Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor

Merit Badge Counselors
A Counselor is an adult who is well versed in a subject, either as a hobby or as a current or former occupation. A Counselor provides the means for Scouts to explore a subject that may not be available to them otherwise, first hand from an expert.
 The Scout who has earned a number of merit badges gains confidence, finds greater purpose in life, and becomes a better person from his experience. 

This cannot happen without the service of thousands of merit badge counselors who are interested in helping Scouts grow into men of character, ready to take their place in the world of work as participating citizens. 

Requirements of a Merit Badge Counselor
As a merit badge counselor, you will meet and counsel the Scout and must agree to follow the requirements of the merit badge, making no deletions or additions, ensuring that the advancement standards are fair and uniform. As a counselor, your task is to satisfy yourself that each Scout who comes to you meets all the requirements for the merit badge.  In this sense you are an examiner, though your larger opportunity lies in coaching-helping the Scout meet the challenge of the requirements and sharing with him the deeper aspects of the subject through your knowledge and experience. You would make sure a Scout he has a buddy present at all instructional sessions. 

Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor

BSA is always in need of qualified merit badge counselors.
All adults who serve as Merit Badge Counselors are screened and must fill out an application for the position to ensure the quality of the Program and must renew their registration annually.

Visit web pages in the Links below for more detailed information. 
All Counselors are required to submit the Adult Application as well as the Information Form.

Adults interested in becoming counselors within our Troop may also contact the Advancement Chairperson or the Troop Committee Chairperson for more information our specific program needs.

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