Uniforms and Gear

Required (as well as Optional) "MUST HAVE" Uniforms and Gear
* Refer to the ATTACHMENTS below for list of  MUST HAVE GEAR  for scouting.
* Contact our Scoutmaster or any Assistant Scoutmaster for any questions prior to purchases.
We encourage recycling uniforms via trade within the troop or e-bay purchases.

Uniforms & BSA gear are available at ScoutStuff.org
at The BSA Scout Service Center 
Santa Maria Mall, upstairs, next to the S.M. Train Museum (805) 925-1955

Boonie Hats are available from www.bdu.comor 
Boonie Hats and Berets are available from San Luis Camp and Pack
341 Higuera St San Luis Obispo, CA 93401    (805) 541-8006

Hats & Jackets can be embroidered & Jackets can be purchased at R & T Embroidery
1198 Farroll Rd Ste 5, Grover Beach, CA, 93433   (805) 481-4511 

Full Dress Uniform -
The Full Dress Uniform is to be worn at Courts of Honor, Scoutmaster Conferences, Boards of Review & other specific occasions.
  • Class "A" Uniform
  • Merit Badge Sash (if scout has 6 or more merit badges), Service Stars, and all Badges, Pins & Medals.
  • Optional Scout Hat 
  • Sanford Neckerchief w/ slide (usable as a sling if needed...available from Troop Advancement Chair)

Class “A” Uniform - 
To be worn at all Troop meetings, events & when traveling to & from activities & camp-outs.
  • Scout Pants, or Shorts with Socks, Uniform Shirt, Scout Belt
  • Optional Scout Hat
  • Sanford Rag with Slide
  • The Troop issues a name patch for all Scouts and Uniformed, Registered Adults. This is to be worn on the Uniform at all times.
Take a look and learn about your uniform and how to officially wear it with pride:  CLICK HERE (scroll down to download requirements) and check this  Uniform Insignia Guide
 New pocketed sleeve

Class “B” Uniform -
To be worn camping, & at work days, etc.
  • Troop T-Shirt (online at CafePress )
  • Optional Scout Hat
  • appropriate Pants/Shorts (not required to be BSA uniform)
  • appropriate footwear
Every Scout should be carrying their personal kit at each & every meeting & activity:
    • Pencil & NotebookWith Paper
    • Cup & Vittles Kitor Spork
    • Knife & Totin’ Chip
    • Painter & “Biner”
    • Flashlight & Compass
    • Matches & Tinderbox
    • Personal First Aid Kit:  
      • 6 adhesive bandages
      • 2 sterile, 3-by-3-inch gauze pads
      • A small roll of adhesive tape
      • A 3-by-6-inch piece of moleskin
      • A small bar of soap or small bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizing gel
      • A small tube of triple antibiotic ointment
      • Scissors
      • Disposable non-latex gloves
      • CPR breathing barrier
      • Pencil and paper
    • Scout Handbook
    • Scout Stave

Notes on Other Personal Gear 

  • Closed-toe shoes of sturdy design. High top Boots are encouraged for outdoor outings. 
  • Socks with a wool blend to reduce moisture, and thicker for blister prevention are recommended. BSA socks are required with BSA shorts.
  • Official Troop413 Headgear are: the BlackMil. Spec. Boonie Hat & the Black Beanie-Watch Cap (wool blend) with the Troop 413 embroidered Sanford logo. 
  • Optional hat is the black Beret with Sanford embroidered on the front left side. 
  • Optional jacket is the black Troop 413 Dickies “Eisenhower” jacket (lined or un-lined), or the optional black Letterman’s Jacket. Either of these may be embroidered on the left breast with the Troop 413 Sanford logo.

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