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November 10, 2018 Popcorn Distribution Service 3 hour service at Food Bank, loading cars etc. Jeremy, Kyle, Matt, Marquez Marlene, Jennifer, Linda, Brett 
October 28, 2018 Rock Climbing Day Rockreation climbing activity with Merit Badge Kenny, Jacob, Will, Nick E, Nick Z, Christian, Matt, Kyle  Brett, Tom, Jen H 
October 6, 2018 Pancake Breakfast Service / Fundraiser Lake park, served food, set-up, clean-up to raise money through pancakes Kenny A, Marquez, Jeremy, Jacob, Hsieh, Matt Steve, Brett, Matt 
September 22, 2018 Agua Caliente Camp Overnight camp Kenny, Jacob, Jeremy, Josh, Will, Kaden Brett, Steve, Tom 
September 15, 2018 Popcord Distribution Service 3 hour service at Food Bank, loading cars etc. Brian, Kenny, Jacob, Jeremy, Matt, Kyle, Hsieh Jen, Marlene, Linda, Calvin, Tom, Susan, Matt 
July 30, 2018 John Muir Trail Backpacking 5 day backpacking trek in Eastern Sierras Kenny, Josh, Will, Jacob, Zach, Kyle A Brett, Steve, Tom, Ashley 
July 4, 2018 4th of July Parade Particpated in the HB city parade, Main Street Jeremy, Nick Marlene 
July 1, 2018 Lost ValleyCamp Summer Camp Kaden, Hsieh, Jacob, Nick Z  
June 22, 2018 Horseshoe Meadows Backpacking Camp 2 night backpacking in Eastern Sierras Kenny A, Jacob, Jeremy, Josh, Matt, Nick Brett, Steve, Erik 
June 19, 2018 Flag Day at Elk's Lodge Full flag ceremony and Service, 2 hours Kenny A, Kaden, Nick E, Jeremy, Matt, Christian, Josh, Jacob Linda, Steve, Marlene, Rick, Tom 
June 6, 2018 Flag Clean Up Day 1 hour; flag clean up at Good Shepherd Jeremy, Jacob, Nick E, Christian Marlene, Susan, Kent, Ashely, Linda 
May 26, 2018 Cabrillo Beach Camp Overnight Camp at Cabrillo Beach Kenny, Jacob, Jeremy, Josh, Joey, Nick E, Nick Z, Christian, Kaden Brett, Steve, Erik, Joe, Tom 
May 26, 2018 Memorial Day Flag Planting Flag ceremony and flag planting 2 hrs Kenny A, Jacob, Jeremy, Joey, Nick E, Nick Z, Christian, Matt, Kaden, Hsieh Brett, Tom, Linda, Susan, Kent 
May 19, 2018 Bolsa Chica Wetlands Service 3 hours; removing non-native plants, watering saplings and native plants Jacob, Jeremy, Josh, Joey, Nick E, Jonathan Brett, Marlene, Joe, Kimberly, Tom 
May 5, 2018 Shipley Service Project 4 hrs Jeremy, Joey, Jonathan Mr. Brancato 
April 28, 2018 Green Valley Lake Camp Overnight camping; fishing Jacob, Jeremy, Will, Nick E, Nick Z, Matt, Joey Brett, Erik, Marlene, Joe, Linda 
April 21, 2018 20 Mile Hike Crystal cove 20 mile day hike Jacob, Jeremy, Zach, Will Brett, Marlene 
March 23, 2018 Camporee 2 nights of camping plus competition Kenny, Zach, Jacob, Jeremy, Josh, Marquez, Will, Nick E, Nick Z, Christian, Matt, Jonathan, Kaden, Hsieh Brett, Tom, Steve, Erik 
February 17, 2018 Blacksmithing Camp, Vista CA overnight camp; metalworking MB; item creation Kenny, Zach, Jacob, Jeremy, Josh, Marquez, Will, Nick Z, Nick E, Matt J, Kaden, Jonathan, Kyle H Tom, Marlene, Jo, Ed, Erik 
January 20, 2018 Joshua Tree Indian Cove Camp Overnight camp with hiking / bouldering Josh, Jacob, Jeremy, Will, Nick Z, Nick E, Matt, Ethan, Hsieh, Kaden, Jonathan Tom, Erik, Brett, Steve, Marlene, Joe 
December 16, 2017 Crystal Cove Moro Overnight Camp 7.5 mile hike (Josh, Will, Kaden) and 15 mile hike (Kenny, Zach, Jacob, Jeremy, Ethan, Matt, Nick E) Kenny A, Zach, Josh, Jacob, Jeremy, Matt, Will, Ethan, Nick E, Kaden Tom, Brett, Marlene, Steve 
December 3, 2017 Tahquitz Peak Day Hike 8.4 miles, 2200 foot altitude gain Kenny A, Zach, Josh, Jacob, Hsieh Brett, Tom, Steve, Matt 
November 18, 2017 Cooper Canyon Backpack Camp Overnight in San Gabriels. Backpack in 4 miles Zach, Josh, Will, Ethan, Jacob, Jeremy Tom, Brett, Marlene, Steve 
November 11, 2017 Popcorn Distribution at Freemans Center Loaded boxes of popcorn into waiting cars and trucks Marquez, Jeremy, Jacob, Nick Z Marlene, Susan, Tom 
October 28, 2017 Shotgun Shooting at Prado Reviewed most requirements for Shotgun Merit badge, excep cleaning the shotgun and some accuracy issues Kaden, Kyle H, Christian, Josh, Joey, Will, Jonathan, Nick E, Zach, Jacob, Nick Z, Matt, Jeremy, Marquez Tom, Erik, Linda, Marlene, Joe, Jen Hwang, Steve 
October 22, 2017 CERT Emergency Preparedness Day At Rogers Senior Center, practiced search and rescue plus fire extinguisher use, then played victims for adult trainees to rescue and triage Kenny A, Jeremy, Jacob, Joey, Jonathan, Marquez, Ethan, Nick E, Nick Z, Matt, Hsieh, Kyle H, Kaden Tom, Marlene, Erik, Joe, Ed 
October 14, 2017 Camperall Tent Set-up Event Leadership skills running the tent event at Camperall Jacob, Jeremy, Joey, Jonathan, Marquez, Nick E (11-4), Nick Z (11-4), Matt (11-4), Kenny A (Friday night, Saturday morning) Tom, Marlene, Brett 
September 23, 2017 Blue Jay Camp overnight camp; 8 mile hike Kenny A, Josh, Jeremy, Nick E, Matt, Ethan, Nick Z, Kyle H, Will Tom, Marlene, Erik, Ed 
September 16, 2017 Popcorn Distribution at Freemans Center Loaded boxes of popcorn into waiting cars and trucks Kenny A, Jacob W, Marquez S Trevor, Tom, Ben 
August 6, 2017 Harbor Clean-up Service  Kayak into harbor to clean up trash in water and around islands Kenny A, Brian C, Josh, Nick, Jeremy, Joey, Jonathan Steve S, Kimberly S, Joe B, Marlene F, Kyle A 
July 30, 2017 Lost Valley Summer Camp 7 days, 6 night, Scout summer camp Jacob, Jeremy  
July 9, 2017 Summer Camp Fiesta Island 7 days, 6 nights Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Brian C, Zach S, Josh S, Zach Z, Nick Z, Will, Matt J, Nick E, Hsieh, Kaden, Leo Tom, Linda, Steve (2 nights), Chris (1 night) 
June 23, 2017 Mount Wilson Camp Overnigh camp. Astronomy work using 60" telescope. Solar observatory. Kyle A, Kenny A, Zach, Josh, Jacob, Jeremy, Joey, Matt, NIck E, Nick Z, Leo, Will, Kaden, Jonathan, Kyle H, Hsieh C, Christian N Steve, Marelen, Tom, Eric, Joe, Chris Z, Matt C, Ed H, Rick N 
June 10, 2017 Dripping Cave Hike 7 mile day hike; compass / map skills, plant/animal identification Kenny A, Kyle A, Kenny J, Jacob, Jeremy, Christian Brett, Marlene, Tom 
June 7, 2017 Flag Removal, Good Shepherd 1.5 hours. Removed flags from tombstones Jeremy F Tom, Marlene, Trevor F, Susan F 
June 3, 2017 Shipley Nature Center Service Project 3 hours helping at the nature center with moving plants, loading cars Zachary S, Jeremy F, maybe more unknown 
May 27, 2017 Memorial Day Service 2 hours, planted flags and did flag ceremony Kyle A, Kenny A, Brian, Zachary,Will, Jacob, Jeremy, Marquez, Nick E, Nick Z, Matt, Leo, Christian, Kaden, Kyle H, Hsieh, Joey, Jonathan Tom, Ashley, Ben, Calvin, Trevor, Susan, Kent, Jo, Jen, Matt, Linda 
May 20, 2017 Morgan Trail Hike 10 mild hike near Ortega Hwy Jacob, Nick E, Nick Z Brett, Erik 
May 13, 2017 South Fork Devils Punchbowl Camp Overnight camp, 7.5 mile hike Kenny A, Kenny J, Zachary, Josh, Jacob, Will, Matt, Leo Tom, Steve, Bret, Ben 
April 7, 2017 Camporee 2 nights camping Kyle A, Kenny A, Zachary, Marquez, Josh, Jacob, Jeremy, Joey, Jonathan, Matt, Nick E, Will, Leo, Christian, Kaden, Brian C (no camping nights)  Tom, Steve, Eric, Joe, Brett 
March 11, 2017 Chino Hills Camp Overnight camp at Chino hills. 6 mile hike to San Juan Hill.  Kenny A, Jacob, Jeremy, Nick E, Leo, Kaden Tom, Brett, Eric + Marlene (Sat) 
February 18, 2017 Big Bear Pine Summit Overnight snow camp at Big Bear Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Nick E, Nick Z, Matt, Marquez, Leo, Jacob, Jeremy Tom, Eric, Chris 
January 21, 2017 Sitton Peak Hike 10 mile hike to summit of Sitton Peak, compass and map skills, working on hiking MB Kenny A, Zach, Jacob, Jeremy, Will, Leo, Mike Brett, Tom, Steve 
January 7, 2017 AMA Model Expo Visited the expo in Ontario; hands on build-a-plane, drone school Kenny A, Zach, Josh, Will, Jacob, Nick E, Nick Z, Mike Steve, Jo, Marietta, Brett, Tom 
December 10, 2016 Vasquez Rocks Camp Overnight camping trip, 4 mile hike Kenny J, Kenny A, Marquez, Jacob, Jeremy, Will, Nick, Matt, Ethan, Leo, Brian, Omar Tom, Erik 
December 3, 2016 Curb Repainting Service at KOG, 2 hrs Repainted several curbs with red / yellow paint at KOG Kyle A, Kenny A, Zach, Marquez, Matt, Ethan, Jeremy, Nick Z, Leo Tom, Kimberly 
November 12, 2016 Popcorn Distribution Service 3 hrs Loading boxes into waiting cars for distrubution to dens and troops Kenny A, Brian C, Jacob, Jeremy, Marquez, Mike, Leo Tom, Susan, David, Ben, Trevor 
November 5, 2016 Santa Cruz Island Overnight camp at Scorpion Cove. 5 mile hike to Potato Harbour; kayaking along coast Kenny J, Kyle A, Zach, Josh, Jacob, Jeremy, Joey, Matt, Nick, Ethan Tom, Steve, Brett, Jo, Erik 
October 29, 2016 Fish-O-Ree Pacifica fishing competition at El Dorado Park Ethan, Will, Josh, Mike, Leo, Brian, Omar Kelly L, Steve S 
October 22, 2016 Camperall Day event running the tent set-up competition Kenny J (staff), Kyle A & Kenny A (Friday night set-up), Jacob, Jeremy, Brian C, Joey, Nick E, Nick Z, Matt, Mike, Ethan Tom, David, Erik 
October 15, 2016 Shipley Nature Center Service Project Helped in moving and loading native plants as part of non-profit plant sale. 2-5 hours depending on shift(s) Andrew R, Mike N, Ethan L, Jacob, Jeremy Ted, David, Marlene 
September 24, 2016 Blue Jay Camp with Sugarloaf Hike Overnight camp, 8 mile hike, >1000ft elevation gain Kenny J, Jacob, Jeremy, Nick, Will, Ethan Tom, Ben, Brett, Erik 
September 17, 2016 Popcorn Distribution Service 3hrs Loading boxes of popcorn into waiting cars for distribution and sale Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Jeremy, Jacob, Joey, Marquez Tom, Ben, Susan F, Marlene, Trevor F 
July 31, 2016 Lost Valley Summer Camp 1 week summer camp Jeremy, Jacob Various Camp Staff 
July 13, 2016 American River Summer Camp 5 days on two rivers, whitewater rafting and camping. Kenny J, Kyle A, Kenny A, Zach, Josh, Andrew R, Nick, Mike, Will, Marquez Tom, Steve, Ted, Erik, David 
June 14, 2016 Flag Day Service Elk's Lodge Flag Day event with flag ceremony and service. 1.5 hrs Joey, Will, Mike, Matt, Nick Joe, David, Linda 
June 11, 2016 Fishermans Campground Backpacking 6 mile round trip backpacking to Deep Creek near Arrowhead Kenny A, Zachary, Jeremey, Josh, Nick, Matt, Will Tom, Steve, Erik 
June 8, 2016 Flag Take-Down Service Take down all flags from Good Cemetary 1 1/2 hrs Jeremy, Marquez, Kenny A, Zen, Matt Athina, Tom, Linda 
May 28, 2016 Memorial Day Service Flag ceremony and flag planting at Good Shepherd Cemetery Brian C, Kenny A, Kyle A ,Kyle P, Kenny J, Andrew R, Jacob, Jeremy, Josh, Pierce, Matt, Nick, Mike, Will Tom, David, Ted, Ashley, Susan F, Trevor F, Erik, Marlene 
May 28, 2016 Long Beach Sea Base camp Aquatic Activities and overnight camp Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Zach, Josh, Pierce, Bryant, Jacob, Jeremy, Will, Nick, Matt Tom, Steve, Erik 
May 7, 2016 Shipley Nature Center Service Organized by Zach. Assist in set-up of nature show, helping load cars, and BSA display. Zachary, Pierce Schulz 
April 16, 2016 Immaginology Fair Service 4 hours; Helped run concession stand at the fair Zachary, Josh Steve + 274 parent 
April 10, 2016 Camporee 2 nights camping, competition Brian C, Kenny A, Joey, Marquez, Zach, Josh, Joey, Jeremy, Nick, Ethan, Matt, Kyle P (friday only), Kenny J (staff), Andrew R (staff) Tom, Steve, Eric. Ed (friday), Marlene (saturday) 
March 19, 2016 Dripping Springs Camp 8 mile hike, 1500 foot elevation gain, overnight camp Kyle A, Kenny J, Kenny A, Josh, Jacob, Jeremy, Zen, Mike Tom, Steve, Ben, David 
February 20, 2016 Red Rock Canyon Day Hike 4.5 miles, day hike at Whiting Ranch Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Bryant, Jacob, Jeremy, Zach, Josh, Marquez, Zen Tom, Steve, Marlene 
January 30, 2016 Bolsa Chica Service Working removing non-native plants from the wetlands. Project arranged by Zachary  Zachary, Josh, Kenny J, Kenny A, Jeremy, Jacob Tom, Kimberly 
January 23, 2016 Indian Cove Camp Overnight camp including hiking Rattlesnake Canyon and Wonderland of Rocks Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Pierce, Joey, Bryant, Josh, Zach, Jeremy Tom, Steve, Jo 
January 9, 2016 AMA Airplane Expo - Ontario Day activity, convention center, competed aviation merit badge requirement 3 Kenny J, Kenny A, Pierce, Josh, Jacob, Jeremy Tom, Steve 
December 12, 2015 Crystal Cove / Moro Camp 9 mile hike, 1000 foot elevation gain; overnight camp at crystal cove / moro Kyle A, Kenny J, Kenny A, Jeremy, Jacob, Marquez, Zach, Joshua Tom , Steve 
November 14, 2015 Chino Hills Camp 7 mile backpack into camp, 1015ft elevation gain, overnight at Rolling Hills Campground Jacob, Jeremy, Marquez, Connor Tom, Marlene, Brett 
October 24, 2015 Henninger Flats Hike 7.4 miles roundtrip, 2000 ft elevation gain, national monument, compass work and rescue carry practice Kenny A, Jeremy, Jacob, Marquez, Connor Tom, Brett 
October 9, 2015 Popcorn Sale - Ralphs 2.5 hours, rundraising for scouts Jeremy, Brian, Marquez Marlene, Tom 
September 26, 2015 Blacksmithing camp, Vista CA Overnight camp; work on metalworking merit badge Kenny J, Kenny A, Kyle A, Joshua, Pierce, Jacob, Jerermy, Joey Tom, Steve, Marlene, Joe 
September 19, 2015 Popcorn Distribution Service 7:30-11:30, loading boxes of popcorn into vans etc. to raise money for scouting Kenny J, Jeremy F Tom, Susan F, Ben 
July 30, 2015 Ducks Unlimited Service Project At Mile Square Park, wildlife conservation organization gathering / service Jeremy, Joey, Pierce Joe, Ed, Marlene 
July 12, 2015 Cherry Valley Summer Camp July 12-18th, Catalina Island Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Andrew R, Andrew H, Marquez, Zachary, Joshua, Jeremy, Jacob  Tom, Steve, Marlene 
June 20, 2015 San Jacinto Camp 12 mile hike, >1000ft elevation gain, national monument, overnight camping Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Bryant, Andrew R, Jacob, Jeremy Tom, Ben, Ashley, Susan 
June 16, 2015 Flag Day Service Elks Lodge doing Flag Ceremony for Flag Day. Lasted 2 hours.  Brian Cao, Jacob, Jeremy Tom, Brett 
May 23, 2015 Cabrillo Beach Camp overnight camp 23/24 Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Andrew R, Bryant, Jeremy, Jacob, Joey, Joshua Tom, Steve, Jo 
May 23, 2015 Memorial Day Flag planting: 2hrs Flag planting and flag ceremony at Good Shepherd Cemetery Kenny A, Kenny J, Kyle A, Kyle P, Brian, Andrew R, Bryant, Jeremy, Jacob, Joey, Joshua Tom, Ashley, Susan, Kent, Trevor, Calvin, Ted, Jo B, Steve S 
April 25, 2015 Imaginology Fair  Fundraising Service Project 25/26th Kenny J, Kenny A, Jacob, Jeremy Ben, Tom, Marlene 
April 20, 2015 Swimming Skills Meeting Met at Cabana Club. Signed off Second Class swim requirements. Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Andrew R, Brian C, Pierce, Joshua, Marquez, Jacob, Jeremy, Joey Parents plus SM 
April 18, 2015 Joshua Tree Camp Overnight Camp. Six mile hike with >1000 foot climb. Kenny A, Kenny J, Bryant, Jacob, Jeremy, Marquez, Andrew H, Zachary, Pierce Tom, Ben, Steve, Ed 
March 13, 2015 Camporee March 13-15 Two night special competitive camp Kyle A, Kenny A, Zach, Bryant, Kenny J, Marquez, Andrew R, Andrew H, Joey, (Brian C one night only) Tom, Steve Shulz, Joe Brancato, Ben (staff), [Susan F - Saturday], [Calvin Sat/Sun], [Ashley Fri driver] 
February 28, 2015 Elks Lodge Service Project Help serve and clear meals as part of Elks community fundraising event Kenny J, Jacob W, Jeremy F Mentored by Dennis Moder 
February 21, 2015 Camporee Prep Day 9am - 1pm practicing camporee skills in park Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Bryant, Brian C, Andrew R, Zach, Pierce Tom, Ben, Ted 
January 31, 2015 Moro Camp 10 mile hike in Moro Canyon & Geology Trail; overnight camp Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Bryant Tom, Ashley 
December 20, 2014 Whiting Ranch Hike Five mile hike Kyle A, Kenny A, Bryant, Andrew Tom, Ted 
November 29, 2014 Bolsa Chica Service Project 9am-11am clearing non-native plants / trash Kyle A, Kenny A Tom, Ashley, Susan F, Susan A, Trevor F 
November 15, 2014 Dripping Springs Camp Overnight; 6 mile hike with 2000 foot elevation gain Kenny J, Kenny A, Bryant, Zachary Tom, Ben 
October 25, 2014 Camperall Huntington Beach Central Park Kenny A, Bryant A, Kenny J (staff) Tom, Ben, Susan 
October 18, 2014 Vasquez Rocks Camp Overnight camp. Depart KOG 8am.  Kyle A, Kenny J, Kenny A, Andrew R, Bryant A Tom, Ben 
September 27, 2014 Blue Jay Camp Depart KOG 7am Noah E, Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Andrew R, Bryant A Ashley, Ben, Tom, Ted 
September 20, 2014 Popcorn Distribution Service Distributed and loaded popcorn into trucks and cars for BSA. 4hrs. Kenny J, Kenny A, Brian C Ben, Tom, Susan, Calvin 
August 22, 2014 8-22 to 8-24 Noah Eagle Camp - Firestone Two night camp at Firestone for Noah to complete Eagle / Camping before 18th birthday Noah (Trevor F, Susan Friday-Sat)(Atlas, Shaw Sat-Sun) 
July 13, 2014 Eastern Sierra Summer Camp Depart Sunday, return night of 17th Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Andrew R, Bryant A Tom, Ted, Daniel 
May 24, 2014 Memorial Day Flag Planting 2hrs Good Shepherd Cemetary 8am Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Bryant A, Brian C, Riley S, John P, Andrew R Tom, Ashley, Calvin, Susan, Ben, Alexander, Daniel, Trevor F 
May 24, 2014 Cabrillo Beach Campout Meet KOG 7:15am Saturday Kyle A., Kenny A, Kenny J, Brian C, Andrew R, Bryant A, Riley S. Tom, Ted, Ashley, Calvin 
April 26, 2014 Joshua Tree Camp Departing KOG 7:00am Kenny J, Kenny A, Bryant A, Brian C, Andrew R,  Ben, Tom, Calvin 
April 12, 2014 Huntington Beach Volunteer Expo HBCC expo at Huntington Beach Central Library. Help set up stalls, provide service to library if needed, and promote scouting to the public. Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Bryant A, Brian C Ashley, Tom, Susan, Ben, Calvin 
March 21, 2014 Camporee Depart Friday, return Sunday Alexander S, Daniel S, Kyle A, Kenny A, Brian C, Bryant A Ashley, Tom, Calvin (Ben Staff) 
January 25, 2014 Blue Jay Camp Depart KOG Sat 7:30am Kenny J, Kenny A, Kyle A, Daniel S, Alexander S Ben, Tom, Ashley 
November 9, 2013 Vasquez Rocks Camp 11/9 - 11/10 Daniel S, Alexander S, Kenny A, Bryant A, Riley S, Kenny J, John P Ashley, Tom, Jim 
October 25, 2013 Camperall 10/15 - 10/27 Huntington Central Park Riley S (sat), Kenny J (staff), Kenny A (sat/sun), Kyle A (sat/sun), Brian C (sat/sun), Andrew R (sat/sun), Alexander S (sat), Daniel S (sat), Jimi T (sat) Sonia (Sat), Tom (Sat-Sun), Ashley (Sat), Ben (sat-sun), Calvin (sat-sun) 
September 28, 2013 Green Valley Lake Camp Departing KOG at 7:30am  Daniel S, Alex S, Bryant A, Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Riley S, Andrew R Ben, Tom, Ashley 
September 21, 2013 Service: Popcorn Distribution Freeman Center, meet at KOG 7am Kenny J, Kenny A, Brian C, Brian A Ben, Calvin, Tom, Ashley, Susan 
August 3, 2013 Summer Camp Chawanakee 8/3-8/10 Daniel S, Alexander S, Kyle A, Kenny A, Trevor P, Jimi T, Kenny J, Andrew R, Bryant A, Brian C Ashley, Sonia, Ben, Trevor, Calvin 
June 1, 2013 Newport Dunes Camp Depart KOG 9am Sat Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Andrew R. (also Sat only Riley S, Brian A). Tom, Ben, Melody 
April 20, 2013 Bolsa Chica Wetlands Service Conservancy project 9am-11am Kyle P, Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, Brian C A. Shaw, T. Atlas, C. Cao 
April 12, 2013 Camporee Depart KOG friday afternoon. Transportation: Sonia leaving 3:30 from KOG. Ben J leaving 3:45 KOG, Calvin C leaving 5:00pm (email or call him if you need a ride), Gary P also available. Kyle A, Kenny A, Kenny J, John P, Andrew R, Alexander S, Brian C, Cody P, Spencer O, Brian A, Jimmy, Riley S, Kyle P, Bryant A, Campbell G (saturday) Sonia, Calvin, Ashley (fri/sat), Tom A (sat/sun), Gary P, Ben (staff) 
February 23, 2013 Dripping Springs Camp 2/23-2/24. Meet KOG 6:30-7:30am. Night temps will be close to 30 degrees. 10 mile hike after camp set-up so need canteen and day pack in addition to main camp gear. Alexander S, Daniel S, Kyle A, Kenny A, John P Ashley S, Tom A, Jim P. 
November 17, 2012 Bridge to Nowhere Camp / Popcorn Service Depart KOG 7am Riley S, Kenny A, Kyle A, Kenny J, Brian A, Jimi T, Daniel S, Alexander S, Cody B, New Guy Sonia, Ashley 
October 19, 2012 Camperall 19-21 Meet at KOG 6pm Friday; two night camp Brian C, Kenny A, Kenny J, Brian A, Jimi T, Kyle A, Andrew R, Anthony J Sonia, Ted, Calvin, Gary 
September 22, 2012 Cabrillo Camp + Freeman Distribution Service Depart KOG at 7:00 a.m. Uniform: Class A for travel then Class B for work. Back to Class A for the Battleship Return Sunday 11:00. Kenny A, Riley S, John P (day), Brian C, Kyle P, Alexander S, Daniel S, Kenny J, Andrew R Ashley, Calvin, Ben, Susan 
July 8, 2012 Summer Camp Circle X July 8-14  Alexander S, Jimi T, Riley S, Kyle A, Kenny A, John P, Brian C, Spencer O Trevor F, Calvin C, Susan F, Ashley S, Tom A 
June 23, 2012 Henninger Flats Hike 7 miles round trip climb to campsite Kyle A, Kenny J, Daniel S, Alexander S Ashley S, Tom A 
May 26, 2012 Crystal Cove Camp/Hike and Flag Planting Flag planting, then hike and camp to follow. 8am at Cemetary. Riley S, Kenny J, John P, Kenny A, Brian C, Daniel S, Cody B, Jimi T, Alex S, Kyle A Sonia N, Ashley S 
May 12, 2012 Scout O Rama 9am-12pm; Meet at KOG 8am. Riley S, John P, Daniel S, Alex S, Cody B, Jimi T, Andrew R Sonia N, Trevor F 
April 20, 2012 Camporee at Firestone Depart KOG 415pm Fri for staff scouts; 7pm for the rest. Brian C, RIley S, John P, Brian A, Kenny A, Kyle A, Kyle P, Andrew R, JImi T, Alex S, Spencer O, Cody B, Daniel S, Trevor P Gary P, Susan F, Jim P, Tom A (satsun), Sonia N (sat), Calvin C 
March 17, 2012 Camporee Prep Day Activity Leave KOG at 0900. If you are coming from HB area and want to meet us at Mr. Shaw's yard it is located next to the walgreens on Beach and Yorktown. I'll park my car near the gate to leave it open. The boys should bring their 10 essentials and we will be making lunch. Brian C, Kenny J, Riley S, John P, Kenny A, Kyle A, Brian A, Kyle P, Jimi T, Andrew R, Spencer O, Cody B, Alex S Gary P, Sonia N 
February 11, 2012 Blue Jay Camp Leave 7am KOG; Return 10am Sunday Alexander S., Daniel S., Cody B., Kenny J., Andrew R., Kyle P., Kyle A. Kenny A., Riley S, and Brian A. Ashley, Gary P., and Ben J 
January 28, 2012 Circle X Lake Arrowhead Camp 28th-29th Departing KOG at 6am 1/28 John P, Brian A, Kenny J, Riley S, Kyle P, Kyle A, Andrew R, Jimi T, Kenny A Sonia, Susan, Jim 
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