History & Eagle Nest

History of Troop 413

We do not know how old Boy Scout Troop 413 is, but we do know it started it’s life as Troop 13. The earliest record we have about Troop 13 is from a newspaper article describing Vard Loomiss’ time in the Troop as a youth and later as an Adult. 

Troop 13 met in several locations including the Civillian Conservation Corps Building by the Tracks on Orch

ard Street. 

The late Gordon 

Bennet was a member in the late 1930's early 40's. He told the story of when he and his broth

er built a hand-car to transport themselves from their home along the railway tracks, across t

own to the CCC building

Later, Troop 13 

began to meet at the Presbyterian Church on Grand Avenue (where AM/PM Market is now)


In 1957, 

Troop 13 w

ent to the 2nd National Scout Jamboree at Valley Forge, PA. 

In 1969, after having low numbers for a co

uple of years, a group of A

dult Scouters 


Larry Nunes, Bill Jansen and Harry Canby

, headed up by Norm Jensen) 

got together to rebuild and transform Troop 13. They talked to the Arroyo Grande V

alley Japanese Welfare Association about their neglected, tiny, dilapidat

ed Community Center out on the edge of town. The Scout Hall was 


That year, after several weeks of work on the building and surrounding, overgrown land, Troop 13 moved in. (The Troop Hall was the remaining building on the Property viewable behind the cars in this photo and again, with the troop on the front steps in the photo on our home page)

It was about this time that Larry Nunes and Harry Canby, who were in the habit of traveling to Indian reservatio

ns and

 touring and bringing back artifacts and ideas for the Order of the Arrow, saw a symbol that spoke to them, an Anasazi Horned Moon. The Horned Moon was a symbol of Bravery and Knowledge.

They brought home      a painting of the image. 

The Horned Moon wa

s  modified, simplified and then emblazoned upon a bright yellow neckerchief.


The Horned Moon was al

so adopted as the logo for the District that, then, stretched from Nipomo through the five Cities. The Horned Moon District lasted until the late 80’s when it merged with The Pico Vista District to become the Camino Real District.

In 1973, Harry Canby took Troop 13

 National Scout Jamboree in Idaho (This is no longer done)

In the Mid 1970’s There was an initiative that dictated that all units add the number of t

heir district to their Unit number, therefore a 4 was added, making us Troop 413. 

In the early 80’s the Troop numbers were again at a low point. Mike Sanders became Scoutmaster and built a

powerhouse to be reckoned with! It stayed strong for a number of years. Then, in 2001 the Troop had dwindled back down to 8 registered youth, sometimes 3-4 at meetings and activities. Chris Hagerty became Steve Wilsons Assistant Soutmaster and started the First Year Scout Program an extension of a "Trail to First Class, " e

stablishing the only dedicated First Year Scout, "School of the Woods" program in the District, Norm Stewart became the Committee Chairman. The next year Jon McCoid and Ron Schroeder bridged into the Troop with their sons and went to training and woodbadge. Ron, an Eagle Scout accepted the Job of Scoutmaster from Steve Wilson, who stepped down to run High Adventure Activities for the Troop. With Jon and Ron at the helm, Troop 413 bridged in 12 new Scouts- more than doubling the size of the Troop.  Also in 2002, Chris Hagerty started Venture Crew 413. 

In 2003, Chris Hagerty accepted the job as Scoutmaster while Jon McCoid took over the First Year Scout Program,


In 2011 Mr. Hagerty started Sea Scout Ship.

Troop 413 continued to prosper and grow in our beloved Scout Hall (the 90 year old Japanese American Community 

Center) until May 1st,  2011 when it was burned to the ground in an arson fire by two youth who had no relation to the troop.

Although our hall, gear, and all the troop memorabilia were gone, Troop 413 survived. With their bravery and Scout spirit intact our scouts reached out to their wonderful community and found support pouring in. Proudly, the troop never missed a single trek. 

Troop 413 continues to meet, through the generosity of the Japanese-American families who co-own the property, in the same location, utilizing a rented construction trailer as a scout hall, always dreaming to one day rebuild.


In 2012 Chris Hagerty (seen in the above photo) stepped down as Scoutmaster. Thomas Lebens has stepped into the position.

16 Webelos bridged into our troop this year and they began the First Year Scout program, the same program initiated by Mr. Hagerty 11 years Ago. 

* A special Thank You to Mr. Christopher Hagerty  for his 
ongoing dedication to collecting both recollections 
and the 
Troop 413 memorabilia essential to archiving our rich Scouting history.

Scoutmaster Timeline


Vard Loomis, 


Harry Canby 1969-1978,  


Mike Sanders 1981-1992, 

Howard Fergusson 1992-1995, 

Doug Mannon 1995-???, 

Craig Hendricks???,

Steve Wilson ???-2001,

Ron Schroeder 2001-2002,  

Chris Hagerty 2003–2012, 

Thomas Lebens 2012-present

The title of Eagle Scout is held for life, thus giving rise to the phrase

"Once an Eagle, always an Eagle".

Requirements to earn Eagle Scout include earning at least 21 merit badges, demonstrating Scout Spirit through the Boy Scout Oath and Law, service, leadership, and an extensive service project that the Scout plans, organizes, leads, and manages. Eagle Scouts are presented with a medal and a badge that visibly recognizes the accomplishments of the Scout. Additional recognition can be earned through Eagle Palms, awarded for completing additional tenure, leadership, and merit badge requirements.  

      • In 2011, 51,472 Scouts earned the rank of Eagle Scout.
      • Around 5 percent of all Boy Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank in 2010.
      • In 2010, the average age of boys earning the Eagle Scout rank was 17 years of age.
      • From 1912 to 2010, more than 2 million Boy Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank.
      • Take a look at the: National Eagle Scout Association  and  Eagle Scout Roll of Honor

The following scouts have earned the rank of Eagle in                                     Troop 413
Conrow, Alan

Buroughs, Jeff

Vernon, Joe

Fergusson, Kyle

Hilton, Bruce

Lauriente, Giancarlo

Mannon, Dan

Newby, Ross

Oneil, Denny

Pfost, Jeff

Sanders, Andy

Sanders, Eric

Weintraub, Matt

01/01/80 Brockway, Scott

01/01/80 Canby, Aron

01/01/80 Carroll, David

01/01/80 Compton, Bill

01/01/80 Duca, David

01/01/80 Gisclon, John

01/01/80 Hilton, Seth

01/01/80 Holzer, Glenn

01/01/80 Jansen, Pat

01/01/80 Jones, Steven

01/01/80 Kraatz, Peter

01/01/80 Krushat, Jim

01/01/80 Larson, Bryan

01/01/80 McKown, John

01/01/80 Veneris, Tony

01/01/80 Woodrum, Larry

06/01/91 Hagerty, Chris

01/01/94 Hagerty, Sean

01/01/99 Schimandle, Patrick

06/01/01 Daniel, Mannon

06/01/01 Todd, VanSteenwyck

05/28/02 Hendricks, Brian

04/08/03 Sola, Jared

08/01/04 Summers, Andrew

03/17/05 Walker, Eliott

03/17/05 Wilson, Adam

05/22/06 Dorrance, Peter

09/20/06 Bixler, Greg

05/26/07 McCoid, Brian

10/14/08 Stewart, Joseph W

02/10/09 Earley, Landan J

06/02/09 Thompson, Scott A

01/13/10 Young, Clayton B "Gumby"

02/17/10 Hitchen, Joel J "Stitch"

05/18/10 Hertel, Daniel H "Lambchop"

05/18/10 Mandara, Brian A

02/23/12 Milbrandt, Jake T "Spooky"

8/26/12 Diaz, Trent "Trump" "Ducky"

8/23/12 Stewart, Daniel "Streak"

/13 Lebens, Thomas "TJ"

/13 Bey, Brett "Butters"

8/27/13 Gasbarra, Austin "Gilligan"

/13 Simonaro, James

/13 Milbrandt,

Joseph "Rocky"

/14 Doucette, Clint

/14 Krulewecki, Austin  "Birdy"

/14 Montanaro,

/14 Leonard, Duncan "Dinkey"

/14 Friedman, Joel

/14 Farrell, Thomas "Thermos"

/14 Schwefler, Cal