Boy Scout Troop 380

Upper Arlington, Ohio

 Committee                                                                           Adult Leadership

Ed Hower - Charter Representative                                           Mark Day - Scoutmaster 

Dan Helwig - Committee Chairperson                                    Thomas Day- Assistant Scoutmaster
Nancy Day- Membership                                                   Al Kozusko- Assistant Scoutmaster

Mike Munch- Commissioner                                                 Thomas Day- Webmaster
Al Kozusko- Parent Cordinator                                          Spaghett Dinner Committee    

 Mark Day- Advancement                                  

Next Meeting :

                 Monday December 17, 2018  7:00 pm                  
meet  at  Riverside United Methodist Church
Working on recruiting
and updating plans for the 20 mile hike.

The Troop is 60 years old and we are working on continuing the Tradition. The Troop has been has Male scouts from Upper Arlington , Hilliard, Dublin and Grandview. We  like to have fun learn life skills, meet new people that become friends, help other people. 
Maybe you might learn something that will save your life or someone else's. 
We are sports and band friendly.
Scouts have the same principals that sports and band programs have.
Some activities in sports and band can help you earn rank advancement and merit badges.

We are Recruiting  boys and adults for the Troop.

  Boy Scout Troop 380 's
       60th Annual Spaghetti Dinner  was              Tuesday November 6, 2018 5-7pm
We would like to thank all of those that came and supported the Troop with their fund raiser, all of the Scouts, Alumini Scouts , Parents, Friends, Family and The Marzetti company, GFS, Giant Eagle for their donations and special pricing.
A big KUDOS to the Scouts and Adults from Troop 148 that helped us, Alan & Noah Johnston, Frank & Sean Hamilton, Arpith & Archith and Josh & Joseph Stevens.

Scouts  help scouts and Scouts help the Community and the world.
Scouting does make a difference, you  will make friends.  Just be yourself, do your best , have fun, make friends and you might learn something that sometime  might save your life or somene else.