Program & Committee Volunteers

Adult Troop Volunteers

The adult volunteers of Troop 413 are made up of an active group of parents and interested adults

who give their time and skills. Generally, they are broken into two groups, 

 Program (those who tie knots & camp) and Committee (the folks behind the scenes).

Program Leaders

Working directly with the youth as Program Leaders. A Boy Scout leader is one of the most rewarding experiences which can be had in dealing with youth. Both men and women share in the leadership roles within our unit.

Training, paid for by the Troop Committee, teaches our adult leaders various skills ranging including game planning, teaching Scout Skills, interaction, and the ability to converse with the youth. They learn how to develop, motivate, and promote teamwork and camaraderie. 

The purpose of the adults in our Program is to oversee and ensure the safety and well-being of our Scouts.

The adult Program Leaders function include these specific roles:

    Committee Members
    Participating on the Committee, essentially the "Board of Directors" for the Troop & Crew. The Committee supports the complete unit by providing logistical and "behind the scenes" support of the adult program leaders. 

    The adult Committee functions include, but are not limited to the following specific duties:

    • Provide for the needs of the Scouts in varying ways, such as "Merit Badge Counselors".
    • Recruiting & ensuring quality training for adult leadership involved in the program.
    • Discovering and developing Community Service Projects with which units can become involved.
    • Develop and plan fund raising opportunities for the support of the unit.                                       
    • Provide for special needs and assistance as required by individual Scouts
    • Serve on Boards of Review for the youth in our unit.
    • Provide Courts of Honor to recognize the youth in both the troop and the crew for their accomplishments.     
    • Provides adequate meeting facilities for the troop and the crew.
    • Maintain records of Troop finances and advancement to enable the successful cooperation with BSA.
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