First Year Scouts

Advancement in the
Troop the First Year
We are excited that you have come to our boy-led Troop, and want you to know that we are here to help you grow in Scouting. In a boy- led Troop, a Scout is in charge of his own goals. We will help you in the beginning, but as you grow and learn,
you will become responsible for yourself on the path to Eagle. 

In order to help young Scouts advance through the lower ranks in our program, Troop 413 provides them with:
     * Assistance from the youth Troop Guides and Instructors 
     * A year of basic skill training and practice in the School of The Woods program.
     * Participation in a "mock- Scoutmaster Conference" with a designated youth, 
       Troop Guide or Instructor. to build confidence prior to meeting for the actual conference with the Assistant Scoutmaster in charge of New Scouts. 

The First Year Scout (FYS) program is referred to as “The School of the Woods.” This is a series of trainings where boys learn skills such as fire building, orienteering, knot tying, rope lashing and where the young scouts camp, hike, and cook together and most importantly, have fun and feel camaraderie within the Troop. 

We know that if they enjoy what they are doing,
they will want to do more of it, and will encourage their friends to do it too! 

If he applies himself, a new Scout may advance up in rank the first year from Boy Scout through to First Class.
With advancement in rank, a scout learns the skills needed for, and the opportunity to participate in,

Click on each to view BSA Rank Advancement Requirements:
                   Scout Joining
                                         Tenderfoot Requirements

                                                                                        Second Class Requirements

                                                                 Second Class

                                                                                                                        First Class Requirements

                         First Class!

Click here to view a video about Rank Advancement.


Mr. McCoid is the Assistant Scoutmaster facilitating the First Year Scout program. 
He can be reached by email at