Rank Advancement, Scoutmaster Conference & Board of Review

Signing off Each Rank Requirement

A single requirement for advancement towards the next Rank is met when a designated youth Guide or Instructor, or the Scoutmaster or his designated assistant, signs off on the requirement in the Boy Scout Handbook.

Click on each to view BSA Rank Advancement Requirements:
                   Scout Joining
                                         Tenderfoot Requirements

                                                                    Second Class Requirements

                                                     Second Class

First Class Requirements
                        Star Rank
                                                Life Rank



Scout Master Conference and a Board of Review

Once all but the final requirements for a Rank have been signed off:

1. The Scout should schedule and participate in a "skill review" with an assigned youth Troop Guide or Instructor to review and show all the skills learned to-date. 

2. The Scout must schedule and participate in a the Scoutmaster Conference (this need not wait until after other requirements are met, but it is generally preferred that this be the second-to-last requirement completed)The Scoutmaster Conference is a meeting between the Scoutmaster or a designated Assistant Scoutmaster, and the Scout.

3. Finally, the Scout must notify the Advancement Chair that he has completed all other requirements for advancement and participate in a "Board of Review" for his rank - The Board of Review (BOR) is a group of three to six volunteers, and is the final approval process for a scouts rank advancement. The board attempts to determine the Scout's attitude and his acceptance of Scouting's ideals and solicits the scout's opinions on the troop program,  as well as his feelings on the youth and adult leadership. They discuss how the program is working for the Scout. Generally, they ask questions about Boy Scouting and inquire to hear more about how "he" feels about the program. The Board of Review provides the Scout with an opportunity to interact in a panel interview situation and discuss topics with which he is comfortable, a valuable life skill.

For all of the above, Scouts should have to be in full Class "A" uniform:
      • Troop Hat (optional)
      • Uniform Shirt (With all Patches properly placed, and Service Stars)
      • Merit Badge Sash (if you have one)
      • Sanford Rag w/Slide
      • Scout Belt
      • Scout Pants or Shorts with Scout Socks
      • Appropriate Footware
Scouts should also have these items:
      • Painter & Carabiner
      • Totin' Chip
      • Fireman's Chit
      • Bag
      • Cup & Spork
      • Flashlight
      • Compass
      • Fire Starter
      • Personal First Aid Kit
      • Stave
      • Binder w/ Paper & Pen or Pencil
      • Scout Handbook
Possible Questions for the Board of Review