Venture Crew

Crew 413

Venture Crew 413 is a Co-Ed unit for young adults, ages 14-21

Our crew provides young people in our community the opportunity to enjoy activities with others of their own age group, while still staying close to the values of Scouting.

As with the Troop, Crew 413 is youth led, with a cadre of adults close by to offer logistical support. They work together to plan and execute their own activities, as well as developing and accomplishing an annual "Super Adventure".

While most of the young men in the crew are still involved with Troop 413, being a part of Crew 413 allows them to share experiences with friends, who might not otherwise be involved in Boy Scouting, or may be involved with other units.

The young women who are involved in our crew are able to experience many activities which are simply not offered in any other organizations to the degree of a Venture Crew. 

All crew members share equally in the responsibilities and planning of the crew, and the fruits of their labors. Their program might include many of the same activities which are found in the troop, but participation is limited to their older age group.

Their events are often more "high adventure" types which may not be available to all members of the troop.

Young people in this age group are typically busier with school, work, and social activities than the boys involved in the Troop. Venture Scouting offers them a chance to plan and experience the exciting things they wish to enjoy at a pace which best suits their lifestyle. There is an chance to partake in virtually any activity which they can dream up. This gives them the opportunity to plan and enjoy things "they" like.