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Rules, Policies & Behavior

Rules and Policies

All national Boy Scouts of America, Gulf Ridge Council BSA, Withlacoochee District and Troop 370 rules and policies governing membership, leadership, organization and operation of the Troop will be observed. This set of rules and regulations is designed to help inform members of Troop 370 of policies and procedures by which they are held accountable. Verbal rules, regulations and orders not expressly outlined in the following are also to be obeyed as they are issued to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Troop and its activities.

Scouts of Troop 370 will abide by Troop rules and regulations while participating in Troop activities.

It is understood that all Troop 370 members, both youth and adult, are directly answerable to the Troop Committee on all matters.


Behavior Policy  

The Scoutmaster, or the leader in charge in his absence, is responsible for maintaining good order and discipline within the troop. Troop 370 promotes a program that is based on appropriate behavior and mutual respect that is based upon the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Therefore, the following items/actions are prohibited from all BSA activities for Scouts and adults:

1. Pornographic materials

2. Open blade sheath knives

3. Fireworks, ammunition or any other explosives

4. Any knife without possession of the "Totin' Chip" (Scouts only)

5. Striking or pushing another individual

6. Possession of any restraining devices such as handcuffs, zip-ties, etc.

7. Lying

8. Name calling or unfriendly behavior (saying "I was just kidding" does not justify such behavior).

9. Stealing (which includes "hiding" an item)

10. Damaging another person's belongings

11. Profane language

12. Other areas which are not Scout-like and go against the Scout Oath and Law

Review of Discipline Steps:

1. Senior Patrol or Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - COACHING

2. Senior Patrol or Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - VERBAL WARNING

3. Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster - OBSERVE SITUATION & COACHING

4. Scoutmaster - CONFERENCE


6. Scoutmaster - SUSPENSION

7. Committee Chairperson - 2ND SUSPENSION

8. Committee Chairperson - DISMISSAL FROM TROOP

The Scoutmaster or any other leader may escalate the Discipline Steps if the infraction warrants a more severe level of remediation.

If a Scout is on the receiving end of inappropriate behavior, he should report it to an adult leader at once.  A Scout who retaliates will not be exempt from disciplinary action.

The following items will result in immediate termination from the troop for Scouts and adults:

1. Alcoholic beverages

2. Tobacco products (Scouts only; adults may use with proper discretion, away from Scouts)

3. Illegal drugs