Twelve Month Camper 
  • We are coming up on one year since our youngest scouts crossed over into the troop, one of the awards the boys (and adults) can earn is the 12 month camper award.
    Attached you will find the form to keep track of campouts attended for receiving this award.
    Please have your scout fill this out, then have Scoutmaster Riley sign off on it and finally turn it into me.
    Adults can receive this award as well.

Winter Camping
Here are some helpful tips from one of our camping gurus Mr. Greenwald. 

Proper dress for cold weather camping is an absolute must for keeping warm and dry.  Avoid Cotton!  Cotton holds moisture, most man-made fibers and wool will wick moisture away from the skin.

All Scouts must wear some type of Winter/Hiking Boot (No Tennis Shoes!).
Headgear: Hat, full face mask type hat, hood on the jacket, scarf or stocking cap. Bring an extra one too!
Extra Socks, minimum 2 pair per day. Wool or Synthetic. No Cotton.
Gloves - bring extra.

Remember the 3 W's of layering - Wicking inside layer, Warmth middle layer(s) and Wind/Water outer layer. 
Wicking should be a polypropylene material as long underwear and also sock liner. 
Warmth layer(s) should be fleece or wool. 
Wind/Water layer should be a parka, rain gear, or other outer layer preventing winding from blowing away heat trapped inside the warmth layers.

Use a sleeping bag that is appropriate for the conditions. Use a sleeping bag liner. There are silk and fleece liners that go inside the sleeping bag. They will lower your sleeping bag's rating by up to 10 degrees. Or bring a fleece throw or blanket and wrap up in it inside the sleeping bag.

Don't sleep directly on the ground. Get a closed cell foam pad to provide insulation between your sleeping bag and the ground. A foam pad cushions and insulates. The air pockets are excellent in providing good insulation properties. No air mattresses.

Follow Mr. Greenwald's advise above to be warm, and prepared. 

Twelve-Month Camper Award
The twelve-month camper award is a special recognition for Scouts and Scouters who camp in each of the twelve months of the year during a single 24-month period.

Keep an eye out here for more forms and information about camping activities...
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Apr 29, 2018, 5:46 PM