for our troop. Gabby, Juliana, Ella, and Ally organized the entire meeting with the guidance of some parent volunteers. But again, let us stress, they did it!

First, they did a craft (step 2 of the badge requirements) in which they made up a new board game and created/decorated the game board in groups of two. Next, they divided the troop into two groups and had a scavenger hunt (step 1) and a mini-olympics station (step 5). In the Friendship Circle, they discussed different options for changing rules to a game and what the outcomes would be (step 4). The independent work that the girls were assigned was to to step 3, make us a party game, and bring it to the next meeting for show-and-tell.

U.S. Capitol Tour | February 2016

A huge thank you to Fiona's Dad Sean for arranging a behind the scenes tour of the U.S. Capitol. He arranged it through the office of Representative Xavier Becerra of California. The Congressman's staffers were generous with their time and patient with the many questions precocious Brownies asked of them.

US Cap trip 2/25/16 collage

It was a great trip that lasted from 1 PM until almost 6 PM and was nonstop. They got to see votes on the floor of the house (HR 3624) from the gallery and they all thought that was chaos. They got to hear to bills being discussed in the Senate from the gallery -- one of them a bipartisan bill (S 1865on having residentials stays for eating disorders, which disproportionately affect girls, covered by insurance. Really interesting. 

We were able to ride on the train underneath the capitol, see the original Supreme Court chambers (which are in the part if the building that survived the War of 1812 fire when the British burned the capitol in 1814) and rotunda while it is being restored. And we saw lots of back stairwells and corridors with murals depicting the good and the bad of our shared American experience. Fascinating. The girls asked great questions all day long and were very well mannered. Thanks also to parents Sarah, Lisette, and David for helping with logistics and herding -- we leaders couldn't do it without our Girl Scout families.

Cookie Booth Times and Locations | Winter 2015

Troop #4467 will be selling cookies at cookie booths on the following four dates:
  • Friday, February 26 from 4-8 PM – Safeway (3717 Lee Highway, Cherrydale)
  • Saturday, February 27 from 11 AM–3 PM – Courthouse Metro (2100 Wilson Blvd)
  • Friday, March 18th from 4-8 PM – Giant (3115 Lee Highway)
  • Saturday, March 19th from Ballston Metro – 11 AM–3 PM (901 N Stuart Street)
We appreciate these Arlington local businesses supporting our girls and the local scouts that are part of the Girl Scouts Council of the Nation's Capital (GSCNC) through efforts to raise money for their activities.

A scout signup to staff the booth can be found here.

National Museum of the American Indian GO SEE | January 2016

hula exhibition at NMAI
Nearly all of the troop was able to attend a GO SEE to the National Museum of the American Indian at the end of January, despite Snowstorm Jonas the week before cancelling school. The troop worked on the final requirements for the World of Girls Journey requirements. We explores the imagiNATION ACTIVITY CENTER area, listened to a fabulous storyteller (Aunty Missy of Mokihana) read a folktale and demonstrate a traditional Hawaiian dance, viewed the Inka exhibits, and watched a celebration of the culture of Hawaii going on all month (click here for more info).

Finishing Brownie First Aid | January 2016

9-1-1 Officer Greenwalt
A huge than
ks to Forensic Officer Grant Greenwalt of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department (and Cassidy's Dad) for coming to our January meeting and speaking to us about emergency 9-1-1 calls. We were finishing up the five steps required to earn the Brownie First Aid badge. if your scout did not complete the homework, please get that to a leader so she can earn the badge,

We had a first aid supply buddy relay to sort items for A-SPAN that we collected from community donations. And then the troop divided into four badge teams to work on the gameplan for the dancer, making games, hiking, and pet badges that we are planning to earn. These badges were voted on by the entire troop. We are also completing the final steps of the outdoor adventure badge over the next several months through activities at the meetings, independant assignments / homework, and a geocaching GO SEE in the spring.

The Cookies are Coming | Winter 2016

Ask Me About Girl Scout Cookies
Our troop will again be selling cookies through booths rather than through individual door-to-door sales. Our amazing parent volunteers, scout families and scouts will have multiple opportunities to practice their interpersonal communication skills and public speaking -- and to raise money for our troop and Girl Scouts nationwide.

We plan to staff cookie booths and  sell cookies. This process is managed by GSCNC.  We request slots by date and they assign the location and specific times. It is up to us to see that it is staffed and supplied. We were successful in our two booths last year.

So far, we have secured two times: Friday, Feb. 26 from 4-8 PM at Safeway (Lee HWY) and Saturday, Feb. 27 from 11 AM-3 PM at Courthouse Metro. Two more booth dates will be requested and arranged later this week. 

Once the request is received and assignments given, we will send out signup information. Stay tuned.

Winter Camping at Camp Winona | January 2015

Camp Winona Troop 4467
A huge thank you to the older scouts in GSCNC Troop #4037 (Ft. Washington) and their leaders for spending the weekend at Camp Winona for our 2016 Winter Camping overnight. the weather was fair and we worked on ideas for community building. We participated in the horseshoe at the flag ceremonies, enjoyed a winter walk on the campgrounds, set-up camping bags in our lodge (Sassafras), sang "Your're a Grand Ol' Flag" and "I Said a Boom-Chicka-Boom" at the campfire with s'mores, traded melted snowman S.W.A.P.S. at the flagpole, had a flashlight walkabout after dark, and even began filming a movie called "The Claw" -- a work in progress.

Camp Winona collage 2 Troop 4467
Camp Winona collage 1 Troop 4467

Girl-Led Badge Planning for Winter and Spring Brainstorming | December 2015

Looking ahead, a preview of the year to come. At the November meeting, the scouts randomly were divided into groups. At the January meeting, we will continue advancement on the Outdoor Adventurer badge and begin planning the Winter and Spring badges -- all which will be scout-led. 

The following badges and teams are working together:

reschedule TBA
DANCERhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0yH-jqvrFnxc1Y2RWd0c3RrNDQ/view?usp=sharingSamantha, Cassidy,Annie, Sonia, Fiona C.

More planning materials will be sent via email to scout families after the next meeting, including a quick reference contact sheet with email and home telephone so that the girls can coordinate their work. (For privacy we are not posting on the website. You can also consult the Glebe student directory. A paper copy was also sent home at the December meeting.) The scouts will need communicate with each other outside of the meeting to make these badge meetings successful. 

This is new territory for them to take on and Girl Scouts is a safe place to develop these leadership skills. We are aware that they are 3rd graders and have likely not done something like this previously. That said, we want this to be a project of the girls -- not parents. Please support them in their trial-and-error efforts. This is a process and will take several at-bats to figure out.

First Aid Badge Underway | December 2015

The scouts continued working on their Outdoor Adventurer Badge through indepedent work assigned in November. They also kicked off their Brownie First Aid badge with a special guest, Jennifer Knittig, a graduate of the Carinus Nursing College University in Cape Town, South Africa (more World of Girls connections!) and the Stroke Program Coordinator at Sibley Memorial Hospital. We thank her for volunteering her time to attend our meeting and be our medical professional on our badge steps.

We had a Q&A with Mrs. Knittig to ask her about working in the medical field as a profession. We then spoke about what you need to include in a well-stocked first aid kit. We also assembled personal first aid comfort bags for A-SPAN to hand out at the Emergency Winter Shelter as needed. Mrs. Knittig demonstrated how to treat minor injuries and basic first aid. Independent assignments for the next month include: Badge Step 1 / a 9-1-1 role playing activity and Badge Step 5 / a short research project on know how to prevent and treat minor outdoor injuries. 

Collecting First Aid Items for A-SPAN | December 2015

During December, the Brownies will ask the community for 
First Aid Kit items for local homeless until Dec. 15. They are approaching their schoolmates and neighbors for donations that will be assembled into individual comfort packets and given to A-SPAN (Arlington Street People’s Network) to use at their Emergency Winter Shelter and to hand out to others in need. 

• Gallon-sized or quart-sized ziplocs 
• small bottle of sanitizer 
• bandaids 
• alcohol squares 
• antibacterial ointment packets 

Donations can be dropped off Monday, December 7 until Tuesday, Dec. 15th

(- box on front porch) 
(- front lobby box during school hours) 

Brownie First Aid Badge at Monthly Meeting | December 2015

We will be working on our Brownie First Aid badge at the December 15 meeting, so please make every effort to be there and be on time. We will have a guest nurse (from a mystery country) at the meeting to lead part of the badge. It should be great!

Brownie Holiday Party | December 2015

PJ, Movie and Board Game Night | December 2015

Winter Camping is On! | Winter 2016 Preview

2016 Winter Camping
Although not all of the girls in the troop were able to participate, the troop will going to Girl Scout Camp Winona in Maryland this January 2016 for an overnight Core Camping experience.
The Daisy & Brownie Core Camp is a one-night camping event for troops (grades K-3). Troops will participate in activities like games, songs and arts & crafts. Girls from all over the council will join together for this exciting, fun-filled weekend. Kapers such as flag ceremonies, Girl Scout’s Own, latrine cleaning and campsite care will be shared by attending troops. Girls and adults will sleep in winterized buildings and may share a site with other troops from around the council. Meals will be provided. Roughly 135 scouts and 35 adults will be attending. We can't wait!

Monthly Preview | November 2015

Brownie patches 2015-2016
The troop sent out an ACTIVITY SURVEY and date notification to all Brownie parents via google forms (11/9) with the winter core camping dates in January and upcoming GO SEEs through May 2016. We hope that helps with family planning and Girl Scout logistics.

We will complete the various steps of the Journey World of Girls this fall and into early winter. But we are going to preview to the girls at the November meeting a new idea. We are going to introduce a new level of leadership and girl-leg participation in the Girl Scout meetings with the girls presenting part of the meeting content in teams.

We are going to have them DEBATE and VOTE on what badges we do this spring. Additionally, we will assign teams to work together to PRESENT and PLAN a portion of the BADGE REQUIREMENTS by planning and executing the craft activity and physical activity at the meetings. We will choose from: Dancer, Household Elf, Hiker, Pets, Making Games, Inventor, My Great Day, Making Friends, and Outdoor Adventurer (starting at the November meeting). An introduction and overview to each of the nine badges and will be presented to each girl before they decide which four to complete. (We are going have all Brownie scouts complete the First Aid legacy badge in December at the meeting. It isn't one to miss!)

Monthly Meeting | October 2015

This was an exciting time for many of the scouts because we awarded their summer independent badge work and completed the group work to earn the Girl Scout Way badge. They earned an impressive number of badges and their projects were amazing. Many made posters or Troop inspired artwork, a few wrote a song or Brownie rap, a duo created a board game, and we another created a Brownie journal. (See a few examples below.) 
2015 October collage of meeting and artwork
It was wonderful to see how each girl had her very own idea of how to express herself and complete the requirements of a task. Here is the impressive tally of newly earned badges by our 17 Scouts: Bugs 9, Beach Awareness 15, Painting 12, Senses 9, My Family Story 7, and the Girl Scout Way 15 (with 2 scouts only needing to complete one more requirement to finish as well). What a great start to the year!

The girls selected a few traditional Girl Scout camp songs in our Circle Time and realized that we all knew a different version of "Little Rabbit Foofoo" which made for a fun sing-a-long. We will incorporate a lot of song into this entire year of Girl Scouts.

In keeping with our World of Girl Journey, we played a game from Australia called "Down" that had everyone laughing. It sounded simple, but was harder than it looked. You start off with a tennis ball and throw the ball continuously back and forth until somebody drops the ball when someone drops the ball you say "Down on one knee" then say the same person drops it a second time then you say "Down on two knees" then if the same person drops the ball again you say "Down on one elbow"and again you say "down on two elbows" and then chin and then you're out but remember you have to stay in the position you're in to catch the ball and throw the ball. (See collage above.)

We also made this year's meeting Kaper Chart (regular jobs assignments) with the girls deciding on the jobs required and personnel needed to fulfill the jobs. The girls all selected their own fossils at the Skyline Caverns and we will use them this year on the Kaper Chart to mark their assignments. Watching them brainstorm the project, identify the problems (jobs), and debate/come up with solutions on the white board is a great first step toward leadership -- and the girls running the meetings on their own (with adult oversight).

For October Homework – Scouts choose one of the following:
  1. Identify another game that (a girl their age) might play in another country, play the game with a friend or family member, and tell us about it at the next meeting.

  2. Research how a girl their age living in a different country may celebrate her bday (Juliette Gordon Low theme).
Teal Pumpkin Project | October 2015

A few of the scouts came up with this idea to share public awareness with their community about FARE’s
Teal Pumpkin Project – a wonderful public awareness campaign that raises awareness of food allergies and promotes a safer, happier Halloween by encouraging households to make non-food treats available so that trick-or-treaters who need to avoid candy – due to food allergies or other reasons – can fully participate. Households can show they are participating by placing a teal pumpkin in front of their home.  Last year, households from 50 states and 7 countries participated in the Teal Pumpkin Project. This year, promises to be an even bigger movement! Visit tealpumpkinproject.org to join 100,000 households pledging to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project. Scouts distributed fliers about the project to all teachers and hope that many in our community will consider supporting this campaign. #tealpumpkinproject #GlebeRocks #GSCNC

Water, Water Everywhere | October 2015

The remnants of Hurricane Joaquin didn't dampen our outing to the Washington Sanitary Sewer Commission (WSSC) on October 3rd to learn about our local watershed. D
ue to the weather, WSSC moved their event completely indoors instead of on the dam and around the actual water treatment facilities. Although that was a change, the WSSC staff were ready and waiting with fun, hands-on things to do at their headquarters in Laurel, MD.

We need to thank the WSSC for putting on such a great community event and for WSSC staffer Theresa for her enthusiasm and patience. Here is a link to their activities for kids.

We also want to give a shout out to the two Girl Scout Cadettes from Troop #3302 in Beltsville, MD for their leadership. Way to be a sister to every scout!

This is what we did at our WSSC fieldtrip:
  • Enviroscape: This 15 minute hands-on demonstration serves as a way for scouts to discuss pollution and the impacts it can have on waterways. This is a sit down activity where scouts will sit around a table.
  • Incredible Journey: This 30 minute interactive game allows participants to move through the journey water takes as it moves through our built environment. This activity will have scouts moving through a large open space as they pretend to be drops of water.
  • Water Wise: This 15 minute matching activity helps participants learn about the amount of water used to perform various daily activities and how water use in the US compares to that of communities around the world. This is a sit down activity where scouts will sit on the ground, they will be given a short text to read.
  • Bucket Brigade: This 15 minute relay game allows participants to visualize the amount of water they use in one day and how much work it can be to move water from a source to where they want to use it. This relay involves scouts carrying 1-gallon buckets of water for a few yards.

  • SAVE Project Brainstorm:
    During this 30 minute brainstorm scouts will think about everything they learned during the morning. They will decide on an issue they want to explore in more detail for their SAVE project. Scouts will then be matched with others in their group who have a similar interest.
  • SHARE Brainstorm: During this 30 minute brainstorm scouts will work to complete the “Advocates for Water” worksheet to help them think about their audience and the best way they can communicate their SAVE message.
For the scouts that have not completed the Wonders of Water Journey, this was a great GO SEE (fieldtrip) that will make completing the badge requirements in the next few months a snap.

 | September 2015
We had the opportunity for 12 of the scouts to attend NASA Goddard's Space Flight Center at the end of the month.

We learned about:
  • patience while waiting in the (Disney-World-long) bus line
  • an exemplar demonstrating the phases of the moon (right before the supermoon and lunar eclipse)
  • the infrared spectrum is fun
  • saw a moon rock
  • watched rocketry demonstration while we had a picnic
  • got up-close to the space environment simulator
  • touched insulation designed for outer space
  • looked at 
    how a Fresnel prism bends images
  • participated in demonstration of a blue laser bending with a stream of water (internal reflection)
  • and a lot more...
There were some 
disappointed girls that we didn't get the the space shuttle themed bounce house. Maybe next time. There was just too much science to get our hands on that the bounce house didn't stand a chance. We didn't make it to Flight Control or so many other things that were there for the exploring. If you can go as a family to Goddard during one of their open house events, we strongly encourage you to make the time.
We all agreed that we only scratched the surface at Goddard and think we should explore going back sometime in the future when the crowds aren't as big.

We can't wait to give the girls the posters from NASA about women who work in the field. With a little inspiration (and perspiration), one of these girls will end up on a journey to Mars...

Monthly Meeting Rewind
 | September 2015

2015 September kickoff meeting
The girls had a wonderful high-energy meeting in September. During circle time they all took turns talking about their favorite memory from the overnight encampment at Camp Paddy. S'mores, learning campfire songs, a pajama hike, exploring the stream at the bottom of the hill, foil dinners, and a late night fashion show received many votes from the scouts. 

They also said as a way of showing their appreciation for the campgrounds, they discussed and then voted to use a portion of their encampment fees as a donation the Camp Paddy beyond the rental costs. We played a variation of "Toss the Yarn" and talked about how actions/choices have obvious as well as hidden ripple effects.
beach awareness animals
The leaders collected the summertime independent badge work that the scouts had the option to complete. We offered badges on bugs, research on your family tree, painting, beach awareness, and senses.
egg carton animal model

We also worked on the Girl Scout Way badge at the campout, did part of the badge at the meeting, and assigned one portion as independent work to have completed before the October monthly meeting. 
The care and work exhibited in their projects is amazing. Here is a link to the handout -- just in case your scout misplaces it before the meeting. 

HBTY Juliette Gordon Low
We also celebrated the birthday of Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low complete with cupcakes and candles. 

And, lastly the girls also affixed their names to the gemstones and rocks they selected at the Skyline Cavern trip because we are going to use them on the 2015-2016 kaper chart for monthly meetings. 

It is going to be amazing.

Next up: a GO SEE to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center this weekend. More soon!

Caves in the News and Skyline Caverns | S

skyline cavern logoLocated in Front Royal, Virginia, Skyline Caverns is the closest natural wonder to the Nation's Capital. The guided tour we received (from our long-suffering guide Anthony) was as impressive as it was educational. 

The cave system is naturally around 54 degrees year-round. The girls saw stalactites and stalagmites, underground rivers, and Anthodites (read more on them here (http://epod.usra.edu/blog/2009/11/anthodites-in-skyline-caverns.html) as one of the only places on Earth where these rare mineral formations are displayed.

anthociteOn our one-hour tour underground, we saw the splendor of The Capital Dome, Rainbow Trails, Painted Desert, Wishing Well, Grotto of Nativity, Cathedral Hall, Shrine, Fairyland Lake, Anthodite Clusters, Chandelier and much, much more. Unique to Virginia caverns, Skyline Caverns are home to three underground streams and 37-foot Rainbow Waterfall.

This was the very first cave experience for nearly all of the girls and this experience was very timely. The very week we went on our trip, scientists from the Rising Star Expedition in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site (COHWHS), some 40 km north Johannesburg, South Africa, have made amazing discoveries about the 1,500 fossils that have been identified as belonging to a previously unknown early human relative. Scouts and their families can follow along on this amazing discovery at the National Geographic blog (http://voices.nationalgeographic.com/blog/rising-star-expedition/?order=asc) or the can watch the PBS program NOVA NEXT "Becoming Human (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/next/ancient/new-ancient-hominid-skeleton-found-in-south-africa/). Maybe this will inspire a whole new passion on one of our scouts!

The girls may enjoy sharing this short video clip of the Skyline Cavern with their family: http://www.skylinecaverns.com/virtualtour.html

Welcome Banner is a Hit| September 2015
2015 Welcome to Glebe mural banner

As the students arrived, many stopped with their family and friends to take a picture with the mural banner of many hands that the Troop made as part of the painting badge. The School Vice Principal gave us a nice compliment as well on her Twitter account. Way to go girls! You helped build community by giving of yourselves.

Wet and Wild Water Stewards| Just Announced For October 2015

As an outgrowth from a suggestion at our summer parents' meeting, we decided to arrange a GO SEE for our troop at the Washington Suburban Sanitary 
Commission (WSSCto get up close and personal about the water we use every day. The girls will see parts of this facility not ordinarily open the the general public. We worked a lot with water over the last year completing the "WOW! Wonders of Water" Journey (collecting water bottles, recycling, learning about conservation here and worldwide) so this is a great fit for reinforcement.

On Saturday, October 3, our scouts will move through seven engaging stations designed to help them develop a love for water, understand ways to advocate for saving sources of drinking water, and brainstorm how to share what they have learned with their community. Girls will leave the day as leaders and advocates for their local water source. 

This event at the WSCC (Brighton Dam Recreation Area- 2 Brighton Dam Rd, Brookeville, MD. 20833) will hold the event rain or shine and much of the hands-on tour will take place outdoors so scouts are asked to dress in sturdy walking shoes and in layers. (If there is severe weather, the rain date for this event is Sunday October 4th.)

Scouts will be completing many but not all of the requirements of the WOW journey, so hopefully our three new scouts can attend and will earn this requirement with our support.

It's Outta This World| Just Announced - Late September 2015

NASA Goddard
Our Troop will join Girl Scouts of Nation’s Capital and the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland for the ultimate Girl Scout experience at Explore Goddard! on Saturday, September 26 from 10 AM-3 PM (program hours 11 AM-2 PM) at the NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterThis will be an amazing activity for the scouts and we hope everyone can make the time to attend.

Goddard, located in nearby Greenbelt, Md, will open its doors for this free fun-filled day of activities, hands-on demonstrations, exhibits, entertainment and food. Girl Scouts from GSCNC, GSCM, and their families will enjoy the Girl Scout Experience with a special area, activities, and a patch designed just for Girl Scouts! Explore NASA missions. Engage NASA scientists and engineers. Experience the extraordinary at NASA Goddard! There will be light refreshments, activities, and fun patch. 

We will leave from Glebe around 10 AM for a fun day exploring a NASA facility and hands-on learning about science. We will need a volunteer driver or two, depending on the attendance of the troop. RSVP and permission forms coming soon. 

Fall Camping - Coming Soon| September 2015

Although the service unit encampment was canceled, we are still going CAMPING this fall over the same weekend. Here's the scoop:

1. Day/time: Saturday, September 12 (7:30am) - Sunday, September 13 (noon-ish)

2. Location: meet at Mt. Olivet parking lot. Camping location is Camp Paddy Run.

3. Planned activities: We'll start with a stop off at Skyline Caverns, eat bagged lunches, then continue onto the camp. There are other fun activities near the campground that we may explore. Details forthcoming!

4. Cost: we believe all the activities above, camping cost, plus cost of additional food, can be covered by the fee you already paid for encampment.

5. Volunteers: since we're no longer capped on adult participants, we'd love any and all parents that are interested in joining to help out. With the gear we'll need to camp, we really need additional parent drivers and would love for parents to stay overnight as well if possible. If you've already paid the Encampment fee, all your costs should be covered.

6. Action needed - Brownie scout participants: to make this come together, we need the following as soon as possible: confirmation that your scout is able to participate (we can refund $ to anyone who's unable to come), attached permission slip. Please confirm participation by Friday, 8/21 if possible. Permission slips may be scanned and returned to us by email.

7. Action needed - Parent volunteers: if you'd like to join us (we'd love if you could!), we need the following: parent girl scout registration (cost is $15, but ensures you're covered by our council's insurance on the trip), completed parent health form (may be provided in a sealed envelope - used only in case of an emergency), driver form (also attached) if you plan to drive anyone other than your daughter (leaders can plan to drive the girls and other volunteers can just drive gear if that helps)

Thanks for your flexibility while we try pulling together this new plan. Please let the leaders know if you have questions!

Here are the three forms we need:

1) Scout Multiple Activity Permission Slip
2) Adult Membership Form
3) Adult Health Form

Painting Badge and Summer Social
 | August 2015

The troop worked on the painting badge in August at our Summer Social. We completed several of the badge requirements for the legacy badge. 

The information was included in our summer activity packet and is located on our website here

We had dinner and worked on requirements, along with a bubble machine and pop music. We also had a visitor in the form of a katydid grasshopper.

We worked on a mural to welcome students back to school that will hang at Glebe on the first day of school in September. Yeah!

Another Year Ends, Another Adventure Begins | Summer 2015

Don't forget to work on your Summer Packet to earn badges for independent work with your family over summer break.
Upcoming Events
  • 2015-2016 Meeting Dates Added to Calendar 
    - In 2015-2016, the meetings will will be held generally on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Please always check the Google Calendar.
Thank you to our Girl Scout Parents and Families.
Parent Volunteers @ Monthly Meetings, GO SEEs, and Cookie Parent Duties
We'd still love to have at least one parent volunteer at each meeting. Also, when we schedule GO SEEs, this is where we will ask for volunteers. Sign up HERE.

A Note to Girl Scout Families: 
A hearty and heartfelt thank you to our scout parents and families for your support of our program. Here is the link for adults to become GS members and to also start the process to become official GS volunteers.

NOTE: You do need to be a member to drive any child other than y
our own for Girl Scout related events / GO SEES / field trips.

Additionally, a
driver form must be submitted annually with your car make, model, license plate, and statement of insurance. (It is a quick one page form -- don't let that stop you. Here is that link.)

NOTE: You do not need to be an official volunteer to help at meetings or chaperon trips. 

Our efforts to run this Girl Scout Troop for our daughters and yours could not be done without your willing spirits and busy hands.

Click here for a PDF archive of 2014-2015 activities for Troop 4467 (third year).

Click here for a PDF archive of 2013-2014 activities for Troop 4467 (second year)