Why is 442 the best choice?

Being a small troop has several advantages:

We work hard to ensure a timely progression through the ranks. 
Some troops have more of a "survival of the fittest" approach, but we 
track each scout to be sure nobody slips through the cracks.

Troop 442 offers abundant leadership opportunities. If a scout wants 
a leadership post, one can be obtained quickly.  If a scout is quiet or shy, 
he can still move into a leadership position and build his self confidence.

Our camps and service projects are fun and rewarding.  
We don't emphasize shouts, marches, and fierce inter-patrol competition 
as seen in some of the mega-troops.  We instead focus on adventure, 
camaraderie, and practical skills. 

We hold troop meetings every other week, to allow scouts 
ample time for school and other extracurricular activities.  
Most other troops meet 1-2 times per week.