New Parent - Your Role with Scouting

You may be wondering—even a little nervous—about what your role is in Boy Scouting.

Well, your first role in Scouting is simply to continue what you are doing: Be a parent.

Help your son succeed. Be supportive. Follow through. You're here because you see value in the Scouting program.

There will always be times when your son doesn't want to go the weekly meeting or seems to be losing interest in advancing and doing his best in Scouting.That's when he needs a parent's encouragement.

Scouting works best when the whole family is behind it.

And, you're probably dreading the standard call for volunteers that you hear from school.

Well, don't get me wrong -- Scouting operates only because we have great volunteers.

And yes, we hope that you will offer to help out the troop in some way.

Even if you only have a few minutes a month to help us out, we can use you.

But being a Scouting volunteer isn't just another chore you take on because you have to:

"When I first got into Scouting, it was because of my son. I thought it would be a great program for him. What I didn't realize then was what a great program Scouting has been for me. I have met so many great people in Scouting and have made some great friends. It is something I wasn't looking for and didn't expect. I know I'll always be with friends at a Scout meeting or event."

"I don't have a lot of time I can contribute to the troop. But one thing I did sign up for is to be a troop committee member so I can sit on boards of review. Boards of review are like little job interviews, where adult committee members ask the Scouts about their experiences in the troop and what they have learned. It is so rewarding to have a real conversation with those boys."

Regardless of your skills or interests, there is something you share with all Scouting volunteers that makes your involvement priceless—your interest in having your son in the best possible Scouting program.

BSA Adult Membership Application - As members of the Boy Scouts of America, high-quality adult leaders are important role models for youth. This application helps the chartered organization to select qualified leaders to serve as volunteers. Thank you for completing this application.

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