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  1. 1 Website
    1. 1.1 Broken Links
    2. 1.2 Address (URL) of Troop Website
    3. 1.3 Email address convention
    4. 1.4 Contact
    5. 1.5 Legacy
  2. 2 New Parent and Training Info
    1. 2.1 How can I help my Scout get the most out of Boy Scouts?
    2. 2.2 Required Training: Youth Protection and Virtus
    3. 2.3 Virtus
    4. 2.4 BSA online training
    5. 2.5 Merit Badge Counselors
    6. 2.6 Adult Training Resources,
    7. 2.7 Baltimore Area Council training
    8. 2.8 Montgomery District Training home page
    9. 2.9 Montgomery District Training and Event Calendar
    10. 2.10 Recertification
    11. 2.11 Wood Badge
  3. 3 Newsletter
    1. 3.1 Montgomery District newsletter
    2. 3.2 National Capital Area Council newsletter
    3. 3.3 Subscribe to newsletters
    4. 3.4 Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), St. Bernadette Roman Catholic Church
  4. 4 Email distribution lists
    1. 4.1 Email etiquette: A Scout is Courteous
    2. 4.2 Relevant subject: A Scout is Helpful
    3. 4.3 Appropriate language: A Scout is Clean
    4. 4.4 Disagreements: A Scout is Kind
    5. 4.5 Distribution lists
    6. 4.6 Which distribution list? A Scout is Courteous
    7. 4.7 Subscribing to distribution lists
  5. 5 TroopMaster
  6. 6 Organization
    1. 6.1 Youth Led Troop
    2. 6.2 Troop Organization, US Scouting Service Project
    3. 6.3 Troop Roster, Telephone Directory
    4. 6.4 Troop Committee
    5. 6.5 Troop Committee Resources
    6. 6.6 Montgomery District
    7. 6.7 National Capital Area Council (NCAC)
  7. 7 Councils Local and National
    1. 7.1 Local Council
    2. 7.2 High Adventure Overview, NCAC
    3. 7.3 HAC Opportunities Bulletin Board
    4. 7.4 Boy Scouts of America (BSA)
    5. 7.5 ScoutSource, BSA
  8. 8 Forms
    1. 8.1 Annual Health and Medical Record, BSA
    2. 8.2 Troop 440 Forms
    3. 8.3 BSA Forms from the National Council
  9. 9 Outdoor
    1. 9.1 Montgomery Co. Parks
    2. 9.2
  10. 10 Advancement
    1. 10.1 Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review
    2. 10.2 Definitions
    3. 10.3 Sequence of events
    4. 10.4 Advancement Resources
      1. 10.4.1 Totin' Chip Session Outline,
      2. 10.4.2 Totin' Chip resources
  11. 11 Aquatics
    1. 11.1 BSA Swimmer Test, MeritBadge 
    2. 11.2 How to pass a swimming test as a Boy Scout
    3. 11.3 Aquatics Safety, BSA Guide to Safe Scouting 
  12. 12 Behavior
    1. 12.1 Behavior Contract
    2. 12.2 Bullying
  13. 13 Leave No Trace LNT
    1. 13.1 Leave No Trace
    2. 13.2 Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts Teaching Resources,
    3. 13.3 LNT resources, ASM Mike Smith
  14. 14 Order of the Arrow
    1. 14.1 Order of the Arrow, Wikipedia
    2. 14.2 Amangamek-Wipit Lodge 470, NCAC
    3. 14.3 OA Election Resources, NCAC
  15. 15 Policies & Procedures
    1. 15.1 Inclement Weather Policy
    2. 15.2 Travel
    3. 15.3 Expenses
  16. 16 Fundraising
    1. 16.1 2011 NCAC Popcorn Sales Campaign
    2. 16.2 T440 Popcorn Kernel (popcorn coordinator)
  17. 17 Reference; Glossary
    1. 17.1 Style Guide of Correct and Preferred Usage in NCAC Publications
    2. 17.2 Language of Scouting style guide
  18. 18 Reverence
    1. 18.1 St. Bernadette Roman Catholic Church
    2. 18.2 Papal Etiquette: What to Do If You Meet the Pontiff, NPR
    3. 18.3 Scouting, Archdiocese of Washington
    4. 18.4 National Catholic Committee on Scouting
    5. 18.5 Our Lady of Mattaponi Youth Retreat and Conference Center
    6. 18.6 Christ Congregational Church
  19. 19 Risk Management
    1. 19.1 Trek Preparation
    2. 19.2 Weather & Travel
    3. 19.3 Scouting Safely
    4. 19.4 Guide to Safe Scouting
    5. 19.5 Managing Risk
    6. 19.6 Tour Plan Worksheet
    7. 19.7 Youth Protection Resources
    8. 19.8 Non BSA Resources
  20. 20 Special Needs
    1. 20.1 Youth Members With Special Needs, MeritBadge
    2. 20.2 Alternate Requirements: Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Ranks, BSA
    3. 20.3 Working With Scouts With disAbilities
    4. 20.4 Autism and Boy Scouts
  21. 21 Summer Camps
  22. 22 National Jamboree 2013
  23. 23 Time Management
    1. 23.1 RTM usability addons
    2. 23.2 Recommended browser addons
  24. 24 Uniform
    1. 24.1 Scout Store, NCAC
  25. 25 Tip
    1. 25.1 Search NCAC site
    2. 25.2 Offline access to Gmail, Calendar
    3. 25.3 Limiting Google to Specific Reading Level
    4. 25.4 View email headers
  26. 26 Miscellaneous 


This rudimentary website conveys information within the limitations of Google Sites. It's formatted as one large page for easy searching with your browser, and to facilitate printing for offline reading. For new Scouts, parents, Troop Committee members, adult leaders, and asst. Scoutmasters, read it sequentially.

Looking for something specific? Use your browser's find function to search: scroll to the top, select something like "troop440" in the upper left (force search to start at the top), press <Ctrl>F on Windows or <Command>F on Mac, and enter the search term. Using partial words is usually more fruitful than entire words. 

You'll find many hyperlinks to the local council's website. What's a local council? Read on...

Broken Links

Report broken links, errors, and oversights to the Troop 440 Webmaster. Webmaster is a Scout leadership position introduced in 2010. If a Scout (or parent mentor) wishes to help maintain the website, contact Mr. Tim Zajac. 
Bueller? ...Bueller? ...Bueller?
<sound of crickets chirping>

Address (URL) of Troop Website

Follow the link below to the Troop 440 website and bookmark it at home and work for future reference.

Troop 440 website: calendar; training links; meeting room & directions; forms; help

Troop 440 has a simple website for quickly locating info like the troop calendar (events like camping and backpacking; merit badge training); and training held by NCAC, our local BSA council. On the site, access the calendar by the Calendar link at the top. On the calendar, select an event for detail.

meetings (merit badges) and events like camping and backpacking; select an event for detail.

training; Scout store telephone (uniforms); BSA, NCAC, and other resources. How to send email to appropriate distribution list.

Troop 440 forms; see Info tab for BSA forms.

tag: calendar; training; meeting room & directions; links; forms; help

Email address convention

Note: In email addresses, replace " == " with "@", the symbol for a commercial at sign (Shift 2). (To prevent harvesting bots feeding spammers, " == " is used in lieu of "@"). Do this once and your email application (e.g., Gmail or Microsoft Outlook) will cache the entry. Or, add it to your address book/contact list.


For youth privacy, public inquiries are directed to the Scoutmaster.
Dave Barringer, Scoutmaster, Troop 440, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
davewbarringer ==        Replace " == " with "@", the symbol for a commercial at sign (Shift 2). 
For questions or corrections to the website please contact the Troop 440 Webmaster.
Tim Zajac, Webmaster, Troop 440.
tim.zajac ==       Replace " == " with "@", the symbol for a commercial at sign (Shift 2).


Parents and Scouts can stay in touch on the Facebook page administered by none other than Mr. Jimmy "Bingo" Hoskinson, former Cubmaster Extraordinaire of Pack 275. If the link fails, on Facebook, search for "Troop Fourforty".

A Scout is Clean: use language your grandmother would find appropriate.


Legacy means a thing of value passed on from generation to generation. Wood Badge training taught me the importance of leaving a legacy, so that in my absence, the troop remains vibrant and youth led, in the true spirit of Scouting. If I had more resources, I'd move the website to a CMS (Content Management System) to make maintenance easier for the leaders that follow me. Alas, I am restricted to the rules of the Project Triangle (good, fast, cheap: pick any two). This website and the Google Calendar implementation are my legacy to Troop 440. 

Michael C. Smith, asst. Scoutmaster, 2012-current; Scoutmaster, 2008-2012

New Parent and Training Info

How can I help my Scout get the most out of Boy Scouts?

Short answer: Get trained!

Every boy deserves a trained parent, and every parent deserves to be trained.

Once trained, you can help your son, the troop, and the adult volunteers. Every parent deserves training so s/he can successfully deliver the Scouting program.

How do you get trained? Read on.

Required Training: Youth Protection and Virtus

Troop 440 is chartered to St. Bernadette Roman Catholic Church, so we follow two layers of youth protection guidelines: BSA and the Archdiocese of Washington. Safety is our first concern so before adults (chaperones, drivers, Scout leaders) may participate in a Scout event (camping, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, etc.), they must take training (most online *, a few classroom).

St. B's requires 1; BSA requires 2-4; to ensure a successful program, T440 requires 5-9; 10-12 are strongly recommended. Make time in your schedule to complete the required training; there are hard and fast BSA and Archdiocese deadlines. 
  1. Virtus and Protecting God’s Children program, classroom (see below), Archdiocese of Washington requirement
  2. Youth Protection (print certificate, submit with BSA Adult Application) - 20 min
  3. This is Scouting - 45 min 
  4. Weather Hazards - 35 min
  5. Troop Committee Challenge - 1 hour
  6. Fast Start: Boy Scouting - 14 min
  7. Trek Safely
  8. Safety Afloat
  9. Safe Swim Defense
  10. Scoutmaster Specific Training: don't let the name scare you! This is for EVERY PARENT!
    1. Most effective way for your son to succeed in Scouting!!
    2. Formerly called Boy Scouts Leader Specific Training, BSLST. One day indoor class.
  11. Intro to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS)
    1. Learn the patrol method, the heart of the Boy Scout program. This is a weekend campout and "... the most fun you'll ever have without the Scouts." -G.P. "Jeep" Fortuna, Montgomery District, NCAC.
  12. Wood Badge for the 21st Century: It's time to do something for yourself: take the "mountaintop training experience" of Wood Badge!
    1. Wood Badge teaches participants the basics of listening, communicating, valuing people, team development, situational leadership, problem solving, and managing conflict.
    2. registration If broken, NCACtop red bar, select Training; left gray bar, select Wood Badge.
* BSA online training is explained below.


Virtus (Protecting God’s Children) is analogous to BSA Youth Protection.

Here are the major steps:

A. Register with Virtus.
B. Attend Protecting God’s Children training class.
C. Fingerprinting and Archdiocese background check.
D. Take monthly quiz in the Virtus bulletin so your training doesn't expire.

A. Register with Virtus
for an upcoming session with these instructions. If you’ve already taken training, watch your email for bulletins and training renewal notices.
  1. On Virtus, select Registration (top left side).
  2. Select Begin the registration process.
  3. Use the down arrow to select Washington, DC (Archdiocese). Want a shortcut? Press W.
  4. Select Select button with mouse.
  5. Follow directions to Create a User ID, select Continue.
  6. Complete the registration screens.
  7. At the prompt Have you have already attended a Protecting God’s Children session, select No.
  8. Select a session to attend.

If you find errors in this procedure, please take the time to email corrections to the Tim Zajac. Let's make it easier for the next person who registers.

B. Attend Protecting God’s Children training.

Walk-ins not accepted. Training is free. Register early! Convenient Silver Spring venues fill up quickly around the start of the school year, around August and September. Registration instructions are in step A. This is a one-time in-person class.

C. Fingerprinting and Archdiocese background check. (different from BSA background check)

The cost is $33.25, as of Jan 2011.
  1. Fill out an Employment/Volunteer Application, available from the St. Bernadette Rectory Office or by download. Questions? Call (301) 593-0357 and ask for Ms. Delfina Castro dcastro == , Business Manager and Parish Child Protection Coordinator.
  2. Take the application and Appendix E (last page) of the Child Protection Policy Book (received at the Protecting God’s Children training) to the Rectory Office to have it signed by one of the priests (1-2 day turn around unless you schedule an appointment for a signature).
  3. Read the fingerprinting info here.
  4. Once a priest signs your application, schedule a fingerprinting appointment at the Archdiocese Pastoral Center, (301) 853-5363, and confirm the cost is $33.25. Take the application and a check with you to the appointment. If the cost isn't $33.25, email the correction to the Tim Zajac.
D. Final, required steps to activate your Virtus certification.
  1. Tell the TroopMaster Administrator, Mr. Bob Wever so that your training info is entered into TroopMaster.
  2. Tell Ms. Delfina Castro, so your Virtus account is activated. You won't receive the required monthly Virtus quiz until you do. Your Virtus certification expires if you don't take the monthly quiz. If this happens, take the missed quizzes and you are automatically re-certified.
  3. Now that you are in the training mode, go to and complete some of the BSA online training! (see below)

For additional information, see:

Child Protection, Archdiocese of Washington

BSA online training

Getting started with BSA online training:
  1. On MyScouting, create a userid; write it down in a safe location. 
    1. Login every time with this userid. 
    2. Don't misplace it or your records will be lost and you'll have to retake the training. 
    3. Don't share userids; each parent must have a unique userid.
  2. Take the Youth Protection course; email and print the training certificate (see below). 
    1. Attach the certificate to the Adult Application and give both to the Troop Committee Chair, Mr. Tom Linstrom. 
    2. Once your application is approved, the Scoutmaster will give you a BSA membership card, which has your member id number. 
  3. Login to MyScouting, select My Profile, and enter your member id number. This links your Youth Protection training records, and any other MyScouting training records, to your BSA membership. Details:
    1. Login, select My Profile, Update My Profile
    2. Select Council Name, National Capital Area Council - Bethesda, MD - #082
    3. Enter Member ID, select Add.
  4. To email and print a training certificate:
    1. Login, select E-Learning in left column.
    2. Read the directions on that page.
    3. Select View Certificate.
    4. Print two copies of certificate.
      1. Keep file copy for yourself.
      2. Attach one to your Adult Application, give to Troop Committee Chair, Mr. Tom Linstrom.
    5. Save each certificate as a MHT or PDF
      1. If you have Windows Internet Explorer, select File, Save As, Save as type: Web Archive, single file (.mht). 
      2. Or, install PDFCreator (free and virus-free); see instructions: . 
      3. If you have a Mac, select Print, Save as PDF. 
    6. Email each certificate:
      1. TroopMaster Administrator, Mr. Bob Wever  bob.wever ==
      2. Troop Committee Chair, Mr. Tom Linstrom  tom.linstrom ==
Best practice: re-take courses the week before an event to refresh your memory.

Archdiocese of Washington nomenclature

VIRTUS is the brand name that identifies best practices programs designed to help prevent wrongdoing and promote "rightdoing" within religious organizations. The Virtus programs empower organizations and people to better control risk and improve the lives of all those who interact with the Church.

Protecting God’s Children program for adults is a three-hour live awareness session instructing adults of the Church that to protect children you must have continuous awareness and vigilance. Protecting God's Children is the official name of the youth protection program delivered by the National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc. and is one of the Virtus programs.

Virtus and Protecting God's Children nicely compliment BSA Youth Protection.

ScoutParents: How Parents Can Help Troop 440

Every parent in Troop 440 fills one or more of the many volunteer positions, working directly with Scouts or in support roles. Here’s a partial list:

Activity Coordinator (trip support), Activity Leader (attends trip), Assistant Scoutmaster, Advancement Committee Member, Chartered Organization Representative, driver, Fundraising Coordinator, Historian/Photographer, Hobby Instructor, Interfaith Religious Coordinator, Merit Badge Counselor, Librarian, Newsletter Editor, Publicity Chair, Snorkeling and Scuba Instructor, Troop Committee Member, Troop Jester (games), Troop Webmaster.

A ScoutParent is a parent or adult mentor who enthusiastically participates with their Scout and helps other volunteers to provide the best quality program experience to all youth in their unit.

Better informed parents are connected to their child’s Scouting experience. The support and commitment of parents directly affects the quality of our program and provides a more meaningful experience for everyone, especially the Scouts! Learn more at the ScoutParents website.

Merit Badge Counselors

Guide for Merit Badge Counselors, BSA

The merit badge counselor is a key player in the Boy Scout advancement program. You can play a vital role in stirring a young man's curiosity about a particular topic. > Boy Scouts > Guide for Merit Badge Counselors > Resources

Fill out two forms to apply to be a merit badge counselor: 
  1. 34405  Merit Badge Counselor Information form; download from the troop website, Files page.
  2. 524-501 Adult Application is available from the Training or Committee Chair at any troop meeting. Use Position Code 42, position: Merit Badge Counselor. 
Keep both forms together and give to Training Chair or Committee Chair, who will submit to NCAC.

Merit Badge Counselor Instructors Guide

Adult Training Resources, is the BSA National Council website with training resources ranging from quick references to complete courses, designed to help parents improve leadership skills and deliver a quality program.

Baltimore Area Council training

Download PDF training manuals and other resources.

Montgomery District Training home page

Training classes taught locally in the Montgomery District.

Montgomery District Training and Event Calendar

Calendar of local training classes and events. Tip: To easily search in your browser, select Event Report (blue bar) for a list, then change end date to 12/31/yyyy, Still can't find it? There are multiple calendars. Change Show Activities for: (blue bar) to National Capital Area Council BSA. To return, select NCAC - Montgomery District.

If the link breaks, do this:
  • Go to NCAC website.
  • In the top red bar, select Districts.
  • In the middle of the page, select Montgomery District.
  • In the left gray bar, select District Calendar.

Maryland North Service Area Training Calendar

Additional training not listed in NCAC - Montgomery District calendar. If link broken, go to NCAC home, select Training (red bar), Maryland North Service Area Training,Supplemental Training Opportunities.

The service area consists of three districts in Maryland: Appalachian Trail (southern half of Frederick County), Catoctin Mountain (northern half of Frederick County), and our own Montgomery District. These districts work together to offer training opportunities within a geographical area. 


  • Training Courses Requiring Recertification > Training > Training Updates > Archives > October 2010 (Updated)
tag: certification duration expiration


Montgomery District newsletter

NewsFlash, Montgomery District

National Capital Area Council newsletter

E-source, NCAC

Subscribe to newsletters

  • Go to NCAC website.
  • In the top right, select Quick Links.
  • On the left, select E-lists Signup.
Sign on with your userid (see MyScouting note). As of this writing, it is unclear if the  NCAC ( userid is the same as the userid. Try using the MyScouting userid; if that fails, create a new NCAC userid; write it down in a safe location. Login every time with this userid. Don't misplace it. Don't share userids; each parent must have a unique userid.
  • In the top blue bar, select NCAC - Montgomery for the list of newsletters.
  • Check the desired newsletters.
  • Select Save Selection.
Other newsletters exist; also see:
  • In the top blue bar, select National Capital Area Council - BSA

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), St. Bernadette Roman Catholic Church

The troop works the Catholic Youth Organization on some fundraising projects, such as Christmas tree sales. CYO falls under St. B's, our chartered organization. CYO is mainly known for its organized sports programs, notably basketball, baseball, and track and field. CYO organizes the Christmas tree sale fundraiser and other activities. To subscribe to their newsletter, send email explaining that you are a member of Troop 440:

stbernadettescyo+subscribe ==

Email distribution lists

Email etiquette: A Scout is Courteous

To BCC or Not to BCC

Please don't Reply All unless it's relevant to everyone. Why? Reply All overloads inboxes and starts flame wars . We are drowning in email, so lend a hand. Unnecessary messages are an annoying waste of time. If only a few people on a trip really need to receive your message, direct it to them only. 

Please read these short articles: 
  1. Email Etiquette  The Internet Owner's Manual
  2. Writing sensible email messages  Merlin Mann
  3. 5 Simple Goofs Of Email Etiquette  Jeremiah Desmarais
  4. Email Etiquette  Chris Pirillo
  5. Netiquette  Wikipedia
  6. Posting style  Wikipedia
Watch this three minute video to learn how to avoid conflict in email.

Why Email Starts Fights!  with Edward Muzio Group Harmonics

Relevant subject: A Scout is Helpful

To help the Scoutmaster, please enter a relevant subject on all messages (and delete irrelevant text); it helps him prioritize and organize email. How does this work? 

Gmail and Google Groups arrange all replies with their original message, creating a single conversation or "thread". In other email systems, responses appear as separate messages in your inbox, forcing you to wade through all your mail to follow the conversation. In Gmail and Google Groups, replies to replies (and replies to those replies) are displayed in one place, in order, making it easier to understand the context of a message -- or to follow the conversation.

So, if you're responding to a question raised in an earlier email, find the original message and reply to it, instead of creating a new message (even if it has the same subject).

Appropriate language: A Scout is Clean

Use language your grandmother would find appropriate.

Disagreements: A Scout is Kind

Never send email when you’re mad – wait until you calm down first.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
-Dalai Lama

Distribution lists

How to send email to Scouts, Patrol, Parents, Troop Committee, entire Troop, etc.

Adults: use the appropriate list; don't email Scouts with alarming or inappropriate content.

Use Bcc: field so lists aren't flooded with cascading responses.

Microsoft Outlook may require View, All Headers to expose Bcc: in a new message or reply. 

Which distribution list? A Scout is Courteous

Is your message for everyone, or just one patrol? 

The troop has multiple distribution lists so that you can target messages to a patrol, a patrol's parents, the patrol leaders' council, PLC parents, all Scouts, all parents, all asst. Scoutmasters, and the troop committee. 

Avoid using t440-all unless your message is sufficiently important and MUST be read by the entire troop (all Scouts, all parents, all adult leaders).

If you only need to send to the Scouts of your patrol, use that list (GroupName). Please respect one other's time; everyone has overloaded inboxes. Extending this courtesy prevents email fatigue.

Subscribing to distribution lists

Everyone subscribes to at least two lists: t440-adult or t440-scout and t440-all This is so Scouts don't miss out on the cool trips that the troop is planning and parents know when and where their Scouts need to be. Subscribe to every list that applies to you. Why? So you receive less email. Yes, less email. (See A Scout is Courteous, above.) You can easily unsubscribe at any time.

 GroupName    Description 

Scouts (youth) only
parents and adult leaders (Scouters) (no youth)
Scouts, parents, adult leaders of the entire troop

troop committee

asst. Scoutmasters, Scoutmaster (adult leaders)

Scouts in PLC (patrol leaders' council)

parents of patrol leaders' council

all Scouts and parents of patrol leaders' council

Centennial patrol Scouts
Centennial patrol parents
Centennial patrol Scouts and parents

Killer Rabbit patrol Scouts

Killer Rabbit patrol parents

Killer Rabbit patrol Scouts and parents

Phoenix patrol Scouts

Phoenix patrol parents only

Phoenix patrol Scouts and parents
t440-tomahawk-scout       Tomahawk patrol Scouts
t440-tomahawk-adult   Tomahawk patrol parents
t440-tomahawk-all   Tomahawk patrol Scouts and parents
see details   Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

Note: "+subscribe" is case sensitive; "+Subscribe" fails.

To subscribe, email E.g., to join a group called google-friends, send an email to . Next, email Tim Zajac so he knows to look for a subscription request, as they require manual approval. (googlegroups doesn't notify the administrator of pending approvals).

To unsubscribe, email E.g., to leave google-friends, send an email to

To send a broadcast, email E.g., to broadcast a message to google-friends, send an email to

If you have trouble subscribing/unsubscribing, email the Tim Zajac.

If your email address changes and you lose access to the old email account, send the old and new address.

If you have a local distribution list (e.g., in Gmail or Microsoft Outlook), please delete it and use these. Why? Your local copy is obsolete and supersedes a global distribution list. Also, googlegroups eliminates the need to synchronize lists, an error-prone process.


Troop 440 TroopMaster Web login  
tag: login log in logon log on signin sign in telephone directory report

TroopMaster Web is troop management web application, a password-protected database of advancement, contact info, training records. You can print a troop roster of telephone numbers and postal and email addresses, etc.

Scouts, parents, and leaders can access and update frequently used data via a web browser, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and other mobile devices with Internet connectivity. See features  .

TroopMaster .NET is a Windows application (on VirtualBox  on a Mac) maintained by the TroopMaster Administrator, Mr. Bob Wever bob.wever ==  and Advancement Chair, Mrs. Christy Jones christy.jones == .

To request a userid and password, email Mr. Bob Wever bob.wever == .


Youth Led Troop

Troop 440 is a high adventure, youth-led troop: Scouts plan and run meetings and activities. In the true spirit of Scouting the boys learn through doing. Boys are given the opportunity to lead, develop new skills, and assume responsibilities. Boys teach other boys using the EDGE method. They plan which activities to do and how to do them. Boys make mistakes but learn from the process. Our dedicated adult leadership is there to provide guidance and ensure safety, but the boys do run the show.

Parents: read The Youth Led Troop to learn how to use guided discovery and to help you son transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. More resources are on the Files page.


Troop OrganizationUS Scouting Service Project

How a troop functions. In order to support the troop's operation, you need to know its structure.

Troop Roster, Telephone Directory

Available online and for printing in TroopMaster.

Troop Committee

The Boy Scout Troop Committee is responsible for conducting the business of the troop, setting policy, and helping the Scoutmaster and Scouts with the outdoor program and other planned activities. The committee also has the responsibility to provide adults for boards of review. This is an important responsibility and is one area where help is always needed and appreciated. The committee consists of parent volunteers who fulfill various roles on the committee.

Mr. Tom Linstrom is the Committee Chair.  tom.linstrom ==

Troop Committee, describes its function and positions.

Troop Committee Resources

The world is constantly changing and adapting, and Scouting is no exception. Be part of the solution: get trained! How? Start here.

Montgomery District

Troop 440 is a unit in the Montgomery District, consisting of all units in Montgomery County, MD. A unit may be a pack, troop, team, crew, or ship.

National Capital Area Council (NCAC)

National Capital Area Council 100th Anniversary

Marriott Scout Service Center
9190 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 530-9360 v
(301) 564-9513 f
Montgomery District is a geographic district in the NCAC, the local council that administers the BSA program for the Washington, DC metropolitan area. It consists of paid professional and volunteer Scouters (registered adult BSA members). NCAC is Council 82. Professional Scouters work in an office building named Marriott Scout Service Center, sometimes abbreviated MSSC in calendars.

Council/District Map (Boundaries) 

NCAC, Wikipedia

Concise overview of the organizational structure, districts by geographical region, Order of the Arrow lodge, and summer camps.

Organization of the Boy Scouts of America, US Scouting Service Project

Councils Local and National

Local Council

High Adventure Committee (HAC), NCAC
backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, rappelling trips and provisional troops to Maine High Adventure, Northern Tier (MN), Philmont (NM), Sea Base (FL), Summit Base (Adirondacks, NY).

High Adventure Overview, NCAC

Summaries of high adventure programs most closely monitored by the NCAC High Adventure Committee (HAC) and other high adventure opportunities offered by NCAC and its districts. 

Dave Green, Chain Bridge District HA Representative, NCAC.

HAC Opportunities Bulletin Board

National Council

Boy Scouts of America (BSA)

1325 Walnut Hill Lane
P.O. Box 152079
Irving, TX 75015-2079
(972) 580-2000 v

The National Council is the corporate membership of the Boy Scouts of America and is administered by paid professional Scouters and volunteer Scouters.

ScoutSource, BSA

One-stop shop for all of the resources available to assist you: free training documents, publications, marketing. Excellent!

ProSpeak, BSA professional (paid) Scouters

The best practices on ProSpeak should be made available to volunteer Scouters. Unsure how long ProSpeak will be open to non-professionals, so if you find a useful resource, download it now.


Annual Health and Medical Record, BSA

Replaces former Class 1, 2, and 3 forms, which are obsolete. As of January 1, 2010, all participants (Scouts, Scouters, parents) in Scouting events must complete the Annual Health and Medical Record. "Scouting event" means any activity with the troop, including but limited to: backpacking, bicycling, boating, camping, canoeing, caving, climbing, COPE, flying, kneeboarding, hors
eback riding, kayaking, Klondike derby, rapelling, sailing, Scuba diving, skating, skiing, snorkeling, snowboarding, swimming, tubingwakeboarding, waterskiing, Webelos weekend, and white water rafting.

Troop 440 Forms

Permission Form; Emergency Medical info; Liability Waiver

BSA Forms from the National Council

Download these and other forms:

Adult Application, Youth Application (apply to be a Boy Scout): forms also available at troop meeting
Eagle Scout Rank Application
Transfer Form (Youth Member)
Troop Meeting Plan
Uniform Inspection Sheet


Montgomery Co. Parks

Local hiking trails.

Trail guides, topo maps, books from publishers, e.g, Falcon Globe Pequot , Menasha Ridge , Stackpole Books .


Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review

So the Scoutmaster can give the Scout his undivided attention, Scoutmaster conferences occur on different days than troop meetings; therefore, the Scout must plan ahead. A Scout (not parent) contacts the Scoutmaster well before a board of review to schedule a conference. The purpose is to have the Scout take ownership of his advancement and to develop youth to adult communication in a non-classroom environment. To foster relationships, the Scoutmaster conducts all conferences, except those of his sons, which an asst. Scoutmaster conducts.

How the Scout prepares for the Scoutmaster conference 

  1. Scout appears neat in appearance in the official uniform:
    1. tan shirt
    2. green pants
    3. Scout cap
    4. Scout socks are encouraged but optional
  2. Scout brings Boy Scout Handbook.
  3. Scout brings blank paper or spiral notebook, pen, pencil, eraser.
  4. Scout brings school planner or calendar.
  5. Scout fills out and is prepared to discuss the Scoutmaster conference sheet (see Advancement Resources, below).

The conference is an opportunity for the Scout to review how he is doing and to begin planning his next steps. A First Class (and above) Scout tested the Scout and signed his handbook prior to the conference, so it isn't a retest of advancement requirements.


Scoutmaster conference
A distinctive feature of the troop advancement plan in which a Scoutmaster helps a Scout accept the responsibility for his own growth toward each rank. See Boy Scout Handbook, 12ed, p34 (see index in prior editions).

board of review
A review held to determine if a Boy Scout has satisfactorily completed rank requirements. A review may be held also to encourage Boy Scouts who are not advancing. For the first five ranks, the board of review is conducted by the troop committee. For the Eagle Scout rank, the Montgomery District Advancement Committee conducts the board of review.

Sequence of events

A. Four weeks before the board of review (minimum)
  1. Scout (not parent) contacts Scoutmaster (Mr. Barringer) to schedule Scoutmaster conference. If Scout doesn't have email, call Mr. Barringer.
  2. Scout (not parent) contacts Advancement Coordinator (Mrs. Jones) to schedule a date for a board of review at a troop meeting. 
  3. Advancement Coordinator contacts three parents to ensure a sufficient number are available for the board of review.
B. Two to three weeks before the board of review (minimum)
  1. Scoutmaster conference is held at a troop meeting.
  2. Scout and Scoutmaster meet one-on-one in view of others. So the Scout is relaxed, parents may observe at a distance, out of earshot.
  3. If Scout determines he is ready for his board of review, Scoutmaster signs his Boy Scout Handbook.
C. At the troop meeting agreed upon in step A.2.
  1. Scout tells Advancement Coordinator he is ready for his board of review; they decide on the time that will least impact his patrol.
  2. Parents (not asst. Scoutmasters) conduct the board of review.
If the Scout doesn't allow enough time to complete the Scoutmaster conference before the board of review and court of honor, all is not lost: the Scout learns to Be Prepared. Here, that means planning ahead to have enough time to schedule well in advance (e.g., three weeks) of the court of honor. All Scouts can't have their conferences on the same day, so the Scout offers several dates to the Scoutmaster.

Advancement Resources

Scoutmaster conference sheet The Scout fills this out to the best of his ability; not every question must be answered. However, Scouts that spend time answering as many questions as they can are more at ease during the conference because they feel prepared. From this sheet, the Scoutmaster gains insight by reviewing the Scout's accomplishments since the last conference. If questions, the Scout calls the Scoutmaster.

Board of Review Training for parents, BSA

Advancement Committee Policy & Procedures 200910, item #33088 > Training > Adult. On right under Quicklinks, select Boy Scout Rank Requirement Changes.

2010 Advancement Requirements Changes,
Summary of changes from 2009 to Paul S. Wolf, US Scouting Service Project

Merit badge requirements, worksheets, and resources. Sometimes called MeritBadge dot org.

2010 Historic Merit Badge, BSA
Centennial celebration year only; complete by 20101231. Carpentry, Pathfinding, Signaling, Tracking.

Totin' Chip Totin' Chip, BSA
Certification grants Scout the right to carry and use certain woods tools with blades, including a pocket knife.

Totin' Chip Session Outline,

Helps Scout leaders teach Totin' Chip. Outline only; incomplete. 

Totin' Chip resources


BSA Swimmer Test, MeritBadge 

Handbook 12ed p190-195. T440 also requires Using Clothing as a Life Jacket p192-193. 

How to pass a swimming test as a Boy Scout

Excerpt of BSA video (unconfirmed source, but looks professional if not authentic).

Aquatics Safety, BSA Guide to Safe Scouting 


Youth Member Behavior Guidelines

The Boy Scouts of America is a values-based youth development organization that helps young people learn positive attributes of character, citizenship, and personal fitness. The BSA has the expectation that all participants in the Scouting program will relate to each other in accord with the principles embodied in the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

One of the developmental tasks of childhood is to learn appropriate behavior. Children are not born with an innate sense of propriety and they need guidance and direction. The example set by positive adult role models is a powerful tool for shaping behavior and a tool that is stressed in Scouting.

Misbehavior by a single youth member in a Scouting unit may constitute a threat to the safety of the individual who misbehaves as well as to the safety of other unit members. Such misbehavior constitutes an unreasonable burden on a Scout unit and cannot be ignored.
Member Responsibilities

All members of the Boy Scouts of America are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the principles set forth in the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Physical violence, hazing, bullying, theft, verbal insults, and drugs and alcohol have no place in the Scouting program and may result in the revocation of a Scout’s membership in the unit.

If confronted by threats of violence or other forms of bullying from other youth members, Scouts should seek help from their unit leaders or parents.

Source: Youth Protection & Adult Leadership  BSA

Behavior Contract

In progress. Contact Committee Chair for details.


The values of Scouting make it clear that bullying cannot be tolerated. Scouting leaders have a unique opportunity to teach respect and acceptance of others.

A Scout is Brave: Witnesses are not necessarily innocent bystanders. They often play a role in the bullying. Witnesses must be brave and help the bullying victim. Go for help if you do not feel safe intervening directly. The buddy system works at school and for Scouting. If a victim is with a buddy or in a group, he is less likely to be bullied, IF the witnesses are brave.
  • Is there a Scout intimidating someone in your unit? Here's how to stop the troop bully.
Seal, Kathy. "The Troop Bully." | Scouting Magazine. Boy Scouts of America. 201009 <>.
Bross, Donald C. "Scouting and the Bully." | Scouting Magazine. Boy Scouts of America. Web. 200203. <>.

Bully Be Gone Skit

Let's Stamp Out Bullying Together - Guide  (PDF). The Scout Association, UK

Leave No Trace LNT

Leave No Trace

If link broken, select Programs, Principles.

Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts Teaching Resources,

LNT resources, ASM Mike Smith bookmarks of Michael C. Smith, asst. Scoutmaster, Troop 440, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Order of the Arrow

Order of the Arrow, Wikipedia

National honor society of BSA that promotes responsible outdoor adventure and environmental stewardship, and renders cheerful, unselfish service to councils and their communities  .

Amangamek-Wipit Lodge 470, NCAC

Order of the Arrow (OA) lodge for NCAC. Troop 440 is in the Montgomery Chapter of the lodge  , North East (NE) region , Section NE-6A  .

OA Election Resources, NCAC

OA Unit Youth Election, Chapter Unit Adult Recommendation requirements & forms  .

Policies & Procedures

These ideas are a work in progress and will be changed as we discover what works best for our troop. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Committee Chair.

Inclement Weather Policy

Listen to the radio or other news; our cancellation policy follows the Community Use of Facilities policy of Montgomery County Public Schools. Note that this doesn't always follow the school closing policy. E.g., school may be closed because of snow but the buildings may be open in the evening for community use. We will meet if county facilities are open for public use. There may be exceptions to this policy; if in doubt check the distribution list or call patrol leaders for the latest update. If a meeting is cancelled, the Senior Patrol Leader, Scoutmaster, or Committee Chair will do their best to email by 5pm. 

Don't have your patrol leader's phone number? Uh oh, sounds like we have an unprepared Scout. No problem, it's available on TroopMaster; see link on the home page. Print the telephone roster so you are prepared for a power outage.

tag: bad weather hurricane snow tornado


The SPL prefers to have Scouts ride seperately from their parents, so Scouts can develop relationships with other adults and bond with Scouts they may not have ridden with before. Mixing it up keeps things fresh. 

When traveling, Scouts wear the field uniform. A Scout is Clean so upon arrival, they don clothing appropriate for the activity. On the return, Scouts again wear the field uniform, clean in appearance, ready to represent the Boy Scouts of America. It is faster to identify and gather Scouts in uniform at rest stops and restaurants. 


Save fuel and toll receipts, attach to troop expense form for reimbursement. See Treasurer for procedure.


Fundraising opportunity for Scouts to offset the cost of patrol and troop outings. "A Scout is Thrifty."

2011 NCAC Popcorn Sales Campaign

Scouts: sell to your friends and family online
NCAC breaks this link every year so email the Scoutmaster if broken (if you find the correct link on the next link, email that, too.)

Popcorn Campaign, NCAC, overview 
Select Popcorn Campaign on the right.

Trail's End 
 Popcorn vendor of fundraising campaign.
Trail's End on Facebook  News from popcorn vendor.

T440 Popcorn Kernel (popcorn coordinator)

Mrs. Lise Baur, Popcorn Kernel, T440
lisebaur ==

Montgomery District Popcorn Kernel (district popcorn coordinator)

Dr. Pete Mapes, Popcorn Coordinator, Montgomery District, NCAC; a.k.a. District Popcorn Kernel
mapesni ==

Reference; Glossary

Style Guide of Correct and Preferred Usage in NCAC Publications

Helps you maintain consistency with NCAC publications in the use of Boy Scout terms and phrases. PDF.

Language of Scouting style guide

Terms and style guide from the BSA National Council.


St. Bernadette Roman Catholic Church

St. B's is the chartered organization that sponsors Troop 440. Monsignor K. Bartholomew Smith, the parish pastor, is an Eagle Scout and formerly served at the Vatican as secretary to Cardinal William Baum. The parish is in the Archdiocese of Washington and known as Code 039. archdiocese Wikipedia entry.

Papal Etiquette: What to Do If You Meet the Pontiff, NPR

Cindy Johnston, NPR, interview with Monsignor K. Bartholomew Smith, 20080415.

Scouting, Archdiocese of Washington

Scouting awards and events for Catholic youth.

National Catholic Committee on Scouting

Resources for all aspects of Catholic Scouting: from parents to pastors; from Tigers to Eagles, from Den Leaders to Diocesan Committees.

Our Lady of Mattaponi Youth Retreat and Conference Center

Various retreat experiences in a special facility designed for overnight programs. Archdiocese of Washington. Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Christ Congregational Church

Troop 440 is proud to have Cub Scout Pack 275 bridge to our troop.

Risk Management

Trek Preparation

Safe Scouts are our number one priority (immediately followed by having fun!). Drivers take responsibility for our Scouts' safety and agree to prepare with these steps. Don't wait! Trek preparation starts three weeks before departure!

Here is a driver agreement that summarizes the BSA driver safety requirements in one checklist.
Drivers agree to be safe by completing all requirements.
  1. I will arrange my schedule so that several days before a Boy Scout driving trip, I will get a good night's sleep every night to avoid the cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep.
  2. I will make trip preparations far enough in advance so that last minute preparations don't interfere with my rest.
  3. I will make travel plans that take into account my personal biological clock and will drive only during the part of the day when I know I will be alert.
  4. I will pace myself if I am a designated driver. I will be smart about engaging in physical activities during Scouting outings and will make sure that I will be ready to drive alert.
  5. I will take (or re-take) these BSA online training courses:
    1. Trek Safely
    2. Weather Hazards
  6. I will read:
    1. Planning and Conducting a Safe Scout Outing . BSA  Training  Adult  Supplemental Training .
    2. Transportation, Guide to Safe Scouting . BSA.
    3. Pledge of Performance  (PDF). BSA.
    4. Transportation Guidelines . BSA.
  7. My vehicle is safe. I will take it to a mechanic and check:
    1. brake pads, rotors, and/or drums (worn?)
    2. tire pressure (correct pressure helps prevent roll overs, especially SUVs and vans)
    3. tire condition (tread adequate? damage?)
    4. exhaust system
    5. spare tire tire pressure and condition
    6. oil level (is an oil change overdue?)
    7. coolant level
    8. transmission fluid level
    9. windshield wiper condition (over a year old?)
  8. I will fuel my vehicle:
    1. prior to arrival at St. B's so I don't make others wait en route - A Scout is Courteous.
    2. again when near destination. Why? If I need to transport an injured Scout, I want a full tank of gas (Be Prepared). 
    3. I will save receipts for reimbursement and to help Scouts budget for the next trip.
  9. I will check weather.

Weather & Travel

Current road conditions for major highways West Virginia Dept. of Transportation

Timberline Resort directions . Timberline Four Seasons Resort, Davis, West Virginia.

Davis, WV forecast . National Weather Service, NOAA. 

Scouting Safely

 Health and Safety home page. BSA.

Guide to Safe Scouting

The BSA Guide to Safe Scouting  is the adults' guide to current policies and procedures. The online version is the recognized reference and supersedes the 2011 PDF version (still available for download). Includes chapters such as:
  • Youth Protection and Adult Leadership
  • Age-Appropriate Guidelines (chart)
  • Aquatics Safety
  • Camping
  • Drug, Alcohol, and TobaccoUse and Abuse
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • First Aid
  • Fuels and Fire Prevention
  • Guns and Firearms
  • Sports and Activities
  • Inspections
  • Medical Information
  • Transportation
  • Winter Activities

Managing Risk

Managing Risk  has chapters on:
  • Outdoor-Oriented First Aid
  • Tour Plan (formerly Tour Permit)
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Managing Risk in the Field
  • Incident Response for: Dehydration
  • Heat Exhaustion
  • Heatstroke
  • Hypothermia
  • Frostbite
  • Sunburn
  • Lightning
  • Flash Floods
  • Avalanches
  • Poisonous Plants
  • Anaphylactic Shock
  • Asthma
  • Animals

Tour Plan Worksheet

• Effective 20110301 (1 Mar 2011), BSA retired the online tour permit on and replaced it with an editable PDF form called a Tour Planning Worksheet, document# 680-014.

  1. Download the Tour Planing Worksheet form (below).
  2. Create a "master" version by adding recurring info like drivers, vehicles, and insurance info; make no further edits. Trip-specific info like purpose, from, to, trip type, etc. will be entered later.
  3. For each trip, copy the master file with saved info to new file and add trip specifics (destination, date, roster count).
  4. Get a signature from the Committee Chair, Tom Linstrom, or Chartered Organization Representative, Peter Haley.
  5. Send via post to MSSC (address), email, or fax to Sandra Escoto, . 
  6. If emailing, be sure to scan the version with two signatures.
  7. When adding a new driver or vehicle, update the master created in step 2. Data will now propagate to new forms.
Q. What is the most common mistake on a Tour Plans?
A. Missing signatures. Please be sure to affix the required signatures before submitting your Tour Plan.

• Form and instructions. Troop 440.

Tour Plan info NCAC erroneously calls this is an "Online Tour Plan" and "Online Tour Permit". This conflicts with the BSA National Council term of "Tour Plan" and "Tour Planning Worksheet". 
20110301 MCSmith

• Tour Plan FAQ . BSA.

Youth Protection Resources

 Boy Scout youth protection home page. BSA. Cub Scout and Venturing YP is up one level.

Non BSA Resources

• Medline Plus 

National Institutes of Health's website, produced by the National Library of Medicine, has reliable, up-to-date health information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues in language you can understand.

• First Aid . Medline Plus.

• Mayo Clinic .

Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research website.

• First Aid . Mayo Clinic.

Special Needs

Youth Members With Special Needs, MeritBadge

Advancement Policies excerpts. Links to relevant BSA pages.

Alternate Requirements: Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Ranks, BSA

A Scout who is unable to complete any or all of the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, or First Class rank because he is physically or mentally disabled may complete alternative requirements.

Working With Scouts With disAbilities

Comprehensive: program information, events, activities, FAQs, resources, downloads, and links.

Autism and Boy Scouts

Summer Camps

Not all T440 summer camps are listed. As time permits, the Scoutmaster will add more.

Adirondack High Adventure Area, New York.

Goshen Scout Reservation (Goshen, VA. 195mi 3.5hr), Camp William B. Snyder (47mi 50min). If link broken, go to NCAC home, select Camps (red bar).

Matagamon High Adventure Base is located at the northeast corner of Baxter State Park on Grand Lake Matagamon, 27 miles northwest of Patten, Maine.

Massawepie Scout Camps, Adirondack Park, Tupper Lake, New York.

Northern Expeditions Canoe Base, Bissett, Manitoba, Canada - Northern Tier National High Adventure Program
Float plane access only to Atikaki Provincial Park and the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.

Rodney Scout Reservation, North East, Maryland.

Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve, Wikipedia. New River Gorge, Beckley, West Virginia.
SBR news on Facebook

National Jamboree 2013

July 15-July 24, 2013  *  Registration - Now Open 
New River Gorge, Beckley, West Virginia

Time Management

Facebook: Less Face, More Book

These ideas and tools are related to the Personal Management merit badge requirement #8.

Getting Things Done (GTD)  is a time management organizational method created by David Allen, described in a book of the same name, available at the library.

Pietro Polsinelli (Licorize) finds Mr. Allen’s presentations through video or podcast to be more accessible for a first approach to learning GTD. See this “Do lecture”:  

Summary of Getting Things Done  Trent Hamm.

Remember the Milk (RTM)  is a web application implementing GTD and is used by the T440 PLC. Free versions of iPhone and iPod touch apps are available in the Apple App Store.    

Licorize as a low effort GTD tool  Licorize is a social bookmarking service like that allows users to tag, save, manage, and share web pages from a centralized source.

RTM usability addons

Remember the Milk is more usable with these Chrome and Firefox addons and user scripts; install them before using the application. Not all addons exist for Internet Explorer or Apple Safari.

  1. Remember the Milk CSS Rewrite  Sidebar on top, Tabs on side, tag cloud overlayed at bottom, fixed search dialog, shaded odd and even rows, add keyboard hints. Combines extensions 2 and 3, below. Use either this or 1-3. 20111231 Scoutmaster switched to this extension.
  1. Greasemonkey  is a Firefox extension that allows users to install scripts written in JavaScript that customize the way a page displays or behaves. Unneeded in Chrome.
  2. Remember The Milk display keyboard shortcuts  is a Stylish script; install Stylish  first.
  3. A Bit Better RTM  is an extension that moves lists to the left side for a more clean and organized view. Chrome , Firefox .
Other, optional, customizations:

Customize Remember the Milk with User Styles

Recommended browser addons

Adblock Plus is a content-filtering extension that prevent advertisements from being downloaded and displayed for faster, annoyance-free web browsing.

LastPass  is a secure password manager and form filler that automates account registration and login. It automatically fills web forms with your personal information. LastPass supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Apple Safari.


Class A and Class B are military terms that are not used in the BSA. The correct Scouting terms for the two versions of the uniform are "official uniform" and "activity uniform." Although less formal, the activity uniform is still considered an official uniform, and therefore it is appropriate for boys to use the Scout salute while wearing it during a flag ceremony. 

"Letters." Scouting Magazine. Boy Scouts of America. Web. 20110207. <>.

Scout Store, NCAC

(301) 564-1091 v

Buy uniforms, patches. MSSC, Bethesda, MD.
Official Online Catalog of the Boy Scouts of America

Can't find training (or something else?). Use Google to restrict search to NCAC's website; follow link at left, then add search criteria. E.g., BSLST or Leader Specific for Boy Scout Leader Specific Training, a.k.a. Scoutmaster training. Note that entries are named by humans (and thus inconsistently), so you must try multiple combinations of full and partial words.

See more tips: Google search basics: More search help

Offline access to Gmail, Calendar

WiFi isn't available in some St. B's meeting rooms: Monsignor Stricker Room (MSR), rectory basement, convent meeting room. Be Prepared: enable offline access to Gmail and Google Calendar.

Installing Gmail offline 

Installing Google Calendar offline (Access offline) 

Limiting Google to Specific Reading Level

Often we want our search results to be basic, less technical or simpler than what Google gives us. Google’s Reading Level is an advanced search tool to limit your results based on complexity of content. Google paid to teachers to classify information for simplicity parameters and devised an algorithm to find and categorize web pages. You can find this tool in Advance Search options.

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