Secure Home

Welcome to Troop 401's Secure area.  Permission to access all additional pages, excepting this page will be required, in this secure area.
To gain access, please send an e-mail from a Google account to to request access.  Please let us know your name, and the name of your Troop 401 scout.
You will need a Google account to access the secure pages on the Troop 401 Secure Site.  You may login or create one at
As soon as you get logged in, you will still see this page.  You will also see additional links listed up above that are not visible to the public.
Please Note:  Use the Log in link to log in to GoogleSites.
If you wish to access GoogleSites through your gmail account, you may have to log in to GoogleSites an additional time to access the secure page.
To access the secure site through your gmail account, click the apps button (see inset), then click on the "More" link at the bottom.
Click on the "Even more from Google" link at the bottom of the 2nd pull-down box.  Finally, click on the "Sites" link under the "Home & Office" section.  Select "Troop 401 Secure Website" in your list of GoogleSites.
(stay tuned for update!)