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Orders, Respect, Scout Spirit, Troop Property & Hazing

Orders and Respect

Scouts are expected to obey all just and fair orders. Orders from Assistant Scoutmasters and Senior Scout Leaders are the same as orders coming from the Scoutmaster. All scouts are expected to treat adults and each other with fairness and respect. Failure to follow orders may lead to discipline up to and including suspension from activities at the discretion of the Scoutmaster and termination from the Troop at the discretion of the Troop Committee.

Control and Care

Scouts must remain within the premises of the weekly Troop meeting, either at the Scout Hut or at a removed site, and under the control and care of the Scoutmaster and his designees until picked up by a parent or authorized, responsible adult.

Scout Spirit

Scout Spirit required for rank advancement is defined as a good-faith attempt to take part in all Troop meetings, Patrol meetings, Patrol Leaders’ Councils (as appropriate), camping trips, fundraisers, parades, service projects, etc. as determined by the Scoutmaster and the Advancement Committee.

Scout Hut and Troop Property

All Troop and Scout Hut property must be respected and given the upmost care. Deliberate destruction of property will be either replaced or repaired by the scout and his parents.

Best Interest of Troop

It is expressly understood that the Troop is not required to accept any young person as a member or, having accepted him, to retain him if, in the opinion of the Troop Committee, his membership is not in the best interest of the Troop or Boy Scouting in general. Any Troop member, youth or adult, may be removed from Troop 370 by a vote of the Troop Committee.

Hazing or Initiations

Troop 370 does not allow any form of hazing, initiation or physical punishment. There are no secret organizations in the Boy Scouts of America.