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Mission Statement & Parent's Promise

Troop 370’s Mission Statement

Troop 370’s mission is to assist young men as they become knowledgeable, thinking, and responsible citizens of their community, nation, and world.

The Boy Scouts of America teaches basic skills and knowledge needed to prepare young men to be well rounded individuals with an awareness of leadership, discipline, service, and study.

We believe that to be effective, personal challenges, goal setting, structure, and self-discipline must reinforce the Scouting process. We feel that the worth, potential, and integrity of each Scout must be observed in every area of their personal life.

For our Scouts to mature spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually, Troop 370 must strive to achieve the Scouting goals. This is accomplished within a wholesome environment in which the Scouting Spirit and principles pervade all aspects of the troop program. 

Troop 370’s Promise to Parents

We, the leaders of Troop 370, promise to educate your sons to the best of our abilities.

We promise to lead by example.

We promise to enrich our scouts with creative leadership techniques.

We promise to provide strong moral guidance through reverent service.

We promise to teach respect, responsibility, and self-reliance to each Scout.

We promise to stress the importance of community and environmental service.

We promise to see your sons as the individuals they are and to praise them for jobs well done.

We promise to never turn a boy away from Scouting due to financial hardships.

What distinguishes Troop 370 from other troops is our history, our conviction, our concern, and our emphasis on leadership development. While our Scouts are doing the best they can, we strive to do the best we can as well.