Confetti Egg Fundraiser


We need your Eggs!

Expenses such as awards, advancement materials, equipment, property upgrades, training and many others can weigh heavily on an organization such as ours.

Many Troops require fund raisers over of the course of each year to maintain the organization, or oftentimes require dues from individual Scouts to help make ends meet.

But, each Fall the city of Arroyo Grande holds their annual Harvest Festival. It is based upon a simple small town fair model with many groups providing entertainment, local foods for sale and fund raising booths. Troop & Crew 413 participate in this festival each year and raises enough money to support the Unit and require a minimal amount of annual dues from the Scouts as a result.

Led by the Confetti Egg Coordinator, we literally use hundreds of dozens of your donated egg shells, cracked open in  "Troop 413 fashion",  and stuffed by hand, by parents, with donated confetti, and then covered with a small piece of tissue paper glued over the hole. 

The eggs are sold by the dozen, eighteen-pack, or singles to Harvest Festival patrons who enjoy smashing the eggs over the heads of friends and family members.

The only downside to this very profitable fund-raiser is the mess it creates throughout the village of Arroyo Grande. The Troop has every Scout and and at least one family member out on the streets bright & early on Sunday morning to clean up the confetti. Armed with rakes, blowers, brooms, shovels and lawn vacuums we spend the early hours of the morning cleaning up the village. Followed along by a professional street sweeper to gather everything up, we return the village back to its pristine condition and move on as Boy Scouts should and do our very best to "Leave No Trace".

Horned Moon Scouting Family,
Jul 27, 2011, 10:49 PM